Hello, I am :)
I have one question. In uncollapsed side menu was working fine, but collapsed sub side menu was not working fine like reactjs(refresh page everytime) in older version. new version that you have sent, is working fine.
Then, I can't know why older version was not working. Please let me know solution.
Hi, is this happening in the online demo? If so could you point which menu entry is failing?
We use the following snippet to catch click on dummy links so they don't reload the page, you could try if it fix:

$(() => { // prevent page reload when using dummy anchors
$(document).on('click', '[href=""],[href="#"]', () => {
return false;

Thank you for the Angular2 support! It's awesome to have LazyLoad. I'm really looking forward for the horizontal layout.
Thanks to you Zeioth! Sure, we will add in next release pending features. Also, as soon as more 3rd party modules comes for angular2 they will be added too.

What are the changes between 3.5.2 and 3.5.4 for angular 2
Hi, the changes are listed in the updated package, see file change.log
Or online in the item page, see below the preview image, there's a changelog button, https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/angle-bootstrap-admin-template-WB04HF123

I want to buy this template.So will I get the angular JS version of this template?
Hi, yes, all version listed in product description are included within the package.

Let us know if you have any question
hi, on verison 3.5.3 i've create unified toaster on layout (to avoid declaration on each component and copy-paste) but on new version 3.5.4 i've got message: 'No Toaster Containers have been initialized to receive toasts.'
but on layout.html i have (<toaster-container [toasterconfig]="toasterconfig"></toaster-container>)
how it can be solved ?
and why data-table was disabled ?
Hi, the toaster issue should be related with the changes for lazyLoad, when you use the container in the layout in some it's decoupled from the instance in the component.
The simpler way to fix this we found is to remove the ToasterModule declaration from SharedModule to the LayoutModule, this way you can use the container and the lazyloaded modules can reference the container.

data-table was disabled because the module is not compatible with AOT compilation. If you need to use but can get rid of aot, just enable the module again un-commenting imports and markups. We expect that module will be updated in the future so we can enable it by default.

Let us know if you have any question
lazy loadings solve 80% of page-time loadings so AOT not needed atm - HUGE THX!!!!
unfortunately DataTable not work on 1.0.0-beta.24
ERROR in DataTablesModule is not an NgModule in console
solved with this https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/issues/3426#issuecomment-271427025
Hi, sorry for the confusion, you're right angular2-datatable module fails with last setup but it seems to be mainly an issue with the compilation and not the code itself. https://github.com/mariuszfoltak/angular2-datatable/issues/66

Instead of downgrade we suggest you to try a reference the module source code directly:

instead of
import { DataTableModule } from 'angular2-datatable';

import { DataTableModule } from '../../../../node_modules/angular2-datatable/src/DataTableModule';

Fix the path if necessary according to the location of the module file.

Let us know if you have any question
This source code for Angular is almost unusable, I would have been better off starting from scratch.
Hi, could you be more specific about what you mean with "unusable"? Is there any error message?
We appreciate your feedback.

Hi - I just bought this template. However when trying to use the sample seed HTML in a web forms application, it works fine but when I wrap the HTML in a <form runat=server> the rendering is all messed up, it seems like the styles are not applied.

Can you provide some guidance? I tried moving the script references to the <Head> tag but still doesn't work.
Hi, could you let us know what project are using? MVC5/6? angular or jquery?

Hi - angular 2 (ng serve ) is slow and also application initial load time is high. can you plz help on this.
Hi, in the last update we have included LazyLoad which reduce the load time. The command ng serve could take a while because it has to prepare the server and compile assets, the build time is mainly related which local machine resources.

Let us know if you have any question

I upgraded to 3.5.4, and I also use PrimeNG DataTableModule, but I have an error "ERROR in DataTableModule is not an NgModule". Do you have any solution for this? Thanks

Best regards
Hello Zeljko, DataTableModule is not compatible with the last update of angular2. Anyway, you should be able to use if you import directly the source .ts code from the node_modules. So,

instead of
import { DataTableModule } from 'angular2-datatable';

import { DataTableModule } from '../../../../node_modules/angular2-datatable/src/DataTableModule';

Fix the path if necessary according to the location of the file that imports the module.

Let us know if you have any question
for angular version you use the vendor.why ?

I want call bower files in index.html . please help me.
all js libes in base js, WOW :D

send mi list for html
HI, we use vendor.json and vendor.base.json to filter only the files that are require for the application. Bower downloads too many unnecessary files that increase the size of the project when you need to deploy. As you mentioned, vendor.base.json is used to generate base.js which is usefull because it serves all 3rd party scripts necessary to start the application. Then vendor.json is used for files that are used by the lazy load system. If you still want to use paths from bower, we suggest you to change the install directory in .bowerrc and point to vendor folder, then you will need to add the paths to your index (replacing base.js).
For example, in .bowerrc change the following
"directory": "../vendor",

Then when you run bower install, all files will be available in /vendor folder

Let us know if you have any question.
Hello, i am unable to install the dependencies of the templates,
console output attached: https://justpaste.it/12ikj

Node: v6.9.1
NPM: 4.1.1

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