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HI Adrigm,

Could you please help me?
I'm trying to get the BXSLIDER BX5 up and running.

Yet, only the thumbs are shown, beneath each other. (no auto motion, and not horizontally)
Seems like the JS is not starting.

Although, I copied all necessary code from the carousel (with motion) example page.
The site is running at www.rochusstraat.be (so you can see what I mean.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Kind regards, Wim
wimjuste PURCHASED
After trying serveral opties to make it work.
I assume it must be the combination of this template with the FLASK framework I'm using to build websites.

So I tweaked FLASK to have 1 home directory: /dist, in which directory assest/ and the HTMLs are being placed:

LS -L :
assets (-> directory)

- - -

But, the BXSLIDER is still not sliding :)
Anyone has some experiences with this template in combination with FLASK frameword?

Many thanks !

Try adding the BXSlider JS code in the HTML page.
Hi adrigrim!

Please have a look at your modal implementation. When I open the large modal from your demo site inside Chrome two scrollbars are visible. If I try the same on the bootstrap docs everything works fine.

BTW: Thanks for the beautiful theme!

It is a known problem. I expect fix these days and publish the update.

Great template, really enjoying working with it, even though I'm a backend developer, I'm still managing to use this fine.

I am struggling with one little part. I need to add a "forgot password" link at the bottom on the login form that appears in the top menu. Please can you help and paste the markup I need to use to make that?

Thank you!

I include it in the next update.

Nice Template! Using version 1.5.

What is the trick to make the images layer masonry using the Portfolio_TopBar.html page?


What is the trick to make those images explode into a larger view when clicking on the image? Using Modal?



If you want to mix both elements must know some HTML. I will include a list version for use in the next version.

You can use modal or lightbox (http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/) that it is already included in the template.
Hi Adrigm!

I'm running into an issue using Portfolio_TopBar.html.

Some photos are not lining up with other photos and there are large gaps. Please help!


Hi again,

Maybe it's the size of the photos? What is the recommended size?

Does not matter the size. The images are adapted. Although it is recommended that all are the same size to make it look better.
Hi, I have installed this theme on wordpress, according to the instruction.
Copied via FTP the wp-content folder.

But when entering the site i get 500 error. Could you please help me?

Kind regards,

This is not the wordpress version. I think relates to this: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/artificial-reason-wordpress-edition-WB07KB22N

Follow the instructions included in the template, if it fails you can email me through my profile.

Hi adrigrim!

I'm looking for the location to change the "form-control", I assume it's a regexp. I'd like to check beside the correct format of a mail address e.g., if the field is filled at all.

Thanks for your help!

HI Adrigm,
how do I add a new font in your template ?


P.S. I have added a new @font-face in css file and the font file into directory font but don't work.
Hi , Could you help me ?
I purchased this template just now.
But I find IE9 (windows 7, my computer ) ian't browse this templates . when I open template ,IE9 show is waiting content, the page is blank, no any content show .

when I change Chrome Browser , all is normal , is OK .

I see your description on Browser support contains IE9. Could you tell me why or help me ?

Disables the preload and work!

HI Adrigm,

I purchased this template from more than 7 months and I'm just wondering if I can have the multiple search in this page : http://razonartificial.com/themes/reason/v1.5/e-commerce_home.html

for example: instead of click on the category, can I have multi choice option at the same time will filter what I had choose?


Sure, reviews the documentation plugins to make it your own: https://mixitup.kunkalabs.com/docs/

Just bought this and I can't find the full HTML version as stated on the Details page. Where is that located.
Hello Ttagard?

I bought this template, and I did not find the html version. Did you find?
HI Adrigm,
how do I add a new font in your template ?


P.S. I have added a new @font-face in css file and the font file into directory font but don't work.

It should be added in a new css sheet and add it after the css files included in the template.

Is it include all psd files in the download file ?

No, sorry.
kirasiris PURCHASED
Hello man, I never posted anything about your template because actually everything is perfect as I expected to be when I got it in my e-mail , int been like half year(little less I guess) since I bought your product, but now, that I'm trying to add php to you carousel, it don't work, I would like you to give an advice about what to do to make it work as I want, please.
I tried to put some php code on it and it worked, but when I test it in the browser at least one slide always repeat again even whe in my php code I just have to "repeat region" 3 times , but in the browser is like 4 times, the active item, and then an item with the same picture/image from the acxtive, and finally the next 2 item wich should add 3 (the item active,______,item, item) I dont know if I do explain myself well, but as I put in the parenthesis above it automatically add an extra slide between the active an the next item(I would not mind if it was pulling out a different image from the Database but it just repeat the same picture from the active item.), that's what I want to fix!!

Any advice?!!
maxsharma PURCHASED
I have purchased the template and would like to incorporate that as ASP.NET application. Do you have any suggestions or documentation for that?

So far the backend integration is not implemented.
Hello Friend. I just bought the template, Where is the HTML version?

The compiled version (HTML) is in the dist directory.
Hello adrigm. I create a function (ajax) but doesnt work.

function load_dados(valores, page, div)
type: 'POST',
dataType: 'html',
url: page,
beforeSend: function(){//Chama o loading antes do carregamento
data: valores,
success: function(msg)
var data = msg;

Is there a file to custom jquery? Or I need to create it?
I replaced the jquery and it works!
I want to use this in a Rails App. From what I can tell, i don't see any issues with that but was wondering if you have a version specific for Rails.
No, for the moment, there is no version for rails.
Hello AR-Team,

can you please help me and tell me how I can "activate" the search function in this template?
Where do I find all the needed data?
Thank you in advance.

That's a function of the backend.

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