Hi stepofweb,

I have just purchased "Alkaline". I am amazed by the rich features and functionality. :)
I am new here, I saw a bit surpirised just after the money transfer and before the first download, that I have only 5 possibilities to download any purchased item. I asked the marketplace operator "wrapbootstrap" why is this not mentioned anywhere for customers and what about the regularly updated items. But no reply... :( (And I really don't know what other customers are saying to this.)

So as I see you are taking care your creature and you update "Alkaline" frequently. I think we can find a solution to let me download this template after five updates, I hope...

Kind regards and thank you for this masterpiece....

You have 5 times to download each version.
For each template update, you will get another fresh 5 times to download the archive.

I think this is to avoid sharing the download link on public.

Thank you.

Oh, I see. So not only 5 times in total during the lifetime of a template but for each update. This sounds good. Clear, I am happy. :)

Thanks for your clarification and warm regards: ftn
Hello again,
(maybe have a good night, I am also in middle-Europe...)
So I have to tell you I am spending my night hours with customization and I am amazed how smoothly I can proceed. You made a very well structured and cleanly coded product, indeed. I am neither a web developer, nor a designer, just a passionate person, who likes nice websites and likes to customize a given template for his own liking.
This product is fantastic, let me say this after having tested dozens of similar ones before (Themeforest, Creativemarket, etc.). :)
I do encourage potential buyers to check this item and purchase...
Best regards, ftn

Thank you very much for these kind words.
I do really appreciate it.

Thank you.
Hi StepOfWeb

I purchased this great theme a few months ago.

I have detected a problem with my template in Internet Explorer 11 web browser.

The anchor buttons on the Home page index.html do not seem to be working in IE11.

When i click link button in Slider on Home page in IE11 there is no response, and button link appears dead.

I am using your template version v1.0

I am aware that you have recently updated your template.

Could you please tell me what is causing this problem in IE11 so i can apply a fix please.

I have tested my website in IE9 and it works fine in IE9, but the problem occurs in IE11.

Thank you for your great template it has been great to work with.

I await your reply.

Thank you for your time.

I am aware of this issue on Internet Explorer - seems to be the z-index problem but there are some html changes to be made. I will try to create a fix as soon as possible and to update the item. This week I hope.

Thank you.

Ok thank you for your reply.

That is great.

I will stay posted.

Best regards
Hi, I have also the same problem in IE11 with actual version. The Purchase Now button doesn't work. How can I fix the problem?

Best regards from Germany
This is a very great Template, i really love it, great and nice work like to see more of it, and please do send update if there are new designs?

Kidos !
Hello boro43,

Thank you very much.
Sure, you can subscribe to our facebook page to get informed when new templates are released
Hi stepofweb,

Could you please help me how to make the menubar sticky? (Where and what should I modify)

Thanks and best regards, ftn
Hi Step Of Web

I purchased your great template. Its a really good template and i appreciate the high level of quality.

I would like to ask -

How to change the speed, on the Home page, > Maximage Slider Auto Play ?

The Maximage Slider auto plays and changes slides automatically on your demo, how to change the speed of the slide ?

It is very fast, and i would like to slow it down please. How is this possible ?

Thank you, and thank you for such a great template. Please help!

Hello markspurs,

Find this line in your HTML:
<ul id="slider" data-autoslide="true" data-autoslide-delay="4500">

data-autoslide-delay="4500" - is the speed in ms. 4500ms = 4,5s
Lower the number and you will have the speed you need.

Thank you.
Hi Step Of Web

Thank you for your swift reply. Its very much appreciated.

Thank you for explaining that to me. That's great!

I did briefly look in the JavaScript files and could not configure anything from there. This now makes sense.

Thank you again!

I think also, i will be purchasing your other template, Smarty, which i had a look at yesterday. for my current project. I am really impressed with the level of quality of your themes.

Thanks for everything and the great support.
Thank you very much, markspurs.
If you have more questions, please let me know.
Alkaline - Multipurpose Template How do I get PayPal banned in Turkey
Alkaline - Multipurpose Template How do I get PayPal banned in Turkey
Hi I have previously purchased a copied of this template from you and I am trying to change the contact details but due to the limited knowledge that I have, I hope that you can guide me a little bit.

Can I know what should I change if I wanted to add/change one of the existing name to contact number

Looking forward to your reply
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Alkaline - Multipurpose Template How do I get PayPal banned in Turkey

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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation