I love the template, and it has been just perfect for my needs!

I do have a question though. I may just be overlooking it, but I'm wondering how to get the contact form to work. Is there a place that I need to put the e-mail address that will receive the submitted responses?

As of right now this theme is only Front-End design theme and no back-end for posting email.

I purchased this template some weeks ago (before signing up to wrapbootstrap, so there will be no purchased logo on this comment).

This template has a very beautiful and appealing design.

However, below the surface, things are quite sloppily organized:
- some strange use of css class constructs
- no documentation, not even inline in comments
- no references to third party components (at the time I purchased it). I had to figure it out myself.
I am missing an overview of all the licenses in the third party components so that I can check for myself that it is safe to use this template on my homepage. I had to check it myself after figuring out the references.
- the contact form is simply not working. I checked the code and saw that the author simply forgot to implement it. The contact form is a fake.

If you want to make some more changes to this template and have a working contact form then you need to have more expertise. It is usable and adaptable for experts but not for the normal folks out there.

Thank you for the nice comments.
The contact form is designed that way on purpose. It's a Front-end design theme, no back-end development.
The links to all of the 3rd party plugins are on the details page. The CSS was created that way to make it very customizable.

Please let me know if you have any issues, thank you.
hi, in the project section, it's possible to modify the code to redirect on a web page rather than a photo?
Yes, you can do that. Just use anchor tag to link to the web page instead of the larger image.
Yes, i try it but it doesn't work
Send me an email with the code snippet to authenticgoodsco[at]gmail [dot]com I'll take a look at it.
I am trying to do the same thing but its not working I purchase the template before registering, i will send you an email with my code snippet.

Thank you.

I have substitued the images from slide folder with my own images. but now something went wrong and there are no images on the welcome page.

Could anybody help me?
Thank you!
We'll be glad to help, please email us with either a link to your site if you have it on a server or the snippet of code you're working on to [email protected]

I purchased this template some months ago for using on my personal website.

Could you please update the template with the latest version v2.0.4 of VEGAS Slider http://vegas.jaysalvat.com ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Sure no problem, I'll take a look at updating that plugin.

Hi @authenticgoodsco,

Please let me know when you update the template.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Antonio Cozar
You'll receive an email notification from wrapbootstrap with a link to the download. Should have it ready within the next few days.
Hi @authenticgoodsco,

I'm still waiting for the email notification from wrapbootstrap with the link for downloading it.

Anyway thanks for updating the template.

Best Regards,

Antonio Cozar.
ledbettk PURCHASED
Hi, I just started personalizing the index.html code and was wondering how I can change the slider images? I see a section under the IMG folder for "slider" with 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, ad 04.jpg but it's just a bunch of numbers and letters. How do I replace these properly with my image files?
The references to those images are in the main.js file. The function starts at line 96.
So then you can drop your images in the img/slider folder and change the reference names within the main,js file to match the name of your images.
ledbettk PURCHASED
Thanks! Do you know how to size it to be the same size as the other images? It's gigantic when I put it in there
Hi @authenticgoodsco,

Any news about the update?

I'm still waiting for the email notification from wrapbootstrap.

Antonio Cozar.
I looked into upgrading the slider plugin but unfortunately it's causing a weird bug in the site. Therefore I don't want to update that plugin yet and do a updated release for it until it's resolved.

Thank you.
Hi @authenticgoodsco,

Yayyyyyy, finally... I got it :)

Thanks for updating the template.

Best Regards,

Antonio Cozar.
i bought your template but realised that the hover-effect within the Portfolio-section is not working properly in Chrome. The div-Container with the blue background is rendered below the images. Any clue how to solve this? I used @supports (-webkit-appearance:none) { } for the moment to set the top-margin to -150px but I am not sure if there's a better option
Thanks for the heads up, I just uploaded an update with the fix.
Hi @authenticgoodsco,

I also would like to improve the Portfolio section using the new features by metafizzy.

Could you please update the template with the latest version v2.2.0 of isotope plugin http://isotope.metafizzy.co ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Thank you for your suggestion, however I don't see a need to update this plugin at this time for this particular theme. The plugin works great as is for the needs of this theme.

Thank you.
Hello there.
This is a great theme, thank you!

I have had a bit of trouble configuring the contact for to work.

(Of course, this is after changing and confirming [email protected] to my addresses within Index/contact.php and contact_me.php.
Also, after installing sendmail and configuring it on the apache server)

Would you have any suggestions on a tutorial to configure the rest of the contact form?
That should be all you need to do, are you getting an error? Do you have it on a server somewhere I can take a look?
Hello, I bought this theme without noticing I was offline.
It is possible to associate this to my account?
The wrapbootstrap team will be able to correct this for you. Please send your request here, https://wrapbootstrap.com/support
Hello there,
I just purchased the template but the download link is not working, is there any particular reason that would allow me to understand why it is not working?
Hi Frajedo,
Sorry to hear your download link is not working. First try putting in your email address in here, be sure it's the same email address you used to make the purchase.

If that does not work, please try contacting the site owner of wrapbootstrap about the issue.
Hi Frajedo,

Did you get the download link?

I have been using the website for several years without problems, however, have noticed that in chrome the tabs at the top of the page do not work, but they do in IE. Having checked the demo, it is also the case on this website. can you help?


That's strange, something must have changes with a chrome update. I'll take a look at fixing this, thanks for letting me know.

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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