When I try to import the plugin: artificialreason.wordpress.xml , appears the error message "PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10): Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature". What should I do?


Not a plugins. It is the test content. It is imported through the following plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-importer/

how I can enabled 404 integrated error page?

What about my question? Please answer.
I purchased both versions of the Artificial Reason. In the Wordpress version we can't figure out how to add our logo in place of the logo that comes with Artificial Reason.

Please explain the steps we need to take to add our logo in place of the default logo.


The easiest way is to replace the demo image img theme folder
Hi Adrigm,

I've just purchased the theme and I wanted to check I was installing it correctly as I've never added a Bootstrap theme to a Wordpress installation before. In the zip file there is a folder called documentation but this has css and js folders in it, are these also part of the installation somehow or can I ignore these and just copy your wp-content folder onto my site over FTP?

Are there any other bootstrap specific things I need to do or is it simply installing Wordpress and then installing your theme. Looking forward to using your theme.

The documentation folder does not have to upload to the server. Salo with had the wp-content. Then follow the documentation to install properly.

ceiferit PURCHASED
After installation everything was working until for some reason to access the theme options through: Appearance > Theme Options

when I try to access through direct url: /wp-admin/themes.php?page=options-framework/
there is a message saying: "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page".

We have installed some plugins for custom post types y advanced user management (WP Customer Area). Some help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Perhaps some plugin is causing a conflict with the permissions. Nobody has reported a similar error.

You can try a plugin WP to repair permissions. If you can not fix it contact me by the profile and see your particular case.

A greeting.
ceiferit PURCHASED
I fixed it restoring a full backup, seems like it has nothing to do with the theme.

Probably some plugin for user access capabilities changed some folder/file permissions.

Hi, i have some Questions:

1. The SITE TITLE shows up as ARTIFICIAL REASON on iPhone/Android Phone. It' displays the proper site title on the website. How can I fix?

2. How can i translate the "Read More »" Link on a article page into another language?

3. Where can i translate the ", inc. All rights reserved." in the footer into antoher language?

4. Where can i translate the word "Article" on a blog post page?

5. Where can i translate the labels inside the contact form like "Email address, Subject, Mesagge"?

I will upload an update adding all the words that suggests the translation file. Thank you very much for the warning.

Also I will solve the error title.

Hi Mate, did you got a fix for the wrong title issue? I got the same problem. thanks
I wrote twice to ask for help, didin't get the answer.
I have a problem when I upload the theme :

"Unpacking the package…
Installing the theme…
The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
Theme install failed."

I saw that other people report the problem, and I also saw the answer. So I tried via FTP protocol. Didn't work out.
Anyway I should not be a problem to upload the theme via Wordpress Admin Dashboard.
TIP "This is because a download error. Try to download the template again." just does not work.
I tried many times.
Need help, but proper advice not only to repeats what is not working.
P.S. Any other theme is installed without any problems.


The package can not upload from the manager templates that it contains no only the template. It also includes plugins, so it is recommended to follow the manual and climb the wp-content folder via FTP server and everything is installed smoothly.

If you got here tell me that is wrong and I will help.

Long time, but i did it.
No answer from adrigm since one week? Are u in hollyday? ;-)

I spent a few days indisposed. I'm here again to help them all.
I do not have time to wait for a week feedback in the simplest case. Please for detailed information on how to return the cost of purchase. In other words, I resign from the template.

Sorry, I was indisposed few days. I have already answered your question. Remember that the support from developers is voluntary and not mandatory. Although I always will give support to my clients.

Ok, Thank You. Regards
How to add Blog Masonry to menu ? It's not in the menu.

how I can enable 404 integrated error page?

It will be available when the translation into Portuguese ?
If you are not a developer, don't buy this theme.
After buying this theme, I really very disappointed.

In demo, the website look is very beautiful.
By seeing the pages and options, we can think like that we can create this type of pages.

There is no any options in Page editor. There is no any shortcodes.
for eg:
take collapse & tabs page

we can create this type of page through PAGE in wordpress. There is no any options in the Editor.
We can't able to create collapse&tabs through Visual Editor.
We have write the code like a developer by selecting text mode.

Please don't buy this theme.

Atleast, the theme developer has not said any where about this.
Very Bad. Waste of money.

i want to edit the portfolio overview. But i can not figure out which is the right file.
So where can i define the foo.org/portfolio page?

Thank you for your help :)
A really nice theme!
Hi there,

I am working with your Template and I am using your Option 1: Home Default as landing page. However there are some differences with the page in the Live Prview version and the page I see using Wordpress. For instance there are no arrows on both sides of the screen in the carousel at the top of the page. Another thing is that almost all the icons are missing on the page (for instance in the four blocks below the carousel).

Is there a reason for these missing features?

A nice theme though!
Hi adrigm.
As a template user I have a few questions.
1. Where can i change social media links.Can't place my social to the template.
Top-nav-social is really hidden :) Where are setting for it ?

<ul class="top-nav-social hidden-sm">
<li><a href="#" class="animated fadeIn animation-delay-5 twitter"><i class="fa fa-twitter"></i></a></li>
<li><a href="#" class="animated fadeIn animation-delay-6 facebook"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a></li>
<li><a href="#" class="animated fadeIn animation-delay-7 instagram"><i class="fa fa-instagram"></i></a></li>

2. Look at link under please, and tell me how to put right email adress. Now when I'm sending a question it goes ..., I don't know where. Need to meke it work to send all questions on my email account. Where can i change it, set it ?


Thank you for help.
Best regards.
BTW this theme is not easy for amateur :), but after a while gives a lot of fun,and look realy nice.
Dear Adrigm,
It would be nice to get the answeres on my questions. Realy need to know this things.
It's not profesional when you not answer for a month.

P.S.Hope you fine and everything is ok with You.
Best regards.

I bought the HTML version and would now like this.
I want to use only the News page layout however reading some posts above suggests that you do not get the data and you have to manually create the pages.
Can you assure me that I can create a News page as shown in your Demo Preview?

Thanks :)
Oh dear, I should have read the other comments before buying :(

Unfortunately this is not easily editable and will be a lot of work for anyone who thinks they can simply start adding news and it will automatically update the news page.
Everything needs to be done manually.

Pretty poor to be honest. Couple that with a non-existent support on here from both Wrapbootstrap and the author .. I would recommend buying the HTML version and creating your own Wordpress theme.

Also, the HTML version was updated recently, this version is the old version of Artificial Reason.
Posting this question again.. I did not hear your response earlier.

I have bought your wordpress theme.. I dont see the update that's available in HTML for ex: in HTML - You have Home - OPtion 8 - Product. We dont see this in Wordpress version.
Infact, I have bought your HTML option as well. So, is there a way that i can import from the HTML Version or would you just send me a link to get that page in wordpress.


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