arudzikas PURCHASED
great work on the theme! How do i change the map location?
For change Google Maps Location follow these steps:
1. First Open your main file.
2. Search 'js' folder.
3. Open "js" folder and find "map-active.js" file.
4. Open "map-active.js" file then search this line. => http://prntscr.com/dtrjo1
5. Then place your desire location Lat, Long & Name.
6. Save & Enjoy!
darjonase PURCHASED
Sorry, I attempted to find this string, but it does not exist. I have also attempted to change the following string, but it still shows Melbourne

latlng=new google.maps.LatLng(41.90163,12.460245)

latlng=new google.maps.LatLng(42.9634,85.6681)
Hi darjonase,
Sorry for facing problems.
How to fixed:
First unminify "map-active.js" file. For unminify going this site.http://unminify.com/ Then follow this image.http://prntscr.com/dtrjo1

Tips: If doesn't show your location instantly. Please clear your browser cache & cookie. Then browse again.
1. "map-active.js" file may be minified. So, first unminified this file. => http://unminify.com
2. When save your file it's may be shown your desire location promptly. Upload file into server then refresh (clear cache & cookies) your browser. Then browse your site.

Have any have problem or questions please ask. We are ready for help you.
If I wanted to have all the blue accents be a different color, how viable is it? How many of them are images as opposed to css specifications?
If you change the all blue accents just change the blue color code. For example:
.section_heading > h2 > span {
color: #2196f3; (Chang this color code)
And your second question we can't understand properly. Please write again in details.

If you need full support please contact us via this support form => http://support.designing-world.com
Ok, the question is about the image assets:
for example the loading gif at startup
the circles at the top of the page
the green/blue layover in the video
the icons for fb, twitter, google and app features, etc.
1. Preloader isn't gif, We use CSS3 for preloader.
2. The circles at the top of the page is't image. We use CSS3 for this.
3. The green/blue layover in the video is a CSS3 overlay.
4. The icons for fb, twitter, google and app features we use Ico Fonts. Here is the all fonts => http://icofont.com/

You can all assets as your desire color. Thanks!
Perfect! Thanks
Specifically if it is possible to change their color, what format are they in?
We use CSS3 for style.
darjonase PURCHASED
Apologies, but trying to also change the full color scheme of the landing page, similar to how it is done when you use the color picker. I don't want to display a color picker, I just want to change all the default light blue for the text, icons circles, etc. Where exactly in the CSS do I do this? And is it through the style.css file?

Thank you for your help.
Hi darjonase,
Thanks for purchase our landing page.
Problem 01: To invisible color picker first open your desire (.html) file. Then search this section & delete this. http://prntscr.com/fll9ev
Problem 02: Light blue color set is our default color set. So no need to change any CSS style.
darjonase PURCHASED
Sorry for the misunderstanding...

I am trying to change from the Light Blue default to another color. Let's just say Red as an example. I was hoping to change in one location, as that is what appears to happen when you select a different color from the color picker.

Please keep in mind that I do NOT want to use the color picker. I simply want to change the default color for the landing page FROM Light Blue TO another color (Red, for example).

Hi, I am sorry to for misunderstanding.
First open your desire (.html) file then just add a class into body tag.

Example: For Red Color
<body class="red">

Tips: If already have a class into body tag. Just give a space after this class then add color class. Example: <body class="default-version red">


For Purple Color: add "purple" class.
For Red Color: add "red" class.
For Green Color: add "green" class.
For Orange Color: add "orange" class.
For Yellow Color: add "yellow" class.
For Deep-orange Color: add "deep-orange" class.
For Cyan Color: add "cyan" class.
For Teal Color: add "teal" class.
For Pink Color: add "pink" class.
arudzikas PURCHASED
how to add several markers on the map?
Sorry for late reply. Please read this article for setup several markers on the map.
Hi! The bs4 folder is broken.
Please help.
Hi cedric1021,
Please email us [email protected] for immediate help.
Thank you.
c-myers1 PURCHASED
Nice work. Where is the source of the icons used in the “how it works” section? I need to get icons more suitable for my purpose.
Hello, c-myers1

We use "7 Stroke" icons in this template. Here is more icons link: http://themes-pixeden.com/font-demos/7-stroke/

Designing World
I have a couple of queries i need help with:
1. How to chnage the color permanently to Teal and remove the color picker?
2. How do i change the map to my office location?
Much appreciated.
Problem 1 solved.
Still struggling with the map
Hello Sir,
For change Google Maps Location follow these steps:

1. First Open your main file.
2. Search 'js' folder.
3. Open "js" folder and find "map-active.js" file.
4. Open "map-active.js" file then search this line. => http://prntscr.com/dtrjo1
5. Then place your desire location Lat, Long & Name.
6. Save & Enjoy!

Best Regards,
Designing World
Where are the images, i have download but i only see silver images on the box
Dear Sir,

Take warm greetings & thanks for purchase "Apland".

The Images you see in the demo are not included with the Package, they are used for demo purpose only.

If you any questions or problems please feel free message us via our profile.

Best Regards,
Designing World

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