Have to admit as much as I love the theme I've found some of the differences in layout etc a bit of a bugger to get around.
For instance; all themes seem to use DataTables ... which is nice as its a really powerful plugin. But wouldnt it be better to use angular-datatables on top; otherwise the usage is restricted to static content.

As it stands I couldn't get that to work; so I'm trying to use ng-tables (http://bazalt-cms.com/ng-table/) I've added it to the vendor folder and added the js and css in the constants.js
'ngtable': ['vendor/ng-table/ng-table.js', 'vendor/ng-table/ng-table.css'],

and on the state/route in the config i've added
resolve: resolveFor('ngtable')

I can see it loading in the network panel but I cant seem to get it to work in the view/controller at its most basic setting it should work like a directive, just adding it ala


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated; I'm a tad new to angular :D
that should be table#administrators.table.table-striped.table-hover(ng-table) some how deleted the - when i posted.
Hi, thanks for your comment. We are working to include ngTables in following updates and also considering ng-grid which seems to be working pretty well too.

In your case, since your are trying to load and Angular module you need to include the assets in the module property of the APP_REQUIRES constant
scripts {
// all plain scripts and non angular js
modules: [
{ name: 'MODULENAME' , files: ['css/and/js/assets'] }

For ngTables, this should work
modules: [
{ name: 'ngTable' , files: ['vendor/ng-table/ng-table.js', 'vendor/ng-table/ng-table.css'] }

Then in your config add
resolve: resolveFor('ngTable')

Note it's important to set exactly the module name to load to the plugin ocLazyLoad can inject it.

Let us know if you have any question
Thanks for that :)
ng-grid looks quite good; the main feature thats missing in the datatable one is binding; its a basic feature to remove a row in angular; posh tools seem to make it hard :D
Hello I use Asp.NET MVC 5 with VS 2013 and am not able to adapt
the layot ​​because the plugin jade? could tell me how I can using and enjoying the template with the Asp.NET MVC.

Thank you.
Hello, jade is more suitable for a node environment. There is a project called iisnode which seems to bring the node potential to iis including the jade parser.
Anyway, we suggest to you use the html version since you have a great template system using just Angular. Then for your backend you can choose another language.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your nice template. I bought it with "Single application" license because I was thinking to use it in my hybrid mobile application using PhoneGap wrapper. But when I get back to the licence terms, I really did not get the point about mobile app.

To using this template in a mobile app for one device (like iPhone) which license do I need? If I want to use it in different devices (Like iPhone, Android and Windows) which one fits my need? and what about different versions? If I want to update my app from version 1 to version 2, do I need to buy more licenses?

I thank you if you can answer me as soon as you can because I put everything on hold until receiving your answer.

From what we know, the extended license will the suitable for your case if you want to resell the product. If your final product will not be selled, the Multiple is correct

You can contact Wrapbootstrap support to clarify this situation.
Page form-extended not working !?

Page seems to be working fine. Do you see any particular problem?

Chrome not open and lock
Could you please provide more details? Browser? So ? Console errors?

Google chrome v37.0.2062.124 m
The browser hangs, tested it on other computers same problem.

Hello, we have the site tested in most of the browsers and none of them the site hangs. Unfortunately we couldn't replicate your case.

Any extra information you can provide us will be appreciated in order to help with the issue.
If you like, you can contact us via our profile page so we can contact directly.

Hi, how to change language on datepicker.
I'd like to use "pt-BR'
Hi include the following file after the angular.js :"vendor/angular/i18n/angular-locale_pt-br.js"
Please note that this will translate the Angular UI datepicker.

Bootstrap datetimepicker does not 100% support the angular way so it will removed in a future version.

Let us know if you have any questions
It works.
I added to the gulpfile.js correct?
Correct! That's the best way to do ti

Let us know if you have any questions
To use the template, I need more help. Is possible that more documentation than it lets us.
Thank you.

We're constantly improving the documentation based on our criteria and customer questions.
The documentation covers only product features and then you can use advanced documentation through links that are shared in the credits section.
New version will include better docs but always you can ask for support.


I want to buy bootstrap+angularJS template and I think Your is the best.
I've got few suggestion:
1. Can You make right panel (offsidebar) working like sidebar? Pushing content to left not overflow it.
2. What about breadcrumbs?
3. Will it be difficult to integrate CKeditor?

That's for now.

1- We are trying with new predefined layouts. Currently the sidebar is only item that support exactly the menu structure. The offsidebar could be customized by removing the css that make it overflow. You can contact us for support and we will help you.
2- For breadcrumbs supports you can use the bootstrap standards
3- We recently added (for new version) a new editor more simple and Angular based. CKEditor is not supported right now but you can found a couple of implementation in Angular (e.g. https://github.com/esvit/ng-ckeditor)

Nice template, i bought it and I'm trying to manage to work with IE 11 (which said is compatible) but the login screen is not working properly.

I thought it was in my environment but I tried the preview version and I got the same error. Using IE 11 to this page: http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB04HF123 -> Pages -> Login and the Angular is not working correctly since I see: © {{app.year}} - {{ app.name }} Angular Bootstrap Admin Template

Do you know any solution to make this working ?
Hi, Thanks for report the issue.

Seems to a bug with Angular on IE when parsing html entities and variables interpolation. By removing the copyright symbol it should work.
Anyway, you can try with the following markup which is a better solution. Is the same result, but the binding is using a directive instead of interpolation.

<span ng-bind="app.year"></span>-<span ng-bind="app.name"></span>
<span ng-bind="app.description"></span>


Congratulations to all the team for the wonderfull work on this template.

I'am pretty new on Angularjs and I would like to use modal windows too. Is there any way to do it on this template? I can't find any solution for this.

I would apreciate any help.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Hello, thanks so much niuqrab!

Angle includes the Bootstrap modals using the AngularUI directives. You can check it at http://themicon.co/theme/angle/#/app/notifications (look for the Modals panel)

Let us know if you have any question
Thnaks themicon! It was just in front of my eyes!
http://themicon.co/theme/angle/#/app/notifications is forbidden
Hello @arjayads
the correct URL now is http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.8.2/backend-angular/#!/app/notifications

ehusarci PURCHASED
Am I able to get the original base.js file that is not obfuscated?
Hello, yes you can get it by editing the gulpfile.js, removing the automatic minification and changing the included files for its unminified version.

If you are not working with gulp, just send us a message and will send a uncompressed version.
Anyway, we suggest to avoid editing the file base.js since it only contains required vendor sources code.

Can you tell me how I can get this to work in Visual Studio?
I tried to copy the files in to a new project, but all the paths are blank pages ...
Hello. I am trying to run your gulpfile.js. But I cant install the module gulp-html-prettify. It says the git repository don't exist or something.

I have submitted an issue for that below.

Please fix this asap. (may be you could replace gulp-html-prettify).

I cant build the jade files.
Hello, we see the issue closed.
The solution tells there was a problem with GIT (it is required). That solved problem for you?
I have small problem with template I have bought. I wanted to automate build of application with bower and so on, however it fails to process app.less and it’s dependencies.

I did digg into problem and seems there was a big change in bootstrap variables.less in some point of time (I can’t find it - however it was before tagging v3.2.0) which stripped down all the @brand-info-* variables. Is it possible to get information from which hash CSS files were generated on? I am also interested in getting updates of this theme to bootstrap 3.2. Is it possible? How big effort it is?

So far this template is not 3.2 compatible..

The template is fully compatible with Bootstrap 3.2. The source was obtained directly from the official repository under the right tag, All changes and the variable.less file is different from its original version because of the theme styles.

To compile the source files you have to use the gulpfile included as says in the docs. In case you want to user bower for dependencies, you must check every vendor path because the original project doesn't use bower due to unnecessary extra files.

Is it possible to host a seed/starter project (something that has the theme, but empty structure for angular-ui, etc.) I have an event coming up and I would like to be able to get started very fast.
Hello, you can remove all menu items (from a json file), remove all views and routes and leave only the starter template and you should be able to show only a empty site
I really like this template and I am ready to purchase it for my application that i'm building. But my app is all plan angularJs in the front end, I have other backend app for services. I don't use Jade, and I really don't have time to learn it, I would like to use simple angular.module('app', ['ui.router']) over html, and maybe some other javascript library, is it possible to use this template and not have to deal with jade to render html, and simply use angularJs/jquery/ and whatever else for my front end?

It's not necessary to deal with language that requires a compilation. You can use the static version which is only based on html views, css and js.
Is possible, but not required, to use the jade source to serve the application directly (via node or another server that supports compiled language) So in your case you can ignore jade files and work directly with the static version. The html version is the same that you see in demo page.


Is is posible to force the menu to reload the page instead of load it from cache. In some pages a have php but when I click back to one tab it doesn't show the updated info.

Thanks in advance.

You can clear the cache on every view chage. For example, check this way http://opensourcesoftwareandme.blogspot.com.ar/2014/02/safely-prevent-template-caching-in-angularjs.html

This option could be useful in your case but note that a restful app will no need this since all views are static html.

Thanks themicon,

I'm pretty new with Angular and I don't know how to apply it into the template. Please, could you or someone tell me where and how exactly cancel the template cache?

Thnak you very much.
Hi, edit the file app/js/app.js. Look for the text "app.run" then try adding the code from the above link

dorofino PURCHASED
Can you tell me how I can get this to work in Visual Studio?
I tried to copy the files in to a new project, but all the paths are blank pages ...

There's a known issue using IIS due to the file store+json.min.js. You can find it in the folder vendor/store. Try renaming it to store_json2.min.js and then fix the path name in the app/app.js file or constants.js ( if you are compiling the sources with gulp)

New version 1.1 (pending review) removes the storejs plugin in favor of native storage support.

Can I still use this theme without using Node.js and use java on the backend?

I would still like to us Angular.js

It's not necessary to deal with language that requires a compilation via nodejs. You can use the static version which is only based on html views, css and js.

There's any information available about how how to run it in Django?
Hello, we haven't tested yet the theme with django. Django seems to require plain html files and not the view based model that Angular provides. Anyway, you may want to take a look at this site to find some guidelines to make it work with django

Any question you have please don't hesitate to contact us
I've been able to run this theme on Django. I haven't tried all the features because there are a lot but each page I configured works. These are the steps:

- Place all the static content under the static folder of Django. The static folder should contain the folders app, server and vendor.
- Create the PartialGroupView and the partial_patterns as explained in the link @themicon posted. Basically, for each section you want, you will need to add a new url. For the main page to load you will need the app.html and the dashboard.html urls:

url(r'^app.html$', PartialGroupView.as_view(template_name='app.html'), name='app_template'),
url(r'^dashboard.html$', PartialGroupView.as_view(template_name='dashboard.html'), name='dashboard_template'),

Let's say you also want to add the buttons page, you would add:
url(r'^buttons.html$', PartialGroupView.as_view(template_name='buttons.html'), name='buttons_template'),

- For each template you add in the urls to be rendered by the Django views, it will give an error because Django and angular use the same symbol for template variables ('{{' and '}}'). The solution is to use the {%verbatim%} {{whatever}} {%endverbatim%} tag for each variable you want to be rendered by angular. There are some tutorials explaining to change the interpolateprovider symbols but by doing this you will break more things.

Hope it helps.
Thank you for this tremendous explanation. As soon as we have opportunity we will try it and thus incorporate to the product

Hi great theme,

I need some help however.

Can you indicate in simple steps on how to add a page to the menu which uses restangular to databind to a rest service.
So: I use a page that databinds to data that gets the data from restanglar.
Hi, we are not using restangular but you can do restful operations by adding theme into the resolver property of each route state to retrieve retrieve data from server and then bind it to the current scope


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