Nice Theme and good support.


do have a timeline or do you plan to include a timeline blog part like here: http://htmlstream.com/preview/unify-v1.7/blog_timeline.html
Hi mate,
Try to add blog timeline with next update,
Thanks for choosing Assan Template
Is there any help documentation to make changes ?
Hi Mate!
Help documentation will be include in future update v1.5.
Until you contact me via mail - id is - [email protected]
Ask feel free question anytime via gmail!
24/7 Fast Support is available here!
Upcoming Versions
- v1.3.5 - New features, Blog masonry, Blog timeline etc.
- V1.4 - New portfolio pages (more than 15+), new pages
- v1.5 - Full documentation

Thank you very much for Choosing Assan Template.
I purchased this great theme, but didn't like the low contrast of the breadcrumbs area. Also I suggested to make a new testimonials page. The author replied me and released the new version with improved breadcrumbs and new testimonials page in 12 hours!

He didn't just make a quality product but also provides an excellent service!
Thank You Very Much!
Hi there,

Thanks very much for this template. Just purchased and I think it will serve our needs.

I'm curious if you built this out with LESS or SASS, inheriting from Bootstrap?

It would be ideal if we had those source files so it would be easier for us to make tweaks and new colour schemes. Right now we have to deal with the large, single CSS file.

Let me know. Thanks!
Hi mate!
Sorry for Less or Sass files.
Thank you very much for Choosing Assan Template!
Hi mate
Sass version out now!
Hi there, Thank you for great theme! There is an issue with slider - revolution - full width - it does not load properly. Can you have look at it please? Many thanks.
Hi mate!
Slider working fine in preview demo!
If you view it via download file.
you need to replace you own images with placeholders.

Read at bottom of theme description -:

The images used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and not included in the download file. We have included placeholders images for each instance.

Ask feel free question 24/7.

Thank you very much for choosing ASSAN template.

Just some feedback on the template.

I am trying to use this for User Management screen (login, signup etc.,) and noticed the template doesn't have any buttons for connecting using Facebook, Google+ etc.,
Would be nice if you can deliver those buttons (basically, improved login screens) soon.

Hi mate!

we will add the social buttons into login sing up form with the next update!
And much more new & amazing features will be release soon with upcoming version
Stay tuned for free updates!
Thank you for your information and Sorry for late reply.
I really like this template.
Just wondering how I will get informed about the new version 1.5?
Hi mate,
you will receive an email when v1.5 live.
or you can re-download the latest updates free of cost from here:

Thank you very much for choosing ASSAN.
lisaeliz PURCHASED
Will you be including any .PSD files with your next update? It would be nice to have those.
Hi mate,
Sorry for .PSD files.
Thank you for choosing ASSAN TEMPLATE .
Great design!

Is there any chance for the razor version (ASP.NET MVC) ?
Hi Mate.
Sorry i have no knowledge about ASP.NET OR MVC at present!
Am not sure about razor version (will include in future).
Currently am working on v1.5 and then i will plan to convert it into SASS for easily css customization
Thank you very much for Interesting in ASSAN.
I am using this template for my new project. I had a special problem regarding the tabs and I contacted the seller. I had a reply immediately and my problem was solved in no time. I can really recommend this template which is very good programmed, clean and includes uncounted features. And the support is just unbelievable!!!
A Huge Thanks to you.
Nice work, one question I hope you can help me, there is a problem with the rev slider in small/mobile screens, the text becomes to small, how can I fix this?

I wish:
1. nicer search result page
2. more form elements
3. alerts, modals, tabs (this is nice alerts http://webapplayers.com/homer_admin-v1.5/alerts.html )
4. Pricing tables with year/month ajax modification

Once again thanks for the cool design
Hi mate!
i will try to complete you needs with future updates.
or about slider revolution questions you can use the official website - http://revolution.themepunch.com/jquery/
Thank you very much!
Hi, thanks for your reply, I was wondering when are you planing to release 1.5?
hopefully is soon
Hi mate,
New update is coming on this weekend.
but your requirements will complete in future updates.
Hy, the template is great.
I have a question. I want to use the header-center-logo.html, but the main carousel just have one background photo and I would like to use a different one per slide. Is that possible? I can't figure how to change it.
Mailed you!
Thanks for Choosing Assan Template.
Hey! Fantastic template however I'm confused by why the top nav bar only stays fixed when viewed on large displays and not when on smaller devices such as cell phones. Is there a simple solution to make it permanently fixed on whatever device you view the build?


Hi mate,

.navbar-default, .navbar-inverse{
position: relative !important;
Remove this code from css

Thanks, that goes someway to solving the problem but creates another.... now as soon as you scroll on smaller devices the nav bar shortens from the right and doesnt span the available space. Any suggestions on how to fix that bug? Thanks!
Hi mate
Mail me - [email protected]
It would be great to see .less files included. Single .css file is difficult to maintain.
Hi mate,
Sorry for .Less file
But I will try to add complete sass file for easy customization.
You mentioned there would be help content in 1.5, but as of 1.7 there is no help for customizing this theme. Can you provide guidance on how best to tweak the theme?
Hi Mate,
sorry for delay
am currently working on documentation and release ASP.
until if you face any issues, ask me directly by e-mail - [email protected]
Thanks for your patience.
Already hard at work customizing this for myself but seeing a distinct flaw with the video version of the home page: sourcing from YouTube causes the video to not play on any iOS device, regardless of size or what it's using to acquire web access at the time (4G, LTE, WiFi). The OS automatically defers to the YouTube app for play, creating a static image with an obnoxious red "play" icon in the middle of it under my text. I'm going to try and pull apart the code you've included for myself, but since it's not standard HTML5... can you suggest the easiest way to go about adding a site-served <video> tag in place of the YouTube footage? I mean, my hosting package is theoretically unlimited bandwidth. What's a few videos at that point? It would also allow me to serve up multiple formats to target different devices and desktop browsers.
Hi mate,
Please contact me on - [email protected]
Thank you!
Hi mate,
we use the ytplayer for video backgrounds and its says -
The mb.YTPlayer doesn't work on any mobile devices (iOs, Android, Windows, etc.) due to restrictions applied by the vendors on media controls via javascript.
Adding a background image to the body as mobile devices fallback is a good practice and it will also prevent unwanted white flickering on desktop browsers when the video is buffering.

i will add a video fallback image for small devices in upcoming update.
Where's the documentation to make changes? Like icon for example.

Currently I am working on this and release as soon as possible into next update .
Thank you for choosing Assan Template.
I am having issues with the header in 1.7.0. on mobile, specifically landscape view on IOS. the header takes up 1/2 of the screen. We just upgraded our code for the 1.7.0 release so not sure if this is fixed in 1.7.5.. we don’t want to have to update all our code again. Is there a fix for this?

Hi mate!

Just sent you an email!
Thanks for choosing assan template!

I want to reduce the size of the slider as it is filling up the entire screen. Please suggest how to do so.
Hi vidit,
please send me the page name of slider at this email address - [email protected]
i will help you!
Thanks for choosing Assan Template!

I'm using Onepage template and some difficult with tabs because the class "active" is not working.

I really tried to find the script but no success.

Another question is about accordion. How can I use more than one accordion on the same page?

Hi mate,
tabs and accordions are using from bootstrap.
no extra script needed.
you get more information about

tabs: - http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#tabs

or you can use more then one accordion on same page

accordion - http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#collapse

bootstrap explain better then me about tabs and accordions.

if you have issue after using these links then contact me at - [email protected]

Thank you very much for choosing Assan template.

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  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
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