Aabu Responsive Template

Abbu is a sister theme of Akmalz. I have tried to cover a lot of new things in this theme that you might find useful for your next project. Yes its available in multi-colors, use the THEME SWITCHER to check different colors. It also comes in 2 theme variations - Theme with Ribbons & Without Ribbons (Option available in themeswitcher).

Alt text

This time my default slider is Sequence Slider - Full CSS based and responsive.

Home Page with

  • Sequence Slider ( Default)
  • Flex Slider
  • CSlider - Cool Layer Effects CSS Based
  • Responsive Video
  • Static Image
  • Home with Fixed Menu - Used wavepoints sticky js , check it out to see the smooth scrolling effect which is very much used nowadays in webdesign

Also added Floated Blog, Floated Gallery & Floated Portfolio using Isotope.

Theme also includes

  1. Countdown Page with Timer
  2. About Us
  3. Services Page with Raphel Skills Graph
  4. 404 Page
  5. Login
  6. Register
  7. Portfolio with 3 Variations (Simple, Filtered & Fluid)
  8. Gallery with 2 Variations ( Fluid & Normal)
  9. Blog with 3 Variations ( Simple, Filtered & Fluid)
  10. Blog Post
  11. Project Detail Page
  12. Shortcodes
  13. Contact Us
  14. Pricing Tables
  15. and many others....


Photos with Attribution License of http://500px.com/creativecommons

http://500px.com/photo/13328017 http://500px.com/photo/24333945 http://500px.com/photo/24506279 http://500px.com/photo/25953413 http://500px.com/photo/17492509 http://500px.com/photo/17492663 http://500px.com/photo/17492667 http://500px.com/photo/16581143 http://500px.com/photo/20430097 http://500px.com/photo/18681035 http://500px.com/photo/23633563 http://500px.com/photo/18638119 http://500px.com/photo/18235089 http://500px.com/photo/19850943 http://500px.com/photo/21567723

Version 1.0 -Initial Release

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Single application $15
  • HTML Template
Bootstrap: Compatible with 2.3.x
  • Responsive
  • Fixed-width
  • IE 9
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
Uses Less:No
Uses Sass:No
Tags: business, corporate, creative, fixed, multi color, responsive, ribbons
Released:5 years ago
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Signed up 5 years ago

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