Hello - how do you disable responsive? I want mobile phones to display the full page (as my modifications look horrible on small mobile devices).

Is not prepared to disable responsive options. You can try creating a custom version of Bootstrap no media-queries try: http://getbootstrap.com/customize/
Do you have Right To Left Future ?

We have not tried. Let's try and try to fix what does not look good.

I purchased the single lic and the download did not come with asset folder, how do I get the asset folders?

Probably it was downloaded wrong. Try to download again. But gets downloaded correctly, send me an email and I'll send myself: https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/adrigm

I am using Artificial Reason. I have no vertical scroll bar. I tried the following (on body and html):

overflow-y: scroll;


overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical;
overflow-y: scroll;


height: 101%

Still no scroll bars. Can you help ?
bkcandra PURCHASED
hi you probbaly encounter the same issue as mine
look at the css and comment this line here.

.video {
position: relative;
padding-bottom: 56.25%;
height: 0;
/* this line here cause scrolling dissappear
overflow: hidden;*/

hope it helps
How do I remove/disable the preload graphic? Customers find this very annoying and perceive as it takes long time to load.
Tell me which version you are using if the compiled version or grunt and I'll explain how to eliminate your version.
Any eta on 1.4?
2 weeks!
Hello adrigm....This template is awesome! I have 3 issues...(so far ;-) I am using the WP version.

1. The SITE TITLE shows up as ARTIFICIAL REASON on my iPhone. It' displays the proper site title on the website. How can I fix?

2. SENDING MESSAGES. There seems to be only 1 option for this with NAME, EMAIL, SUBJECT and MESSAGE. Can I create different forms with various fields?

3. On that same form, the box for MESSAGE is spelled as "MESAGGE" How can I fix that?

Thanks for the GREAT template!


Please topics related wordpress theme best treat on its own page, it will be a mess.

Post the comment there and I put the respueta, or if you want to send me an email.

Thank you for your understanding.

AR Wordpress version: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/artificial-reason-wordpress-edition-WB07KB22N/comments
this questions was already asked by "Puentes2004"

".....I purchased the theme a few months ago and have been building my site. I have modified the navbar logo to put in my own, however, there seems to be a bug with the background-repeat: no-repeat; because my logo continuously repeats with IE mobile browsers. Any suggestions?"

I have the same issue...is there a solution for this?

You can send a catch because I do not have a mobile device with IE. So I can see what the problem is and fix it.

Thank you very much.

thanks for quick answer....what is i catch. do you need a screenschoot? How can I send it to you?


You can upload any hosting of images and put the link here. Thank you.
Hi Thanks for you quick feedback. Please find here the link to the screenshot:



I see the problem. Send me an email and let me yours to send you the solution.

You can send me mail: https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/adrigm

found it out..you have to add some lines:

@media (max-width: 400px) {
.navbar-default .navbar-brand {
background: none;
padding-left: 60x;


@media (max-width: 400px) {
.navbar-default .navbar-brand {
background: none;
padding-left: 60x;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: left center;

Works perfekt. Thanks of this great template!

all the best
This questions was already asked by Puentes2004
".... I do have a question regarding the carousel background on the blue2 style. I would like to change the background from the current (back_slide.jpg) to something a little more abstract but all the patterns I set don't show through the color background like the back_slide.jpg image. Any tips on how to make it show through?"

The problem was not to replace the background image for the carousel but that there is a transparent blue layer over the Image....How can this transparent blue layer be removed?
Add to your custom.css the following:

.carousel-reason {
   background-color: none;

And the background color disappears.
This did not work...but there were 2 other already existings positions regarding the "background-color" in the carousel section which I switched to "none". and now it works.

nigelr99 PURCHASED
Hi, love the template thanks. I know it's not compatible with ie8 but can you confirm what should happen if ie8 is used? It seems I just get blank white page - is this correct? If so, any suggestions on how to improve on this behaviour -other than asking users to update ie of course :-)

Actually if it is compatible with IE8 just that I do not give support because their user quota is negligible. To work in IE8 only have to remove the Preload.

Remove this:

<! - Preloader ->
<div id = "preloader">
<div id = "status"> & nbsp; </ div>
</ div>
Hello adrigm..
I have certain questions which i would like to ask..Currently m working on Spring MVC project for my college. I was looking for a elegant template and found Artificial Reason suits my requirement. Can i modify the template as per my requirement ? I am facing problem while paying for the template. I am an Indian user and the debit card is not working on wrapbootsrap and on paypal. Is there any other way to pay for the template. Please provide a quick reply if possible...
M eagerly waiting to use this template in my project. Simply love the work done by you....
Hi adgirm,

Than was definitely no good idea to merge third party libraries as in a real world application built using your (anyway, great) theme sometimes not all those libraries are used.

The idea is that the template load fast. Anyway it is easily configurable in the gulp file.

I am open to debate among all users whether to enable this option by default.
I do fully agree with you on load time concerns. I just use another server-side tool for bundling scripts and styles. Also I would like to update some of the third party libraries with NuGet in Visual Studio.

But after migrating to Visual Studio 2015 I guest I will start using Gulp just out of the box :)
haikbaba PURCHASED
Can you provide a Visual Studio SLN or Project file of the template please.
Great design dear Adrian!

Is there any chance for the razor version (ASP.NET MVC) ?

Many customers are asking for a version of ASP.NET MVC. So as I see it is a requested version I'm working on it (also in a version for AngularJS). Although I can not yet give an exact date of publication.

WHY I got some errors?

[09:13:26] Using gulpfile F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\
[09:13:26] Starting 'default'...
[09:13:26] Starting 'clean'...
[09:13:26] Finished 'default' after 7.74 ms
[09:13:26] Finished 'clean' after 6.89 ms
[09:13:26] Starting 'vendor'...
[09:13:26] Finished 'vendor' after 20 ms
[09:13:26] Starting 'less'...
[09:13:26] Finished 'less' after 32 ms
[09:13:26] Starting 'css'...
[09:13:26] Finished 'css' after 647 μs
[09:13:26] Starting 'img'...
[09:13:26] Finished 'img' after 595 μs
[09:13:26] Starting 'js'...
[09:13:26] Starting 'html'...
[09:13:26] Finished 'html' after 11 ms
F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\src\js\app.js: line 170, c
ol 46, eval can be harmful.
F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\src\js\app.js: line 170, c
ol 57, eval can be harmful.
F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\src\js\app.js: line 170, c
ol 67, eval can be harmful.
F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\src\js\app.js: line 170, c
ol 77, eval can be harmful.
F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\src\js\app.js: line 170, c
ol 93, eval can be harmful.
F:\www\artificial-reason-1.4.3\artificial-reason-gulp\src\js\app.js: line 170, c
ol 107, Missing semicolon.

6 errors
[09:13:36] Finished 'js' after 9.99 s

It is a "Minified library" not occupy space that has been included in app.js

you should not worry about those mistakes.
NO Configurator floating panel !
I'm sure the next line is in the file html/layout/header.html
<!-- build:include header/configurator.html --><!-- /build -->
After GULP, the dist file doesn't have Configurator floating panel !
The configurator is only activated for the demo, you must change this line if you want to activate it in its final version.
The Remember me checkbox can't to be CHECKED or UNchecked....

<div class="checkbox pull-left">
<input type="checkbox"> Remember me

it's should be

<input type="checkbox">
<label>Remember me</label>
This has changed in the latest version (1.4.3) to style the checkbox.
How can I to realize ?
When I hovered
1. top-nav-social will show "Social Name" ('tooltip'?)
2. navbar will automatically show the dropdown-menu ?
Write me an email and I will explain how to add these personal changes.

To adrigm, Thanks for your great template, I have realized the two functions above.
Thank you a lot
I don't have your mail .
my mail is "[email protected]". mail to me please. Thanks .
Great theme!
Maybe asked already, any thoughts on sticky navs? If possible?
Thank you!
we will give that option in version 1.5

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