How can I add firebase module?
I experience the following error when injecting $firebase service into a controller:

Error: [$injector:unpr] http://errors.angularjs.org/1.2.23/$injector/unpr?p0=%24firebaseProvider%20%3C-%20%24firebase

Any ideas, what might be wrong? I must solve this in the next couple of hours, heeeeeeelp, please.
There are two ways of load vendor files (jquery plugins, angular modules, etc)

- If it's an Angular module that must be injected in the app dependencies list, is necessary to add the code into the `base.js`. This is possible by using the gulpfile variable `vendorBaseScripts` and compiling the source again, or appending the code to the bottom of the base.js file (for no gulp users) (example: ngStorage plugin)

- To use it with the lazy load system, check the APP_REQUIRES constant definition. It contains all plugins that your app will require only when a certain route is requested. The `modules` property is used only for Angular based plugins. Then in the app config (App.config) is possible to use the function resolveFor('name'), where 'name' is the name used in the constant definition. (example: toaster plugin)

Let us know if you have any question
c-myers1 PURCHASED
@themeicon: for my learning I would like to know if amending the index.html as follows could cause any problems down the line:

<script src="app/js/base.js"></script>
<script src="vendor/the_library_i_want_to_include.js"></script>
<script src="app/js/app.js"></script>

I tried pasting the minified kendoui library at the bottom of base.js once but it never recognized the object I tried to insert into the module. Trying the approach above worked but can this cause problems any problems later?
@c-myers1: No problem, it should have the same behavior. Perhaps there's something in conflict inside the base.js file that fails to continue loading the library at the bottom (maybe a semicolon), but you should see an error if that the case. We'll give a try to kendUI and let you know if there's something wrong.

Hi there. I adapted the notification drop down from the demo and integrated it into my site. However, the drop down does not appear when I click the icon. It does appear when I click the icon and resize the window or toggle the sidebar though, so I guess I might be missing an event or something. Do you have any idea how I can debug this?

Hi, just adding the dropdown directive as is specified here should work http://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/#/dropdown
Also try removing the href directive to see if it is blocking the dropdown (it shouldn't, but is a possibility)
At last, let us know if you are seeing any error message in your console.

I liked the UI of this template but want to use jquery instead of angularjs. How can I use this with jquery?
Currently it is only provided with AngularJS, to use it with jQuery you need to convert all modules to jQuery like Javascript. Also, there are features that are AngularJs based so there's no jQuery version
Hello, do you will package this theme as a Bower module?
No, we want to keep track of vendor files provided. Using bower could be useful, but we have experienced incompatibilities in some case after update so we consider better to provide the best stable version as possible on each package.

If you have found any issue with a vendor script, please let us know and we will check it.

+1 for bower support. With bower you can specify the dependency version, so there should be no issue with incompatibilities / unwanted updates to vendor libs
If you were to create your own Bower component for the packages you use a

"dependencies": {
"angle-assets": "[email protected]:user/repo",

we could use bower along side of the app. you would need to lock in all the dependancies that you use. but I like the others would love a bower file!
@adampatterson that's a good approach. We also are concerned about the extra files that comes with bower, because we don't want to bloat the final package and we must provide also a working theme, regardless whether the user uses bower..
i like to buy this theme but before that i want to confirm something important.
I only need html/css/img/javascript files for my PHP based development. i have nothing do with AngularJS, so the question is does this theme give me html/ccs/javascript/img files ??
Hello, currently this theme only works with AngularJS.

predlona PURCHASED
hello there, i loved this this theme and i just bought it. but i have a "failure loading menu" error when i open index.html. can u help me about that ?
predlona PURCHASED
still have trouble about menu loading. and i want to generate my own menu with codes not by the json file. can u help me about this ?
Hello, the message is usually related with JSON format. Try validating your file here http://jsonlint.com/

Let us know if problem persists
predlona PURCHASED
i validated all json files and they seems ok. there is no any validating error and problem is still exists
Are you working with IIS? If so please try the following solutions

predlona PURCHASED
thank you four helping. the problem is solved. another question i want to generate my own menu with codes not by the json file. can u help me about this ?
The sidebar expects a JSON string to parse and create the menu.
You can create a backend script that generates an array with the same structure like the json file. Then encode the array in JSON format to send it as a response when it is requested by app.
Look into the "SidebarController" code and edit the function loadSidebarMenu to point it to your backend script.

I am also getting "failure loading menu" when opening the site - app/dashboard. Are we doing something wrong or can you provide an updated download?
Hello, the message is usually related with JSON format. Try validating your file here http://jsonlint.com/

Let us know if problem persists
Thanks. I'm using IIS Express, and I had to register JSON as an allowable MIME type. The second answer on this Stack Overflow page worked for me. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8158193/how-to-allow-download-of-json-file-with-asp-net

The charts are not working yet. It tries to POST, and I'm getting 405 (Method Not Allowed).
It seems to be another issue with the server configuration. You can try using method GET to see if that works.
Find the controller "FlotChartController" (in app.js or flot-chart.js) and change the following line

method = (method && typeof method == 'string') ? method : 'POST';


method = (method && typeof method == 'string') ? method : 'GET';
Thanks. FYI, I needed to install PHP, then configure IIS Express to use PHP. And the charts are working. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6099143/enabling-php-on-iis-express-with-visual-studio-sans-webmatrix

to make this completely work in IIS, check my post from #StackOverflow


Thanks for share your experience!
jmarecki PURCHASED
I love this theme. I have only run into one issue. When using the default browser on an android phone I get a blank white page. The Chrome browser works great and all other devices work as well. Any plans on supporting the default browser?
Hello, we try to support most devices as possible. Currently version 1.5 has improvements that offer a better support for Android default browser but it still having some render issues that we would like to solve before add it to the list. Of course, chrome is best supported due to automatic updates.
Soon as we can we'll let you know the advances.

Thanks for report the issue,
c-myers1 PURCHASED
To enforce authentication, I modified my dashboard state as follows:

.state('app.dashboard', {
url: '/dashboard',
title: 'Dashboard',
templateUrl: basepath('dashboard.html'),
resolve: resolveFor('flot-chart','flot-chart-plugins'),
controller: 'ForceLoginCtrl'

ForceLoginCtrl sends the user to the log in screen and re-routes to dashboard on successful auth thereafter. The problem is I see the dashboard for some milliseconds (if unauthenticated) before it changes to the login screen. What would be the most appropriate way to achieve my objective without this 'flicker'?
It could be better if you use the resolve option to check/force user login. You can use the app root state to perform actions before the dashboard state, but the resolve approach seems to be the right place to do that.
Here is an example http://stackoverflow.com/a/24215206/1754325
Really like this template but to my opinion it misses a table essential like easy sorting.
Thanks for the suggestion. Datatable support table sorting but we will include more options like ng-grid

Hey Hello,

I just wanted to thank you briefly for great way you handle the changelog. At a glance i see which new features are there, what new files and which files have changed.

Very professional! Please Continue this good work =)
Thanks for the feedback trigger!
Great work but can you please add error pages?
Sure, we will have it in mind for next updates.


I'm integrating an app into angle and with regards to defining states in the ui-modules/config.js files wondering how to merge a previously declared resolve argument with the resolveFor function i.e. to add vendor scripts needed by this app. For instance, i previously had:
.state('app.test', {
url: '/test',
title: 'Test App',
templateUrl: basepath('test.html'),
controller: 'TestCtrl',
resolve: {
records: function($q, $http) {
var deferred = $q.defer();
.then(function(result) {
return deferred.promise;
But now i also need to add something like resolveFor('flot-chart','flot-chart-plugins') to the above state's resolve argument. I've tried adding them both separated by a comma, but that didn't work. How do i go about this?
Hi, at the bottom of the routes definition you have commented the following code as an example of how to add your own resolves

// Add your own resolves properties
// following this object extend
// method
// -----------------------------------
.state('app.someroute', {
url: '/some_url',
templateUrl: 'path_to_template.html',
controller: 'someController',
resolve: angular.extend(
resolveFor(...), {
Hi, My company purchased this theme (very nice btw) for an application. The back-end developers lightened up the build by only pulling over the things that thought they needed for the build. I am the front-end guy and trying to get a chosen multi-select field and the accordion panels working. Can you clue me in to what I need to have in place to make this work? They are using lazy-load. If you could provide me some hints as to files and code entries to look for that would be great!! I have html written for the accordion block - they don't show up at all. The Chosen multi-selects show up as normal multi-select boxes.
Please look at the code in file form-extended and the route for such view. Just replicate the route resolves to get the plugin loaded. Same for the according but using the route for the interaction view

Any idea why after updating the vendor folder from (theme 1.1 to 1.5) (seemingly angularjs) the theme becomes unable to load the template files?
GET http://localhost:6080/app/pages/page.html 406 (Not Acceptable)

Running in IISExpress/VS but the mimetypes are fine. and going direct to the HTML template url is fine, its like the template loader is
Ok the angularjs update bizzarely breaks the theme if your upgrading... hard to pinpoint precisely why.
Another gotcha that I'm not sure if you've covered, the navigation in some circumstances in Safari OSX Yosemite dissapears during use and only reappears when you refresh completely or open/close the bookmarks bar.

The fix is simply to add

*:not(html) {
-webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);

to the app css

That css is a tad suicidal applied like that (breaks most of bootstrap)
Updating everything bar angular seemed to fix the vanishing menu; so thats nice :D
Hello ChrisMK,
have you tried by regenerating the base.js file after update the vendor folder? We test your case (package version 1.1 with vendor folder 1.5) but using Apache and no errors shown.
Also, 406 error seems to be something related with wrong headers sent to the server. You can validate using devtool->network tab that all html files are requested using "Accept:application/json, text/plain, */*" (between others)
Finally, please check this post to see if it helps http://stackoverflow.com/a/14220145/1754325

Issue with sidebar should be fixed since version 1.4.
It has more changes than only the transform property (take a look at file layout.less)

Let us know if you have any question
c-myers1 PURCHASED
I have embedded KendoUi widgets into Angle to test all works well. Most widgets work fine but the nested grid is not working as expected. I have put details in your profile page and would appreciate you take a close look.

Thank you
Hi, we are working to support KendoUi. We have your mail and we will back to you soon as possible.

I really like this theme. I have only run into one issue. When using the default browser on windows phone I get a blank white page, such as on android in the version before the 1.5
Any plans on supporting the default browser on windows Phone?
Hello, we try to support most devices as possible. Currently version 1.5 has improvements that offer a better support for Android default browser but it still having some render issues that we would like to solve before add it to the list. Same for windows phone.

Soon as we can we'll let you know the advances.

Thanks for report the issue,
Hi have a problem . I purchased this template and now i am trying to run it on Asp.net website as you guys have pointed out that it requires a server so a .net website should provide it the server. But i keep on getting this error saying "Failure loading menu". Please help. The site gets loaded incompletely because of this.
Hi, please look at this post for IIS issues



im testing with the "dropdown-animation" view, are there any method to don't hide the overflow of the dropdown, better than adding <br/> at the bottom of the "<div class="col-...">?

i need dropdowns with dynamic height

thank you.
Hi, currently such page in demo don't hide dropdowns http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v1.5/#/app/dropdown-animations
If you are using dropdown inside a .panel element try removing class ".widget" (it hides the overflow of a panel)


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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation