The demo of this template looks very nice. Great show of how much you can do with a bit of imagination.
I would have bought this, if it had LESS still build in, so it would have been easier to make tweaks.

On the callout page, when set to a dark theme, one of the boxes gets white letters on a white background.

Is there a change that LESS (or SASS) will get available on this template?

Yes, LESS will be available on next update.
Unfortunately I don't know exactly when the next update will be but I hope very soon.

Thank you.
Can this template can be used in .Net web applications?
Unfortunately, I don't know much about .NET but I know for sure that there are people who bought this template for use with .NET

I currently buy this template and use it in an asp.net mvc application, this template is just Html files of pages, you must use html codes in your master pages and views to use in .net, in any dynamic pages you must render using these html codes.
Love this template...bought an extended license. However, need help on fixing the problem with the mobile.collapsed menu with the dark skin. It highlights the top menu when the cursor is over the line between two menus for a few pixels, and nothing is selectable. Should highlight the menu when the cursor is over a selectable menu or sub-menu, as it does in the none collapsed mode. Not visible in the light skin, but shows up on the dark, and looks real bad with my orange highlight background. Anyone, please help!

This issue will be fixed on new update. Unfortunately I don't know exactly when the next update will be released but if you need this fix quick, please write me using the contact form.

Thank you.
One issue. When changing the default Vimeo embed to a YouTube embed there are unwanted results in the most up-to-date version of IE.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFRUzODEi6s
Embed: <iframe width="640" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/NFRUzODEi6s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Try this on FF works fine and chrome works fine, but once you view in IE the player has index issues, scroll the page and you'll see the problem. Seems to have a glitch.

Sample: http://keenads.com/hillsshredexpress2014/
Sample: http://keenads.com/hillsshredexpress2014/index-extended.html
I love this script but is there a way to hide something from the desktop view and only show up on small screens?
never mind i figured it out! Thanks for such a nice product! Everything I was looking for. By the way if anybody else wants to know how, use hidden-xs to hide from mobile and hidden-lg to hide in larger screens.
I love this template..
but... There is One issue...

if i click boxed layout...

topbar is too left...

Unfortunately, this is an IE11 issue and will be fixed on next update.

Thank you.
Thank you for this great work.
I just wanted to say please add more documentation for js plugins, for example what they for, and in which pages they used, I know you add links to their home page but adding just some words about their usages may be sufficient. Thank you so much

All these are included on the new update. :)
Not released yet, but very soon, I hope.

Thank you.
The demo is fantastic. I am still an beginner bootstrap, I purchase Atropos, there is also quickstart? thank you (forgive my english, google translate) ;)

mza1979m PURCHASED
Phenominal job on this.
But I have one question regarding the TopNav. When hovering my mouse cursor over one of the menus that have a dropdown, the dropdown displays and I can click one of the sub-menu items to go to a specific page. However, I need to also be able to click the main heading to go to a specific page, not just hover over it to open a sub-menu. Using a standard <a href="example.html">Example</a> doesn't seem to work. I took a peak inside scripts.js but in the Top Nav section but couldn't find any hints as to what I need to change.
Thanks in advance.
To create a regular menu link - see the example, remove .dropdown class from LI and .dropdown-toggle from A.

Example for HOME:


<li class="dropdown">
<a class="dropdown-toggle" href="#">
Home <i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i>


<a href="#">
mza1979m PURCHASED
No, I'm afraid this isn't the solution. You see, I still want the menu to drop down and show the sub-menu, but at the same time, I want the main heading to be a link as well.
mza1979m PURCHASED
I'm using the Ken Burns slider revolution. However, I do not want the animation to stop when the mouse hovers over it. In the slider_revolution.js file, onHoverStop is already set to off by default, yet the animation still stops when hovering the mouse over it. Setting it to 'on' makes no difference. I tried it in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
mza1979m PURCHASED
Ok, got it working. I just changed all instances of onHoverStop I could find to 'off'. Makes no sense to me since I would have assumed only the one under the Ken Burns section would matter, but oh well. It worked.
I was evaluating your template in "live preview" and while using Chrome's mobile emulator noticed that on mobile devices such as iPhone 5 the screen size was not "responsive" it did not scale for a phone screen size. Any ideas why?
never-mind I figured it out, the website has to be removed from the iframe.
mza1979m PURCHASED
I'm using the Ken Burns slider revolution. Although I managed to prevent the slide animation from pausing when the mouse hovers over the slider, I have a worse problem. When it comes time to bring in the next slide, if the mouse is hovering over the slide, then the entire slide just freezes completely and does not proceed any further. So long as the mouse stays outside the slider, then all is well.
If I scroll down about a page or switch to another browser tab or application, then the slider will resume. Or if I swipe the frozen picture over to the left or right, it will proceed to the next slide.
Is this a bug?
mza1979m PURCHASED
Actually it seems that when moving the mouse off the slider animation, it resumes after about 5 seconds. I want it to resume automatically. People are not going to hang around for 5 seconds to see the slider.

PS. Why do I even bother asking my questions here? I never receive responses from the developer anyways. I've already asked 3 questions, and nothing. Should have purchased "Unify". When I asked a question there, they responded within hours.

I'm very sory for this delay.

Slider Revolution is part of Atropos but I'm not the author of it - you can find the dedicated documentation on /Documentation/Revolution_Slider/ folder.

Please wait for Atropos v1.4 (is on pending approval) or send me an email at stepofweb[at]gmail.com to send you the updates.

Thank you.
Beautiful template. Lack of SASS (or Less) is a deal breaker for me. Please let me know when it is implemented.

Right now is a new version(1.4) on pending approval but on next update LESS will be available.

Thank you.
I purchased the theme, it's great but I found a CSS bug. Using IE 11 with theme "header version 4" and boxed layout, the fixed header sticks to le left and is not centered.
How do I fix it?
Thank in advance

This has been fixed on version 1.4 - is on pending approval.
Please send me an email to send you the update.

Thank you.
mza1979m PURCHASED
I need some help with something... When viewing this theme on a smaller screen like a cellphone, a lot of the elements disappear (like the logo and blog links at the bottom, among others). How do I prevent them from disappearing?

Can you please send me a printscreen to stepofweb[at]gmail.com?
Or a link to investigate the issue would be helpful.

Thank you.
Hello. Thank you so much for the template! I wanted to know if I can remove the authorship on the template, and use some of the background pictures used in the slider for a commercial site.

Please let me know.

Thanks again for the great work.

Thank you for purchasing the template.
Yes, of course. The autorship is an example - you can change anything you want.
Any image from the template can be used on your project.

Thank you.

the live Demo that you show contains all the features , or it is in the full version? I´d like to know because I´m interested in it..


Thank you for the comment.
The live demo contains all the future you get when you purchase the template (documentation & logo files included only on purchased version). Also, all JS files are unminified on purchased version.

Also, all future updates are free. So if you purchase now ($7) until the next update (which is on pending approval), you also be able to download for free all future updates.

Thank you.
Thank you so much for your reply....

I have one more question.

I am trying to modify the position of the sliders in the home page of the html index extended page since I added my custom images. Can you please tell me where do I modify the position of the sliders?

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately I don't understand exactly what you want to modify.
You want to move the entire slider?

The slider is between:
-- slider code ---

You can simply cut/paste this code.
Just a quick heads up for you. On the index extended page under "Recent Work" you have the 3 images set at 260 x 260. They dont fill the div and it looks pretty bad. A quick change to 360 x 260 fixes it

Thank you for the comment.
I noticed this and has been fixed on the last update (is on pending approval).

Thank you.
I am looking for a calendar page but couldn't find it in the demo pages. Is there such a page in this theme?

Unfortunately, curently Atropos has no calendar page but is a good idea to be included on next update.

Thank you,

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation