Are there any plans for a Vue template version?
Hi, yes, we have plans of a vue.js implementation, unfortunately we haven't had enough time for the moment to provide one. The recently arrive of angular5 and latest releases of Bootstrap4 changed our priorities. We expect to provide a vue version in the following months.

Good to see this reply. I am waiting too for Vue (because of Laravel) and Bootstrap4 versions. Go for it guys.
Thanks for your support @djereg!
We'll try to make it available in first months of 2018 :)

Is there any template available for Hybrid Angular js 1.x with Angular 4?
Hi, no sorry, we don't have that kind of implementation. We have one project with angular 1.x and another separated with angular 4.

Let us know if you have any question.
good morning, I would like to know what folders should I upload to the hosting to put my project online? I do not have much experience in this.
Hi, you need all folder except the "master" folder which contains source files that are not required to be deployed.
Deploying the next folder and the index file should be enough to run your app online:
+-- app/
+-- server/
+-- vendor/
+-- index.html

I am having a Single License , How Can I upgrade it to Multiple Application License ?
Hi, unfortunately that is not possible because it's not allowed by the marketplace that manage the licenses.

Let us know if you have any question
How can I change to the horizontal navigation of my template?
Hi, the horizontal layout is used for routes that are child of the 'app-h' state.
In file master/js/modules/routes/routes.config.js you can find the mentioned state and the state 'app-h.dashboard_v2' which is the dashboardV2 but using the layout structure with horizontal menu in the header. If your add or change routes from 'app.something' to 'app-h.something' the view should be converted automatically to horizontal layout.
Important: In DashboardV2Controller note that we also set the flag to enable horizontal layout class with: $rootScope.app.layout.horizontal = true; this is necessary to active a class name applied to the body to perform some changes.
If horizontal layout is the default in your application, you can change the value from settings, in file master/js/modules/settings/settings.run.js

Let us know if you have any question
hi sir, you said The recently arrive of angular5 and latest releases of Bootstrap4 changed our priorities. when can expect the release of that version.
Hi, we are working on angular5 release. It's already done but finishing some last changes-
Regarding to BS4, for the moment will not be included in Angle but we have another template "Dasha" with is BS4 and also working on release of angular5.

We plan to release Angle with angular5 the next week.

Let us know if you have any question
it great to hear. thanks a lot.
can i get a preview link for the angular 5 angle template link for my mail id
Hi, yes, please send us a message via our profile page and we will contact you by email.

I duplicated one of the menu listings in the backend-angular project and adjusted the name, but it just says sidebar.nav.CLIENTS. I have added an entry in the en.json file (copying the same menu entry I copied and modified) but the sidebar still displays sidebar.nav.CLIENTS. What am I missing?

Also, why are there two entries in there for WIDGETS?
Hi, the double entry WIDGETS is a mistake, thanks for pointing us this.
Regarding to issue with CLIENTS entry, If you have changed from sidebar.nav.WIDGETS -> sidebar.nav.CLIENTS in the code and in the json file, there's should not be more to do. Unless your site is configured in a language that doesn't have a json file created.
If the key was created correctly and there's no typo in the json neither in the code, it's possible that the browser cache is not refreshing the file requested from the server. If this could be the case, you can try with chrome disabling cache from devTools, click on Network tab and in the list of checkbox at the top look for "Disable cache", reload with devTools open and check.

Disabling cache worked! Thanks :)
Hi (using netcore/angular project)

I am trying to use 'swal' alerts (currently on v2.0.4). I have success in all browsers but IE; is there a polyfill for it?

Hi, for the moment we haven't updated to 2.x and still on 1.1.3
You can check here if there's any issue with IE and sweetalert, this is the link for last release of the netcore+angular4 project: http://themicon-001-site1.atempurl.com/elements/sweetalert

Anyway, sweetalert repo mentions that on 2.0.6 they have restored a support for IE

Let us know if you have any question.
Hi, I'm using angular4 project and I couldn't activate the RTL mode. Is it supported as it's claimed in the documentation? if so, then how do I activate it? Changing the value in 'src/app/core/settings/settings.service.ts' doesn't so anything.
Hi, apologies for that. RTL is not correctly documented. It was added time ago but since the technique doesn't allow AOT compilation we decided to remove it until found a better approach like @angular/cli addons (not available yet)

Here is the explanation of the technique used in case you are interested:
The idea is to import the plugin "rtlcss" and the components styles, then in the @Component decorator use the "styles" property to provide the result of the styles converted to RTL.


1- Run "npm install rtlcss --save" in the root folder of the project (where package.json exists)

2- Move the following lines from file src/styles.scss into src/app/app.component.scss (note the path correction)
//== Bootstrap
@import "./shared/styles/bootstrap.scss";
//== Application
@import "./shared/styles/app.scss";

3- Replace your file src/app/app.component.ts with the attached version. Here we use rtlcss plugin to process the styles before include in the application.

In this case, app.component.scss imports all the application styles. You can perform this operation on any other component.

Let us know if you have any question

I'm on a React Project on the Wizard form component

I cannot manage to extends the height of the form in order to match the amount of text fields (@10). The end of my form is hidden.

Any idea?

Oh and cannot figure out how to retrieve Datas after submiting a wizard form. I'm used to work with a simple submit button but i cannot find the buttons.

I think the solution is on the wizard script files but i don't get it.

Thx :)
Hi, for the issue with the height, you can change that with the following rule:
.wizard > .content {
min-height: 300px;
It's also defined in file app/styles/app/form-wizard.scss

Regarding to submit button, you need to use the methods of the jquery.steps in order to check when the wizards has finished, you can see demo code in file: app/components/Forms/FormWizard.run.js
For example, using onFinished method you have access to the form element and to perform actions in the moment the wizard has been submitted.

Let us know if you have any question
Perfect. I managed to make both of them work properly. Thanks.

I have another weird behaviour regarding the routes. I'm trying to create a new one following the instructions. So i'm adding this lines to routes.js


import MyComponent from './components/MyComponent/MyComponent';

<Switch location={location}>
<Route path="/MyComponent" component={MyComponent}/>


Then on the sidebar component :


<li className={this.routeActive('MyComponent') ? 'active' : ''}>
<Link to="MyComponent" title="MyComponent">
<span>Link to My Component</span>


The Behaviour is, after clicking to the link. The browser url is going to /MyComponent and switch directly to the default one without rendering my component.

The composant is ok, I tryed just by renaming one that was provide. So it is only something regarding the routes. Is there is somekind of routes whitelist somewhere or i did i missede something with route.js ?
Hi, your code looks fine and it's hard to say what could be issue.
If you could send us the code for the routes, via our profile page to keep it private we can check into the application and test what could be the problem. To share code you can a service like https://pastebin.com/

Is there any sample version that i can download and view what exactly it is.
Hello, unfortunately due to the nature of digital goods we are not able to provide the source code for demonstration nor a trial version.
You can test the online demo at: http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.8.1

Please let us know if you have any question.
what is the difference b/w single application license and multiple application license?
Hi Team,

I am planning to buy this product for single application.
I just wanna clear that this is the one time payment?

My expectations are below after payment :

1: I will get a structured code base with all the required fiels like html,css and javascript etc.
3: No need to purchase any third party software to use this.

looking forward for your positive reply

Praveen Pratap Singh
Hi, if you will use the template for one project for one client, Single License is Ok.
The Multiple license is similar to Single, but consider it as a volume discount. In the future, if you decide the template will fit for many of your projects, let say more than 3 projects for example, Multiple license will be better for you.
Regarding to second questions,
1 Yes, all files are included for modification. Depending on the project you choose it will contain not only html, js files, because we also use PUG templates, LESS/SCSS and Typescript for angular 2+ projects. If you want to know more about a specific project please don't hesitate to let us know that.
2- No, we use open source plugins which are not required to be pay for use.

Let us know if you have any question
hi team,

i bought this template , i wanna clear now that i got templates for both mvc+angular and mvc+jquery.
i choose the mvc+jquery option during purchasing ,
my question is can i use any one for my website?

looking forward for your positive reply

Hi, regarding to versions included, the product "Angle" comes adapted to different frameworks (angular x, netcore, rails, etc), since it's only one product, the chosen license will apply only for project version you decide to use.

Let us know if you have any question
you mean either i can use mvc+jquery or mvc+angular but only one
please correct me if i m wrong


Using netcore/angular project, how do you enableProdMode() for angular side? I am currently deploying the app using `dotnet run...` command (similar to Ctrl+F5).

Hi, this is done in file ClientApp/boot-client.ts
When the application is compiled for production, see Startup.cs, HMR is not enabled and thus the module.hot variable is not defined which triggers the enableProdMode()

Let us know if you have any question
So do you change the 'Environment Variables: ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT' to 'Production' within the project Debug properties and then just deploy?
Similar but we don't change any configuration to deploy. We don't deploy from dotnet cli, meaning, since we provide a VS2017 project we use the entire workflow using the IDE. So, we have a publish profile and VS runs the release configuration that is used to publish the files into a folder that is later uploaded via ftp. Honestly, we use it "out-of-the-box" and VS performs the entire process of publishing.
Anyway, we tried the following command on the root of the project and it generated the exact same files as VS
> dotnet publish -f netcoreapp2.0 -c Release

Let us know if you have any question

I purchase this template. However, i couldn't find only HTML pages with bootstrap. I need only HTML page not MVC or Angular. Is this possible to provide HTML pages with bootstrap only.
Hi, please check folder backend-jquery, there you will find a project with html5/jquery and Bootstrap.
Btw, absolutely all project versions are based on Bootstrap

Let us know if you have any question

Im working with the template with Angular2.

Im trying to using the EasyPieChart. I had followed the example and structure of your ng2angle project.
I have imported "easypiechart.js","Chart.bundle.js" in .angular-cli.json and "SharedModule" inside my component.

When I add the easypiechart to the html ( <div class="easypie-chart" easypiechart [options]="pieOptions1" [percent]="easyPiePercent1">), I see this error in the console:
"Can't find variable EasyPieChart" from EasypieDirective

I had to make a change in EasypieDirective, replace "declare var EasyPieChart: any;" for "import EasyPieChart from 'easy-pie-chart'"

I comment it you so you can review it. I don't know if is a bug.
Hi, we can mention that Chart.bundle.js is not necessary for EasyPieChart, because it's the bundle for Chart.js plugin. Said that, the issue is weird because this how setup the project and it working without problems, as you can see here: http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.8.2/angular5/charts/radial
Anyway, if this not an issue related with a typo in the path, or maybe because of newer version of the plugins, we will consider your solution in case someone else come with a similar problem,

the latest version 3.8.2 netcore-angular5 project doesn't download nuget packages. I'm using VS2017 latest update.
Could anyone help me?

Hi, the latest version of netcore-angular5 is deployed at this url: http://themicon-001-site1.atempurl.com/
If you have error messages while downloading nuget packages, please post them here and we will check it.

Hi, I bought the template right now. Very nice, congratulations guys!
I have a question. In the jquery version I would like to eliminate the fading effect that the navbar has when entering the pages. It's possible?

Hi, sorry for the delay. You can remove animations of the sidebar by editing the file master/less/app\layout-animation.less (or scss)
The fade effect is sonde by fadeIn* animations, removing them will stop the fade effect. You can also remove the entire file in case you want to try disabling all animations.

Let us know if you have any questiaon

Fantastic thanks!
Everything works perfectly.

I only have a small problem with firefox.
The icons are displayed like this:

Everything works fine on other browsers.
Thank you
Hi, based on your images it seems the icons fonts where not loaded. Do you see any error in console?
Also, could you check if that happens for you in the online demo?http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.8.2/backend-jquery/

Is it possible to configure an alias in the webpack for this application? if so, in what file?

Hi, could you let us know for what project do want to do this? (angular, react, etc) ?

any plans for a netcore-angular5 seed project ?

Hi, yes we will add again the seed version. In case you need it please send us a message via our profile page and we will send you the files. The seed will contains the same structure and dependencies but only the "home" route

Let us know if you have any question
Hi there!
All the elements present in the live preview are ported to ReactJS as components?
Hi, the React version is written using components per each route. Not all plugins used are native React component,.
The project uses JSX and SASS (scss).We have separated JSX for markup and pure JS for logic. For example, the Dashboard component contains the files DashboardV1.jsx and DashboardV1.run.js
The build system uses Webpack for dev and prod enviroments

Please let us know if you have any question or need further details.

After i install a new dep with npm i get this message
added 1 package and removed 3 packages in 20.538s

After that i launch "ng serve" i get this error:

** NG Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **
10% building modules 3/3 modules 0 active /Documents/Git/nendi-supplier-WEB/node_modules/webpack-concat-plugin/index.js:54
throw err;

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Documents/Git/nendi-supplier-WEB/node_modules/flot/jquery.flot.js'

maybe have an idea ?

Hi, the missing dependency is jquery flot, this plugin (between others) is installed using "napa" which is executed automatically when you run "npm install" (see script install in the package.json)
But, for some reason when you install a new dep, the install script never runs, so basically you need to run "npm install" (wihtout params) again in order to run napa command.

If this results annoying, you can add a new script into package.json like
"scripts": {
"napa": "napa",
And the everytime you install a new dep, you will need only to run "npm run napa" to restore those plugins back. This will save you some time against then install command.

Let us know if you have any question

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