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I'm learning Angular2, with your demo project, when I include https://github.com/ronzeidman/ng2-ui-auth module by running "npm install ng2-ui-auth --save" when I try to include AuthGaurd from their example https://github.com/ronzeidman/ng2-ui-auth-example/tree/master/client/src/app I get error while loading main page

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: StaticInjectorError(AppModule)[AuthGuard -> AuthService]:
StaticInjectorError(Platform: core)[AuthGuard -> AuthService]:
NullInjectorError: No provider for AuthService!
Error: StaticInjectorError(AppModule)[AuthGuard -> AuthService]:
StaticInjectorError(Platform: core)[AuthGuard -> AuthService]:
NullInjectorError: No provider for AuthService!
at _NullInjector.get (core.js:1003)
at resolveToken (core.js:1301)
at tryResolveToken (core.js:1243)
at StaticInjector.get (core.js:1111)
at resolveToken (core.js:1301)
at tryResolveToken (core.js:1243)
at StaticInjector.get (core.js:1111)
at resolveNgModuleDep (core.js:10896)
at _createClass (core.js:10935)
at _createProviderInstance$1 (core.js:10907)
at _NullInjector.get (core.js:1003)
at resolveToken (core.js:1301)
at tryResolveToken (core.js:1243)
at StaticInjector.get (core.js:1111)
at resolveToken (core.js:1301)
at tryResolveToken (core.js:1243)
at StaticInjector.get (core.js:1111)
at resolveNgModuleDep (core.js:10896)
at _createClass (core.js:10935)
at _createProviderInstance$1 (core.js:10907)
at resolvePromise (zone.js:814)
at resolvePromise (zone.js:771)
at eval (zone.js:873)
at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone.js:421)
at Object.onInvokeTask (core.js:4751)
at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone.js:420)
at Zone.runTask (zone.js:188)
at drainMicroTaskQueue (zone.js:595)

In app-routing.module.ts I have:

{path: 'main', component: Layout2FlexComponent, loadChildren: './components/main/main.module#MainModule',
canActivate: [AuthGuard]}

Did I miss something?
Hi nagappan,

It's impossible to identify what's wrong without having the source code. You could upload an archive with the sources on Dropbox and send me download link via the contact form in my profile. Please do not share the download link in the comments section.

Best regards, Sergei.
nagappan PURCHASED
You are just amazing person Sergei, thanks for your kind help offline.
Hi Nagappan,

You're welcome)

Best regards, Sergei.
sivaramg PURCHASED

We would like to change Sidenav bar as the link below.


(Sample Image)

When Click to Hide on the left. the Side nav visible with icons and click on the icons will display the submenus instead expanding the full sidenav upon moving the mouse over.

Hi Siva,

Currently it's impossible. But I plan to implement this type of menus in the future, possibly in the next update.

Best regards, Sergei.
sivaramg PURCHASED
Hi, Noted and tq

is it possible to have a normal sidenav like in the demo and stick one navitem to the bottom of the page? But when the screen is to smal to show all items, the sticky item shoud be right under the last normal item. Is this possible?

Best regards
Hi Benne,

Yes, sidenav uses `display: flexbox` with `flex-direction: column`, so you can just add `margin-top: auto` style to the last item.

Best regards, Sergei
wtoalabi PURCHASED
Am still short of words buddy.
Looks like you are a crazy man!
You bundled efforts, creativity and excellence worth $5000 into a $25 product...what the heck are you thinking!?
The thing is, I am yet to recover.
Wait a minute...is this a team's work or just one crazy person???
Normally I try to browse through the demo of a theme am buying before paying, but yours, I was half way through when I urgently realised...I gotta pay before this dude change his mind!!!!
I couldnt believe what I am seeing.
Are you for real?
I am a backend dev and I had searched everywhere for a reasonable theme to go with my MVP when I stumbled on yours.
It has everything I needed for my app...and more.
Well, the least I can say is: Thanks so much for your effort.
I am looking forward to working with you for a long time!
NOTE: The bundled Vue-demo folder does not have the /config folder.
So for those with that issue, you can quickly get a fresh vue from the vue-cli and copy its config folder to your appwork vue-demo directory.
Sergei, please take note of this for the next update.
Thanks so much again crazy man, I am happy.

Wow, Thank You so much for the such amazing feedback! It's really motivating! It was not a single month of hard but interesting work and I'm really glad you like it. Feel free to ask me any questions.

About missing folder: It's strange, I have checked the archive and everything is in the place. Maybe this is an unpacking issue...

Best regards, Sergei.
hello dear
I would like to see your template in real work and see how it looks like when getting real data. is there any customer or website or etc that use your template?
also, I would like to know how your support is and if we face to any problem how it takes to fix because before we have a bootstrap template that it has a lot of problems and we have to fix it. we want to use it in RTL mode
and other question is what is difference between price plan

1. I don't think that there is a live website with this template integrated. The Appwork template is relatively new - only one month has passed since the start of sales.
2. If you will face any of issues, feel free to message me. I will try to help you as soon as possible.
3. You can read about the licenses on this page:
In simple words:
- Single application license - Allows you to use this template on one website
- Multiple applications license - Allows you to use this template on multiple websites
- Extended license - Allows you to use this template on multiple websites and, in addition, license/sublicense/redistribute/resell the final product (with some constraints, see the link above).

Best regards, Sergei.
Good morning.
There is one question.

The main theme of the left sidebar is theme-corporate.
Can you change this to another theme such as theme-paper?

I'd like to know how to fix a theme from scratch, except for the settings icon.

I checked with html-demo.
Please respond.

1. You can read how to change the default theme in the docs. Also see `defaultTheme` option in the ThemeSettings plugin docs.

But please note that settings panel stores current theme in the browser's local storage, so, after the default theme change, you will need to clear the local storage to apply changes.

2. If you did mean how to change/create a theme:

If you take a look at `src/css/theme-*.scss` (or `src/css/rtl/theme-*.scss` if you're using RTL stylesheets) file, you can see that sidenav's main styles are generated using `appwork-sidenav-variant(...)` mixin. Some themes also contain additional styles that not covered by the mixin.

For example, to change only sidenav styling for the `theme-corporate` and keep other styles, you will need to:

1. Copy with replace sidenav related mixin/styles from the `theme-paper.scss` file to `theme-corporate.scss`
2. Rebuild sources (see html5 docs)
3. Copy with replace changed theme stylesheet from `dist/css` directory to your assets directory
4. Include copied css file to your page

Best regards, Sergei.
wtoalabi PURCHASED
I have been battling this for sometime and would love to hear what you think might be the solution.

This image: https://pasteboard.co/HrhtiYv.png
shows the default navbar and sidebar look for the Laravel/Vue starter (I changed the color)

This image shows the default navbar and sidebar for the Vue demo.:

I love the way the logo and the hamburger aligns with each other at the sidebar and how the searchbar and the user info fills the rest of the top space.

But there is no way I can make this work easily on Laravel.
When I tried to copy the code that generated the sidebar and navbar from the Vue demo, I got this:

Barely there but not fully there.

Note: This is my html tag:
<html lang="{{ app()->getLocale() }}" class="default-style">

Thanks for your help.

NB: On the sales page there is a text that suggests an access to the Private Github repo. How can I gain access?
Thanks again.

I have implemented `.app-brand` component in the 1.1.0 update. This component uses flexbox, so you just need to define the height of this component that equals to the navbar's height (in Chrome: right click on the navbar element -> Inspect):

=== layout-sidenav.blade.php:
<div id="layout-sidenav" class="...">
<!-- Brand -->
<div class="app-brand">
<img src="your_logo.png" alt class="app-brand-logo ui-w-40">
<a href="#" class="app-brand-text sidenav-text text-big ml-2">Brand</a>
<a href="#" class="layout-sidenav-toggle sidenav-link text-large ml-auto">
<i class="ion ion-md-menu align-middle"></i>
<div class="sidenav-divider my-0"></div>
<!-- / Brand -->

<!-- Inner -->
<ul class="...">...</ul>

=== CSS:
.layout-sidenav .app-brand {
height: 60px; // Equals to the navbar's height on large screens


Remove brand element and add `.d-lg-none` class to the `.layout-sidenav-toggle` element within navbar:

=== layout-navbar.blade.php:
<nav class="..." id="layout-navbar">
<!-- Sidenav toggle -->
<div class="d-lg-none layout-sidenav-toggle navbar-nav align-items-lg-center mr-auto mr-lg-4">

<!-- Navbar toggle -->

<div class="navbar-collapse collapse" id="layout-navbar-collapse">
<label class="nav-item navbar-text navbar-search-box p-0 active">
<i class="ion ion-ios-search navbar-icon align-middle"></i>
<span class="navbar-search-input pl-2">
<input type="text" class="form-control navbar-text mx-2" placeholder="Search..." style="width:200px">



To get access to the private GitHub repository send me a message via contact form in my profile. In the message specify your License ID and GitHub email.
Note: Your GitHub email must be marked as public: Settings -> Profile -> Public email


P.S. In the future please ask me such questions through my profile to not put large amount of code in the comments section. And I will be able to reply you directly on your email. Thank You.

Best regards, Sergei.

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