The soft scroll isn't working on a link I've created, what am I doing wrong?
These links are the ones on the blue pannel, "7 Sistemas de Treinamento" for example.

Please help me
Sorry for being late! By the way i don't see any problem now. I guess you figured it out.

The video background isn't working. I bought it, and it doesn't work, as it, I haven't even touched the code. But when I check the template on this site, it works perfect, so I copied the template's html and nothing changed, still doesn't work... Please help me out.
Please help me, I'm sitting here bashing my face against my desk, I can't get it to work. It doesn't make sense, because it didn't even work straight out of the zip file.
Sorry for being late! Would you please give me your site URL? I need to check it.

I have the same problem....but my site is not up yet, what is the solution for this?
Hi there, have a couple of questions.
1. How can I make main full-screen slide start automatically when I use index-image-slider.html?
Added auto: true to the BxSlider section of custom.js but didn't work.

2. How can I adjust the speed of main slide when I use index-parallax-slider.html?
Changed Speed to 3000 at the BxSlider section of custom.js but didn't work.
BTW, Auto Start works for this slide by adding auto: ture to the custom.js.

Please check the below comment.
Thanks for purchasing Agency!

Here is the solution:-

1. Modify custom.js according to this "timeout: 0 to timeout: 5000" at line 95 to autoplay the slider.

2. Add these two line at line 441 of custom.js
auto: true,
pause: 5000,

Let me know if this works or not.

FIFO Themes
YES, it's working GREAT!!!
Thanks for your quick feedback.
Also thanks for your awesome one page template which has many features and very easy to modify.
Thank you for your feedback!!

FIFO Themes
Hello, I'm customizing your theme and trying to add thumbnail pager to fullscreen bxslider.

If you look, i have 5 icons, which i would like to use as pager.
I'm not sure yet, this 5 icons will maybe move with each slide or maybe they will stay on top, for now, they are fixed to slide, only the first one.

my working page;

I have tried to adopt something from here: http://bxslider.com/examples/thumbnail-pager-1 ,.. no success.

Also tried to customize custom.js file of theme, also no success.

Please if you have an idea.

Regards Rok
The theme looks great on laptops and computers. However, it is not responsive on mobile devices and takes a lot of time to load as well. What could be the problem? My domain is www.findascholar.com
The theme is fully responsive as per our responsive test. If the site load slowly then it should be the images you used in the site. Actually it loads all the images and then represent the website.


This is a great theme thank you!

I am having problems with the contact form - it keeps giving me the error "E-mail must be valid and message must be longer than 100 characters."

Could you help at all?
Please try to send at least 100 characters in message box. It is because of preventing spam.


Thanks for this theme.

I'm noticing a pair of jQuery Migrate errors on page load. I'm wondering how to fix them.

JQMIGRATE: jQuery.event.handle is undocumented and deprecated
JQMIGRATE: jQuery.browser is deprecated

Hi, pls. disregard. I found the flag in the "jQuery.migrateMute = true;" setting that shuts up this debug output.
I'm having some pretty severe performance issues with this template on iOS. Scaling of the initial top slider isn't working on iPhones, and the image background isn't showing up at all on the quote-wrap sections on any iOS device. Desktops and Android's Chrome seem to be fine, but not iOS. You can see it here:


Any ideas on how to fix these problems? Anyone else experiencing these problems?

You can stop using parallax effect on quote-wrap section for iOS devices to make the background work.

As far as i can say you can target iOS devices and optimize the whole site for it.

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, turning off parallax did not bring back the background image on the quote-wrap divs on iOS. It's still just the blank grid.

Also note that this affects not only the quote-wrap div, but also the testimonial, subscription, and fun divs as well.

I did discover a workaround. The problem, it turns out, is the "fixed" background-attachment attribute on the quote wrap. iOS doesn't seem to like this at all for some reason. By sniffing iOS and adding a conditional style that slams this to "background-attachment: scroll !important;" the background image shows up.
sstringer could you please share this part of the code you came up with? It will be greatly apreciatted.
I bought the theme and i am testing on my desktop before send it to my server but the video background isn't working. I tried another youtube link but it isn't working. Please help me.
Thanks for purchasing our template!

It is working for me properly. Would you please upload it somewhere and send me a link so i can check?


I love this template and I did buy it. Now while attempting to customize it to meet my needs I am having some difficulty getting titles and/ or descriptions to display for prettyphoto. The plugin's website says to add the description with the alt tag and the title with the title tag. is this feature overridden somewhere? please help; thank you.
First of all i don't see a purchased badge. Would you please send me the License ID?

I purchased through paypal and I did not sign up at wrapbootstrap until I needed help. All I received from paypay purchase was a link to download "products-WB0C62H4B.zip". Inside the archive is a help file but it is vague at best and has no reference to a "license ID".

You should be able to verify that I made the purchase only a few hours before I asked for help.
I found it. In the Paypal confirmation the license ID is: 3e880379-4db7-489e-b4e1-46826c05bd4b
Was there a second thing?
Sorry for the delay as i was in vacation. There is nothing overwritten other than this. You will find below code in js/custom.js

/* PrettyPhoto

opacity: 0.5,
social_tools: "",
deeplinking: false


If you still have any problem please show me your live site so i can check and help you.

Hi I bought this template a while ago...now that I uploaded the website, is not working as it works on my local host. Some pictures are not displayed even though I copied all files to the server. Can I share with you my local host so you can see and try to figure it out whats wrong?
This is the website www.lacibela.com
Hi, two question:
1. On Chrome there is an endless loop on the icon loader and website doesn't load until one clicks on the "stop" botton of the browser or after refreshing it. Therefore, many visitors think the site is not working. This issue doesnt appear on IE or Firefox.
Screenshot: http://beastproduction.eu/img/team/loading.png
2.On Firefox (win 7) there is a black backgrouns showing up on all page titles.

And here is the whole website: http://beastproduction.eu/
Thanks in advance.
So, I bought this template quite a while ago through Envato Market and at the time had no idea that this was merely just a static template. Now that I have all the code from purchasing it, I checked out the blog section where we would have been adding content like articles, news, etc.

I have to ask..

Why is there a "comment" section?
Why is there a "popular" section?
Why is there a "recent" section?
Why is there a "contact" submission section?

All of these are just statically coded...what good is this?

I've seen other comments on here asking about Joomla or Wordpress, and i can only assume that these people were also under the impression that these templates did more than just display statically coded content.

Are there any plans to release a more useful version of this template? One that isn't just for a web page that stays the same? Do you know of any tutorials on converting this template to a theme for either Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc..?

I understand that it seems like all templates on this website are the same style (static), but I dont own those.

First of all i have never sold this template on Envato market. I think you misunderstood about this template. This is a static HTML template and it will not work as a Wordpress/Joomla theme.

The good news is we are going to release the wordpress version pretty soon.


I have two questions :

The first question is : how to reuse the "three macs" image on section "about us" to display an other thing.

And the second question is: How to set the google map in the bottom. I read the documentation but i don't understand how it's work in your template ?

Thanks for your reply
I recently purchased this theme, but I am unable to integrate this with RAILS 4.2, I am getting below error while trying to integrate, I tried to install font-awesome, but still no luck, can you please let me know how i can integrate this theme with RAILS.

undefined variable: "$fa-css-prefix".

Extracted source (around line #4):

// --------------------------
.#{$fa-css-prefix}-spin {
-webkit-animation: fa-spin 2s infinite linear;
animation: fa-spin 2s infinite linear;

Hi I recently purchased this theme and here here are the details
Order#: WB0NCC3BR
Item#: WB0C62H4B
License ID: 8c9a294e-a5eb-4909-849b-53aabe06caac

I have 2 questions.
1) When I open the website on mobile and click on the drawer menu (to select available options like about us, contact etc) the drawer menu does not collapse back and stays expanded. Where shall I fix this in code?

2) I want to get user get user location. I see you have used jquery.gmap.min.js.old.js but please help with getting the user geo locaton.

I appreciate your help on this.

Hello! Would it be possible while using this template repeat one block with image for several times?
Many thanks
Yes. You can do it unless you have any javascript error problem.


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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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