this template is not open in IE 8.
so give me solution of this problem.
waiting for positive reply

We do not give support IE8 to be an outdated browser, without users quota.

However if you turn off the preload will work correctly in IE8.

Sorry not understand
what i can do for run in IE8?
I purchased this template about 4 weeks ago. After purchasing it I found a couple issues and attempted to contact the designer via the email address noted in the support section of the Documentation index file and also through through wrapbootstrap.com by following the link to the form associated with 'adrigm'.

All contact attempts were ignored.

The 2 issues:

1) The navigation main menu requires click to activate the sub-menu, then a second click (somewhere) to make it hide. How do you fix this so that it activates (both open and close) on hover only?

2) The CSS and JavaScript files include a combined file for each, vendors.css and vendors.js - and each includes a minified group of individual files (difficult to separate). This is presumptuous and assumes that all customers will want to use all the elements and thus the files are large, heavy in size. The designer did not provide copies of the individual CSS and JS files, making it difficult to pick/choose what you want, reducing the load. My request was very simply to provide the individual files in the distribution in addition to the combined version.

Sorry I have not been answered before a few days away.

1. This is a feature that is coming in the next version, if you do not want to wait, here's the solution: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16214326/bootstrap-dropdown-with-hover

2. The compiled version is the one that includes the files this way. You can use the version gulp or grunt to eliminate what not to include. If you notice is provided in HTML files js and css elements linked in a comment.
Regarding the CSS/JS files, I'm not familiar with gulp/grunt, don't live in the developer world. It would be useful for me and probably a lot of other customers to lay this stuff out in layman terms, not tech jargon.
Still looking for a solution that doesn't require a crash course in gulp/grunt which is quite overkill.
I am setting up your template for a client. The link for the site name in header does not work correctly on mobile devices.

<div class="header-full-title">
<h1 class="animated fadeInRight"><a href="http://mydomain.com" title="sitename">Site<span> name</span></a></h1>
<p class="animated fadeInRight"></p>

On mobile device, the site name redirects to http://mydomain.com/current_page/index such that if I am on Contact page and click on site name in header page redirects to http://mydomain.com/contact/index resulting in 404 Error.

Where can I change the settings so that mobile header redirects appropriately?

Thanks for your prompt assistance
hatwhite PURCHASED
Hola, yo he comprado este template
para ser muy sincero no se como instalarlo, ya he leido el archivo que tiene las instrucciones, pero creo que estoy muy confundido, sino es mucho pedir, me gustaria que me indicara somo lo subo a mi sitio y que requisitos debe tener para que funcione.

Si solo quieres usar la versión HTML basta con copiar los archivos HTML que se encuentran dentro de alguna de las carpetas que hay dentro de dist, según el tipo de encabezado que quieres. Luego copias la carpeta asset junto a los HTML elegidos y listo.
sousarka PURCHASED

I really liked the templates and UI elements (...and purchased ver 1.4.3). Would like to include selective parts in an application (already built on bootstrap.css and fontawesome).

1. The color/css styles for bootstrap elements.
2. Configurator (Color Switcher). Would like to know if there is a way to put the same functionality inside a modal window. Can't have the floating gear, but need the color switcher part

Please let me know.
sousarka PURCHASED
Here're few things I also noticed. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Otherwise, can you please provide a workaround?

1. table-bordered inside panel primary-dark (1st child) doesn't retain the side and bottom borders
2. no hover effect on btn-ar buttons
4. for input-group (input-text and btn) the button height is 1px smalller than the input size

Do you sell this template anywhere else?
I already have the HTML version but I want to also buy the Wordpress version however wrapbootstrap support is very very poor so would prefer to use another site or deal directly.


Only you can find it in Wrap. Once you purchased you can deal directly with me by mail.
sousarka PURCHASED

Could you please provide a response for the following items:

1. table-bordered inside panel primary-dark (1st child) doesn't retain the side and bottom borders
2. no hover effect on btn-ar buttons.
4. for input-group (input-text and btn) the button height is 1px smalller than the input size (this is happening for a datepicker widget (http://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/#/datepicker)

Thank you.

I'll try to correct this in the next version. I add it to the list of tasks for the next version.

Thank you.
sousarka PURCHASED
Thank you. Was it fixed in the current version 1.4.4?
Hola, recién adquirí esta plantilla, no tengo la menor idea de cómo instalarlo o subirlo a mi sitio, no se si debo crear una base de datos, sinceramente no entiendo.

Si usa la versión HTML (La carpeta dist) no necesita base de datos ni nada similar. Simplemente suba a su sitio web la carpeta assets (dentro de dist) y los html que se encuentran en alguna de las carpetas dentro de dist (solo los html de una de ellas ya que son los mismos pero con diferentes encabezados.

Hola, he comprado esta plantilla hace varios meses, actualmente veo que el menu es hover, que cambios debo hacer en mi version anterior para tener ese menu hover sin tener que empezar de cero. Gracias.

Basta con cambiar el fichero app.js que se encuentra en el directorio js.

No ha funcionado adrigm :(
Hi adrigm,

how can I set an hyperlink to the homepage-logo.

thanks and all the best
Hi adrigm,

on the mobile version the drop down box (fa fa-bars) in the topleft box starts 1px down. In which CSS and where there can I change the position of the box?

thanks and all the best

Can you post a screenshot? I do not get reproduce the error on my mobile.
Hi adrigm,

ok will send you an Screenshoot by mail.


I’m about to redo our site with your template. Looks great! However, following the instructions you provided and running the site I get the following error in Visual Studio:

Unhandled exception at line 990, column 5817 in http://localhost:7199/3.0/assets/js/vendors.js
0x800a1391 - JavaScript runtime error: 'config' is undefined

I receive this error BEFORE I modify anything. I publish to the webserver and it doesn’t load / 404.

Locally I can preview the site, but when I scroll down on home_full.html, I get the error above. All other main page templates you built work no problem. It just seems to be this one template.

Any suggestions???

We are also getting this error and it is replicatable on the demo site.

Open the console and scroll down the page. When the first 3 animated elements slide in, you get 3 errors stating that config is not defined. Keep scrolling and you get an additional error for each animated element.

Any chance this could be fixed or provide information on how to fix it?


It is a bug in the library wow.js.

It is solved by updating to version 1.1.2. I'll upload soon upgrade to the new version.

Thanks for the warning.
Thanks Carl & adrigm - your suggestion worked perfectly. I basically removed wow.js from the vendor.js file, created a stand alone version of <upgraded> wow.js and included in my pages. Worked like a charm.

The "Coming soon" page has problems with iPhone width displays. The "Second" part of the countdown timer kind of falls down.

Can we solve that somehow?

Thank you!
I will try to improve the responsive layout of this page.

Thank you!
Hello - still loving the template!

I'm having an issue with the "mobile" rendering.

I literally downloaded 1.4.4 and published to my web server (Azure) prior to a single change. It works perfectly except one obvious issue...it doesn't render/resize on my mobile (chrome/android). Instead it's the full site. Everything else works perfectly.

I can see on the "live demo" that it works nicely. But the downloaded version does not render on chrome/android.

Any ideas??? This one is a showstopper for me...

Many thanks!
More details - All these points are regarding v1.4.4 published to Azure BEFORE any modification

I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 and the top menu does not resize to the mobile version

I went into the "live preview" you have online and it renders nicely on the android

If I resize on MS Windows desktop, it renders to the correct nav bar/mobile (both the live preview and my published/unmodified version)

I've tried on other android devices and it doesn't resize

So the problem seems to be a true mobile/phone device where the site doesn't render on v1.4.4 that I downloaded. Your live preview version does work.

I hope these are enough details to give me a pointer as to what's wrong!

Thanks again,

Can you send a trap and better describe the problem?

I can see perfectly in a galaxy S6 and a Galaxy S3.

No reply? Unfortunately, this issue makes a great template unusable without responding to mobile devices. I'll need to abandon and use another - which is too bad really as you have a good product :(
I don't understand why Adrigm does not reply to enquiries. I also sent a message few weeks ago too. Anyway, I have another question regarding Internet Explorer 11. I can get to my website, but the preloader keeps running. When I swicth off the preloader all the CSS styling is lost for head, header and footer and carousel. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
Works fine in fireFox!
I bought the WordPress version of this theme. I have my issues with it, but overall, client is satisfied.

Some of you taking up arms for not being answered to by someone selling a $16 theme....relax, you paid $16.

Leaving this comment here in case others shopping around are look at comments to see legitimacy of the theme. This guy built a beautiful theme for $16. But it's $16, so the support you receive may not be stellar. If you need 2 day support turn around and hand holding, consider the $15,000/year service by WordPress VIP support.

Sorry, no offense. But $16 is just not worth feeling like someone robbed you.
perelx & adrigm - let me be the first to apologize if my note came across the wrong way. The template is great and we're committed to using it and our new 2.0 brand is looking great as a result.

adrigm, is there an email address where I can send the explanation regarding the template not resizing to mobile? It's very strange. I modified the template for aspx / created include files (nav, footer, etc) and it worked perfectly. Then I noticed when I published to the web and looked on a mobile device, it didn't render. It remained in "full desktop" view. I went back and took your site 'as is' and published and it didn't render to phone. But on the desktop, if I resize the window, it does respond to the "mobile" view. So using your template "out of the box" there is a rendering issue.

With an email address, I can send screen shots of exactly what I'm seeing and code. Mine is [email protected]

PS - I'm Canadian...we apologize for everything :)
Cory: If more people acted like you, we'd all be better off :-)

I'll contact you by email to solve your problem. Sorry for the delay, I have been a few days away.
Counters don't work at all. You can see the issue in the demo http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB0307B17
I am using Google Chrome
Fixed! In a few minutes I upload upgrade.

Thank you!

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