Special limited time only low price of $10! One of the best value themes you'll find contain 100+ templates & $50+ of premium plugins!

Updated to Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.6 with full Flexbox support (& IE9 fallbacks) as well as sass files included!

AppStrap 3 is finally here with tonnes of new features including Bootstrap 4 support! The first multipurpose Bootstrap 4 theme on WrapBootstrap!!

But we're not done yet though with tonnes of new features already in development, buy now at our special low price & get future updates for free! We release updates monlthy.

AppStrap 3.0 is a fully responsive business or app bundle containing a massive 115 templates built with Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.6 using the latest HTML5 & CSS3 techniques. Full flexbox support, one pagers & Shop UI just added!

It's perfect for your App, Web service or hosting company or as a solid base to build on top of for developers.

The design is clean & simple and offers 3 different colour schemes out the box (mint green, blue & red) which can be used to build your own colour schemes. It's well documented with code snippets so easy to customise for your site needs!!

Includes Slider Revolution plugin worth $14 and cube portfolio worth $16!

Key Features include:

  • Built on Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.6, the first multipurpose Bootstrap 4 theme on WrapBootstrap.com
  • Full Sass integration with gulp support included
  • Free & regular updates
  • Free support
  • Full Flexbox support
  • Shop UI, pages & demo
  • 9 homepage niche variations
  • Over 100 page templates
  • 4 One pager page options
  • 2 Mobile menu options
  • 17 header options
  • 6 footer options
  • 27 pages of elements & components
  • Font Awesome icons 4.7.0
  • Includes over 900 icons
  • 16 preset colour skins & easy to add your own
  • IE9+ support
  • Retina ready
  • Slider Revolution 5.0 Premium Slider (worth $14)
  • Cube Portfolio premium plugin (worth $16)
  • jQuery Isotope plugin (worth $25)
  • Background videos
  • Animated progress bars
  • Overlay menu navigation
  • Dropdown menu effects
  • Mobile first & fully responsive (wide, normal, narrow, mobile)
  • Modal login & signup boxes
  • Easy to customise
  • Start template snippets (starter.htm & elements.htm)
  • jQuery fixto plugin
  • jQuery jPanel Menu plugin for mobile menus
  • jQuery Flexslider plugin with animate.css integration
  • jQuery Backstretch plugin
  • Timeline displays
  • Simple & clean design
  • Valid HTML5
  • Slideout hidden header region
  • Mega menu with carousel & tabs support
  • Page preloading icons
  • and much much more to come……


Pages included (115)

  • Travel Blog (demo-travel-blog.htm)
  • Travel Blog (demo-travel-blog-post.htm)
  • Homepage (index.htm)
  • Homepage No Slider (index-static.htm)
  • Homepage Boxed (index-boxed.htm)
  • Promo Header (index-promo-header.htm)
  • Jobs Homepage (index-jobs.htm)
  • Corporate Homepage (index-corporate.htm)
  • Restaurant Homepage (index-restaurant.htm)
  • Photographer Homepage (index-photographer.htm)
  • One Pager Slideshow (index-onepager.htm)
  • One Pager Image (index-onepager-image.htm)
  • One Pager Image Full Height (index-onepager-image-full-height.htm)
  • One Pager Background Slideshow (index-onepager-bg-slideshow.htm)
  • Portfolio (portfolio.htm)
  • Blog (blog.htm)
  • Blog Left Sidebar (blog-leftbar.htm)
  • Blog Timeline (blog-timeline.htm)
  • Blog Grid (blog-grid.htm)
  • Blog Post (blog-post.htm)
  • Blog Post (blog-post-slideshow.htm)
  • Blog Post (blog-post-video.htm)
  • Blog Post (blog-post-audio.htm)
  • About Basic (about.htm)
  • About Extended (about-extended.htm)
  • About Me (about-me.htm)
  • Team (list) (team.htm)
  • Team (grid) (team-grid.htm)
  • Team Member (team-member.htm)
  • Contact (contact.htm)
  • Pricing Plans (pricing.htm)
  • Pricing Comparison Tables (pricing-tables.htm)
  • Timeline (timeline.htm)
  • Timeline Left (timeline-left.htm)
  • Timeline Right (timeline-right.htm)
  • Timeline Stacked (timeline-stacked.htm)
  • Customers (customers.htm)
  • Features (features.htm)
  • Login (login.htm)
  • Sign Up (signup.htm)
  • Starter Template (starter.htm)
  • 404 Error (404.htm)
  • Flexslider (flexslider-default.htm)
  • Flexslider Full Width (flexslider-full.htm)
  • Flexslider Behind Header (flexslider-behind.htm)
  • Flexslider Boxed (flexslider-boxed.htm)
  • Slider Revolution (as homepage) (slider-revolution-default.htm)
  • Slider Revolution Full Width (slider-revolution-full.htm)
  • Slider Revolution Behind Header (slider-revolution-behind.htm)
  • Slider Revolution Boxed (slider-revolution-boxed.htm)
  • Backstretch Slider (backstretch.htm)
  • Backstretch Slider Boxed (backstretch-boxed.htm)
  • Theme Colour Options (colours.htm)
  • Grids (grid.htm)
  • Flexbox (flexbox.htm)
  • Footer Light (footer-light.htm)
  • Footer Compact (footer-compact.htm)
  • Footer Menus (footer-menus.htm)
  • Footer Compact Light (footer-compact-light.htm)
  • Footer Menus Light (footer-menus-light.htm)
  • Header Elements (header-elements.htm)
  • Header Off Canvas (header-offcanvas.htm)
  • Header Collapse Menu (header-collapse-menu.htm)
  • Header Overlay Menu (header-overlay-menu.htm)
  • Header Responsive Collapse Menu (header-collapse-menu-responsive.htm)
  • Header Full Width (header-fullwidth.htm)
  • Header Navbar Below (header-navbar-below.htm)
  • Header Compact (header-compact.htm)
  • Header Dark (header-dark.htm)
  • Header Primary (header-primary.htm)
  • Header Transparent (header-transparent.htm)
  • Header Transparent Dark (header-transparent-dark.htm)
  • Header Transparent Primary (header-transparent-primary.htm)
  • Header Translucent (header-translucent.htm)
  • Header Translucent Dark (header-translucent-dark.htm)
  • Header Translucent Primary (header-translucent-primary.htm)
  • Header Nav Left (header-nav-left.htm)
  • Header Bottom (header-bottom.htm)
  • Theme Elements (elements.htm)
  • Buttons (elements-buttons.htm)
  • Button Groups (elements-button-groups.htm)
  • Progress Bars (elements-progressbars.htm)
  • Tooltips & Popovers (elements-tooltips-popovers.htm)
  • Alerts (elements-alerts.htm)
  • Spacers (elements-spacers.htm)
  • List Groups (elements-list-groups.htm)
  • Collapse / Accordions (elements-collapse.htm)
  • Carousels (elements-carousels.htm)
  • Dropdowns (elements-dropdowns.htm)
  • Modals (elements-modals.htm)
  • Modals Onload (elements-modals-onload.htm)
  • Navs (elements-navs.htm)
  • Tabbable Navs (elements-navs-tabbable.htm)
  • Typography (elements-typography.htm)
  • Colours Utils (elements-colour-utils.htm)
  • Iconsets (elements-icons.htm)
  • Tables (elements-tables.htm)
  • Badges (elements-badges.htm)
  • Cards (elements-cards.htm)
  • Forms (elements-forms.htm)
  • Forms Input Groups (elements-forms-input-groups.htm)
  • Utilities (elements-utils.htm)
  • Video Blocks (elements-video-blocks.htm)
  • Call To Action Blocks (elements-ctas.htm)
  • Overlays (elements-overlays.htm)
  • Animations (elements-animation.htm)
  • Counters (elements-counters.htm)
  • Type Effect (elements-type-effect.htm)
  • Shop Home (shop.htm)
  • Products Grid (shop-grid.htm)
  • Products List (shop-list.htm)
  • Product View (shop-product.htm)
  • Cart (shop-cart.htm)
  • Checkout (shop-checkout.htm)
  • Confirmation (shop-confirmation.htm)

Coming in future releases

Next update provisional due date: June 1st!

(NOTE: Update due dates are provisional and are not set or fixed and may change.)

  • SASS files - DONE: released April 27th 2017
  • Admin theme - provisional due date: July 1st
  • Drag n drop page builder - provisional due date: Sept 1st
  • More homepage niche variations - ongoing with each update
  • More shortcodes/elements - new functionality in every update
  • Form wizards
  • And much, much more

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version 3.0.6, 27/04/2017

  • NEW: Full Sass & Gulp integration, developer & novice friendly, ultimate control over your CSS
  • UPDATED: Slider Revolution 5.4.1 update
  • UPDATED: removed .icon-op- classes in favour of .op- classes as they do the same thing
  • BUGFIX: Fixed image zoom functionality (shop-product.htm)
  • BUGFIX: Side by side features fixes (index-corporate.htm)
  • BUGFIX: Blog post tags on white background fix (blog-post.htm)

version 3.0.5, 31/03/2017

  • NEW: Added cube portfolio premium plugin worth $16 (index-photographer.htm)
  • NEW: New restaurant homepage demo (index-restaurant.htm)
  • NEW: New photography homepage demo (index-photographer.htm)
  • NEW: Add support for tabs & pills within dropdowns & mega menus
  • NEW: Add magnific popup transition effect
  • NEW: Support for tabs in mega menus
  • UDPATED: Improved structure script.js to make function calls context aware so they work with ajax calls
  • UPDATED: Added support for script/plugin loading for pages in subfolders. Add data-plugins-localpath=“LOCAL-PATH” to your body tag
  • UPDATED: jQuery to 1.2.4
  • BUFIX: fixed sticky header overlapping side mobile menu
  • BUFIX: fixed mobile menu showing behind content on iOS

version 3.0.4, 17/02/2017

  • NEW: Added new Travel Blog demo (demo-travel-blog.htm & demo-travel-blog-post.htm)
  • NEW: Added new jobs homepage (index-jobs.htm)
  • NEW: Added new corporate homepage variation (index-corporate.htm)
  • NEW: Added new working contact form with PHPMailer (contact.php) - (requested by aleksasidorina)
  • NEW: Added new .overlay-gradient & .overlay-gradient-flip classes for gradient overlays
  • NEW: Added .form-control-transparent class to removing background colour & borders
  • NEW: Added .form-control-dark class for use with transparent class when control is on dark background
  • NEW: Added new typewriter effect functionality (elements-typeit.htm)
  • NEW: Added new counters functionality (elements-counters.htm) = NEW: Added new arrow dividers/points (elements-dividers.htm)
  • NEW: Premium team stock photos worth $24 (index-corporate.htm)
  • UPDATED: Made w-* CSS classes responsive ie. w-md-5 or w-lg-100

version 3.0.3, 27/01/2017

  • NEW: Added new Shop UI kit, pages & demo
  • NEW: Added 4 new one pager scrolling homepage versions (index-onepager.htm)
  • NEW: Added 5 footer variations, 6 options in total
  • NEW: Added new full screen “promo” header functionality (index-promo-header.htm)
  • NEW: Added 3 new slider slides (index.htm)
  • NEW: Added new background icon & icon rotate functionality (elements-iconsets.htm)
  • NEW: Added 7 new header variations (header-nav-left.htm, header-bottom.htm, header-transparent-dark.htm, header-transparent-primary.htm, header-translucent.htm, header-translucent-dark.htm, header-translucent-primary.htm)
  • NEW: Made .header-transparent fully transparent & added new .header-ontop class to make navbar show above highlight region (header-transparent.htm)
  • NEW: Footer variations
  • NEW: 13 new colour variations added (colours.htm)
  • NEW: Added new .header-compact-sticky body class for compact header on sticky
  • NEW: New rounded form controls & input groups (elements-forms.htm & elements-forms-input-groups.htm)
  • NEW: Added new dropdown helper classes: .dropdown-menu-nobullets removes bullets from submenus
  • NEW: Opacity helper classes .op-(1-9)
  • NEW: .text-slab class to make font Roboto Slab font
  • NEW: Added position css helper classes: .pos-BREAKPOINT-relative, .pos-BREAKPOINT-absolute, .pos-BREAKPOINT-static, .pos-BREAKPOINT-fixed, .pos-t, .pos-b, .pos-l, .pos-r
  • NEW: Added collaspe sidebar menu demos (elements-navs.htm)
  • NEW: Added owl carousel thumbnail support (elements-carousels.htm)
  • NEW: Image zoom functionality added (shop-product.htm)
  • NEW: Added jQuery countdown effect (shop-product.htm)
  • UPDATED: Slider Revolution plugin updated to version 5.0 (version 4.x is included as well)
  • UPDATED: Extend w- & h- spacers from 5-100 in steps of 5
  • UPDATED: .owl-nav-over is now called .owl-nav-over-lg with .owl-nav-over being default size, also added new .owl-nav-over-hover class to only show nav on hover.

version 3.0.2, 13/01/2017

  • NEW: Update to Bootstrap 4.0.0 Alpha 6, see a full list of changes here: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/20939 and the “Bootstrap 4.0.0 Alpha 6:” items in the AppStrap upgrade notes
  • NEW: Flexbox support added!
  • NEW: Added responsive spacer utils so you can control margins & padding per breakpoint
  • NEW: Added new .modal-fs class for fullscreen modals (elements-modals.htm)
  • NEW: Responsive navs & vertical tabs bug fix & boxed tabs & pills (elements-navs.htm & elements-navs-tabbable.htm)
  • NEW: Animated progress bar widths when they come into view
  • NEW: Added new grid page explain grid layout options (grid.htm)
  • NEW: Added new flexbox page explaining flexbox functionality & options (flexbox.htm)
  • NEW: Added new background, text & border colour options: grey-dark, primary-faded, primary-darkend (elements-colour-utils.htm)
  • NEW: Added new call to actions example page with tonnes of options (elements-ctas.htm)
  • NEW: Added new overlay functionality for background images & hover content (elements-overlays.htm)
  • NEW: Added new hr tag colour classes to change the colour of hr lines (elements-spacers.htm)
  • NEW: Added new .btn-invert (switches hover background to default) & .btn-rounded classes (elements-buttons.htm & elements-button-groups.htm)
  • NEW: Added new header elements page explaining how to use header elements (header-elements.htm)
  • NEW: Added new full width header variation (header-fullwidth.htm)
  • UPDATED: Simplified default footer
  • UPDATED: added new card examples (elements-cards.htm)
  • UPDATED: Bug fix: video poster images for iOS & homepage padding issues
  • UPDATED: Mobile header optimisation
  • UPDATED: .nav-steps now updated to flexbox
  • UPDATED: elements-tags.htm is now elements-badges.htm
  • UPDATED: Inline with Bootstrap 4.0.0 Alpha 6 Internet Explorer 9 & below support is dropped. Use AppStrap 2.5.6 (included) if you need Internet Explorer 9 support.
  • UPDATED: Dropped .pa- & .ma- classes in favour of the Bootstrap .p- & .m- spacers
  • UPDATED: Changed spacer utils to reflect Bootstrap changes & added up to 0-10 values (elements-spacers.hm)
  • UPDATED: Bug fix: Modal background opacity fix
  • UPDATED: progress bars revert to use divs rather HTML5 progress bars to allow animation & labels within bars
  • UPDATED: Blog comments to support media object changes (blog-post.htm)
  • UPDATED: Header & header upper regions update to make use of flexbox making vertical alignment easy as pie plus added new .header-divider, .header-divider-sm & . header-divider-lg element (header-elements.htm)
  • UPDATED: full IE debug
  • UPDATED: added new Call to action above footer on all pages
  • UPDATED: Homepage layout

version 3.0.1, 05/01/2017

version 3.0, 03/01/2017

  • Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.5 update!!
  • Added 20 new pages
  • Added 19 new elements pages
  • Added 9 header variations
  • Fixed collapse functionality on slide down search & hidden header,
  • Updated Imagesloaded to 4.1.1 & Isotope to 3.0.1 versions
  • Quicksand plugin removed in favour of Cards grids or the Isotope plugin
  • Retina.js plugin is now loaded in via CDN
  • Clingify plugin is replace by FixTo plugin
  • All Javascript, CSS and plugins are now within the “assets” folder
  • IE8 support is dropped (html5shiv.js & respond.js are removed)
  • Added page preloaded icons
  • Easier to customise

version 2.5.6, 01/12/2016

  • Bootstrap 3.3.7 update
  • Font Awesome 4.7.0 update

version 2.5.5, 15/02/2016

  • Move Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery & Animate.css references to Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for easier maintenance (related files & fonts directory now removed).
  • Bootstrap 3.3.6 update
  • jQuery 1.12.0 update
  • Font Awesome 4.5.0 update
  • Animate.css 3.5.1 update

version 2.5.4, 04/04/2015

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.4 (replace /css, /fonts & /js folders)

version 2.5.3, 10/02/2015

  • Bug fixes for blog post pages media-body usage (replace blog-post.htm, blog-post-video.htm, blog-post-slideshow.htm & blog-post-audio.htm)

version 2.5.2, 09/02/2015

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.2 (replace /css, /fonts & /js folders)
  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 4.3.0 (replace /css & /fonts)
  • Upgraded to bootstrap-hover-dropdown 2.1.3 (replace /plugins/bootstrap-hover-dropdown folder)
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap Switch 3.3.2 (replace /plugins/bootstrap-switch folder)
  • Upgraded to Imagesloaded 3.1.8 (replace /plugins/imagesloaded folder)
  • Upgraded to Isotope 2.1.0 (replace /plugins/isotope folder)
  • Upgraded to jPanelMenu 1.4.1 (replace /plugins/jPanelMenu folder)
  • Upgraded to Magnific-Popup 1.0.0 (replace /plugins/magnific-popup folder)
  • Upgraded to Magnific-Popup 1.0.0 (replace /plugins/retina folder & <script src="plugins/retina/js/retina-1.1.0.min.js"></script> with <script src="plugins/retina/dist/retina.min.js"></script> in <head> tags)
  • Upgraded to Slider Revolution 4.6 (replace /plugins/slider-revolution folder & /js/scripts.js & /js/scripts.min.js files)

version 2.5.1, 11/08/2014

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.2.0 (replace /css, /fonts & /js folders)

version 2.5, 15/05/2014

  • New feature: Added 2 new team pages, grid & team member & updated team page
  • New feature: Added extended about page with company timeline, customers carousel & more
  • New feature: Added about me page for personal use with latest projects popup gallery & timeline
  • New feature: Added 2 new blog list pages, grid & timeline & additional blog sidebar blocks
  • New feature: Added 3 new blog post types (audio, video & slideshow)
  • New feature: Demand plugin loading for improved performance (16 HTTP requests & 800+ KB lighter!)
  • New feature: Added logos carousel (see: about-extended.htm & elements.htm)
  • New feature: Integrated Owl Carousel & Magnific Popup jQuery plugins (see: about-extended.htm & about-me.htm)
  • New feature: Updated elements page
  • Added full width mega menu example
  • New header style (more variations to come) with new hidden search form & language selector
  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 4.1.0

version 2.4.1, 10/04/2014

  • Bug fix to broken HTML on team page

version 2.4, 10/04/2014

  • New feature: Responsive video support via fitvids.js plugin
  • New feature: 4 new timeline templates (see: timeline.htm, timeline-left.htm, timeline-right.htm, timeline-stacked.htm, timeline-stacked-down.htm)
  • New feature: 4 new pricing tables & 3 new comparison tables
  • New feature: Added hover drop down menus
  • New feature: Added Bootstrap Switch plugin (see: elements.htm)
  • New feature: Added boxed page layout (see: index-boxed.htm)
  • New feature: Added Backstretch plugin (http://srobbin.com/jquery-plugins/backstretch/) for background slideshows (see: backstretch.htm & backstretch-boxed.htm)
  • New feature: Drop down buttons (see elements.htm)
  • Removed following unused classes: .primary-colour-bg-50, .primary-colour-bg-80, .white-80, .white-60, .white-40
  • Removed following icon classes: .icon-mini, .icon-small, .icon-medium, .icon-large, .icon-xlarge, .icon-circle, .icon-circle-double, .icon-rounded, .icon-inverse, .icon-inverse-50, .icon-inverse-80, .icon-succes
  • Reorganised menu to fit new pages

version 2.3, 28/02/2014

  • New feature: Added Slider Revolution premium slider worth $14 (4 example pages)
  • New feature: Added new responsive font size functions (see elements.htm)
  • New feature: Added third level dropdown support & menu clean up
  • New feature: Added code syntax highlighted prismjs (see elements.htm)
  • New page: 404 error (404.htm)
  • Bootstrap 3.1.1 update
  • Font Awesome 4.0.3 update
  • Removed .well-small & .well-mini classes, use .well & .well-sm
  • Changed .badge-large, .label-large, .badge-xlarge, .label-xlarge to .badge-lg, .label-lg, .badge-xlg & .label-xlg
  • Replaced .pull-center with .text-center (CSS class still available for 2 more versions)
  • Made header fatter

version 2.2.1, 30/01/2014

  • Bootstrap 3.0.3 update
  • Modal background issue fix
  • Pagination example added to elements.htm
  • Tabs clean up & support for drop downs in tabs (see: elements.htm)

version 2.2, 25/10/2013

  • Upgrade to Font Awesome 4.0.0 (change change="icon- to class="fa fa-)
  • Added animate.css animation to social media icons

version 2.1, 23/10/2013

  • New: new slideshow layouts: boxed, behind & full width
  • New: new full width navbar option
  • Dropdown menu CSS clean up
  • Added local copy of jQuery migrate (jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js)
  • Added minified version of jQuery & script file (minified versions now loaded as default)
  • Add minified version of theme-style.css file
  • Fixed Safari slider flicker bug
  • Compressed all images with ImageOptim

version 2.0, 25/09/2013

  • New feature: Upgrade to Bootstrap 3.0
  • New feature: jPanel Menu plugin integration for mobile menu option (see README.txt)
  • New feature: Sticky navigation on scroll using Clingify plugin (see README.txt)
  • New feature: Retina ready (see README.txt)
  • New feature: Mobile first
  • New feature: Improved accessibility
  • New feature: Integrated animate.css plugin into slideshow to allow intro animations (see README.txt)
  • Removed fixed header class & page as navbar now fixes to top by default on scroll
  • Login dropdown in navbar is now a popup modal instead
  • Sign up button in navbar now opens a popup modal similar to login
  • new .media-object-full class for full screen blog images on blog lists on desktop (default for mobile)
  • jQuery upgrade to version 1.10.2
  • tooltip is now invoked using data-toggle=”tooltip” rather than class="_tooltip"
  • popover is now invoked using data-toggle="popover" rather than class="_popover"
  • Updated starter templates to make use of Bootstrap 3.0 push & pulls system
  • Flat design & minor design clean up

version 1.4.1, 14/08/2013

  • Minor CSS fix for mobile menu closing on click of menu item

version 1.4, 26/07/2013

  • Separated custom style from Bootstrap CSS, Bootstrap CSS code is now standalone
  • Separated Font Awesome from theme CSS, Font Awesome CSS code is now standalone
  • Made script.js file JSHint compliant
  • Provide minified version of script.js, script.min.js
  • Colour variation bug fixes (reported by Fabian Peters)
  • Fixed responsive issues on customers page + code clean up

version 1.3, 19/06/2013

  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • Upgrade to Font Awesome 3.2.1

version 1.2, 15/04/2013

  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 2.3.1
  • Font Awesome update 3.0.2
  • Added minified version of bootstrap.css & responsive.css
  • IE debugs & RGBa colour fallbacks

version 1.1, 23/01/2013

  • iPad portrait CSS fixes
  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 2.3.0

version 1.0, 23/01/2013

  • Initial release

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About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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  • Latest Safari
  • Latest Edge
  • Internet Explorer 9/10/11
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running: