HEY!!! Your template is TOTALLY AMAZING!!!
I need some features before buying ....

- UI Slider in products filter
-Also a new home page with a contact form in the header...

Is it possible to do that ?
Hi there,

Two features will be available in the next release.

Hi - I like the templates and have two questions.

1. Would like to use for a couple of our product sites & corporate site. The product sites simple offer subscription based online services - no sale of software as such. Which licence is applicable to us?

2. For how long after the purchase will we get free updates?
Hi there,

If the template is to be used in more than one website you need at least the multiple license.

Updates are forever!
also - I didn't purchase yet but my previous comment shows as PURCHASED.
I do not know. You should ask to Wrap.
Hi there !
Thank you for the awesome template.
I'm not sure what is more astonishing:
Your very good designer skills or your bad programmer habits and the fact that you produce a shitload of overhead with non performance bad written js code.
Hi there,

We are optimizing the code everything. In the next version you will find latest news in the speed of loading some js elements.

when is the next update coming out? I have just purchased this template for an important project. I am very concerned if the code is as bad as mongooo has mentioned? Speed, performance and clean code are very important.
Ok, so i need to wait for the new version...
do you know when it will be ready???
Your theme is good. I want to make boxed style. Where I need to put container class. Please help me with this.


I'll expand the documentation to cover change default boxed in a few days I will leave a comment with the update.
Hello everyone, beautiful model !! I would buy it but I read your messages and I do not know if this model has some problems ... ?? It has been updated? Working properly?
Thank you all
Hi, I'm highly interested in this great template, I wanted to know if the updates are free for the new version?
another question: is it possible to updated theme to support a forum? thank you
Hello, all updates are free. Soon there will be a support forum.

Just wanted to follow up to your earlier comment regarding the WordPress Theme to see if you had an ETA of any sort, or if there is an option to pay for conversion?

I ask as I just bought the html theme for a project, but would love to have this theme for WordPress as well
The wordpress theme is in the making, I hope to announce news soon.
great news I was in the process of converting the theme for wordpress 4.0
and cheery on the cake: support forum.

Thank you to you adrigm, I'm looking forward to it :)
I like this template anyway if i buy this template do i have to pay monthly or yearly ?
You only pay once!
Please confirm if you have addressed the performance issue of your js codes with your current version as raised by mongooo. Thanks.
I would like to build a website based on your template in Wordpress. Shall I start it with the html template version or should wait the Wordpress version? Can you estimate when will be the Wordpress version ready?

Thanks in advance.
Hello, I hope the Wordpress version is ready in mid-October.
Hi Adgrim

First, congratulations for your design.
I am interested in your template but I have some doubts about it.

I can see in the top, on right, a button for login. Does the template have a Extranet? Is possible to add one? I have seen your template: Responsive Admin Dashboard, is this template for extranet control?.

I see differents designs of layout home, Can I choose anything each other and mixed them?.

In others platforms, there is a "builder design" for to do the personal designs. What is the method for do it with your template?.

Which is the measure for the big picture in the header? I have read in previous comments that the maxim is 1200px for responsive design.

I have read in previous comments that there were some problems with the code. Are the problems with the code solved?.

Could I send you a mockup of my design for checking you?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards


Sorry for my English.
Hi Adgrim again

Could you answer my questions?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Guys,

I have AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise and I want to setup artificial reason theme on my website, but have no idea how to that. I would appreciate any kind of help?
Send me an email and I will help.
dmccrone PURCHASED
Very nice design. Are there any plans to add a mega menu option to the navbar?
It is one of the new features of the next version. Late September is ready!
Hi, I have purchased the template, without been logged in. I can show you PayPal bill if you want. (luka . cavic @ gmail . com)

How to add logo, image logo?

Simply change the image in the img folder by your logo!

Nice templates. I would like to buy this template but have a few questions. Will i be easily able to add my own logo and change the color scheme of the site? Also if i wanted to use different logos can I do it easily. I expect i would get the source code and can edit it to be how i like. I hope it is easy to edit etc..

You can do all that easily. It comes with a comprehensive manual and if you have any questions just email me and I will help.

nice template. working on it. just wondered if there is an easy way to make the header and/or navbar "fixed" at top so that on scrolling menu remains at the top.


We are working on them for the upcoming new version!

Hello, I have a problem to implement modal windows into e_commerce.html page. I want to open modal window with product details when user click on any product. I can see modal window when I click on button but window is closed immediately after one second. I use your example from components_modals.html
The gotcha is that the button to open the modal must be type="button"

<!-- Button trigger modal -->
<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myModal">
Launch demo modal
Hey! Just bought your template. It is cool from visual perspective: nice and slick styling (huh, it is the very reason I bought it).
BUT: re-usability and js performance is awful. Especially the former. I was very disappointed after I downloaded it and saw how hard will it be to customize your theme.
Please, for easy customizing use sass mixins, classes and their inheritance.
Nice design work though!

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Uses Sass:No
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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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