i am using the latest update, there is an issue with the mobile menu, it is only showing the top level nav, the sublinks will not show up, when using the full screen revolution slider, the issue is in your live preview as well


do you have a fix for this?

Thank you very much for the comment and for reporting this issue.
Sure, this has been fixed for the next update.
Please, send me an email to stepofweb[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
I also am in need of this fix. I've contacted stepofweb with no reply?

Is there a fix available yet?

I am very sorry for this delay,
Next week a new upodate will be released.
Hello, generally I am very satisfied with this purchase, however it has one important bug. Revolution slider has problems to populate bgr image out of Chrome browser - Mozilla, IE 9 always display bgr image without animation on first website loading. When return using navigation button it works fine, just first load. Can you please fix this?

Also, link to Revolution Slider animations is not working so I am not sure what scale of animations I can use..


Unfortunately I am not sure about what background image problemes are you talking about. Can you please be more specific? There is no known issue about background image problems on Revolution Slider.

About Revolution Slider animations - is not working online on the demo, but the file is there on the purchased version: Documentation/Revolution_Slider/Editor/01.Editor-Transitions.html
The link is broken because of the last Documentation update of Revolution Slider (I did not noticed until now). Will be fixed on next Atropos update.

Thank you very much.
Hi, simply if I download the theme package a upload it to my server, first trasnition effect (fade in) in revolution slider is not working in Internet Explorer. It works in Chrome and Mozilla, but IE shiws empty bgr and aftre few seconds bgd image displayes without any animation.
I am not sure why it works fine on your DEMO site, but today for sure I downloaded all files and uploaded untached on server and have the same issue.

Please check this site in IE. http://www.zvonici-cedry.cz/Cukrovka/index.html

Can you see that?

BTW, it causes problems only for first banner loading. Second one or when you return back to first works fine then.

Revolution Slider is a purchased plugin and integrated into Atropos.
I will investigate the Revolution Slider and if there is any known bugs, I will downlograde to a lower version.

Thank you.
Hi - any update on your investigation? I need to release final version and would like to fix this before.

Many thanks,

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue.
I checked your site few times but I see no issue.
Can you please send me a printscreen with the issue to stepofweb[at]gmail.com ?

Thank you.
imranali PURCHASED

Does this template support Language with Left to right direction? i want to use this template with english and arabic support.


Bootstrap RTL can be added - will inverse many elements for arabic support but unfortunately is not 100% suppoerted (maybe ~ 80%).

On a future update (one of the next two updates), RTL will be added.

Thank you.
I have a problem with the videos embedded in the revolution slider. After I click the "play" button on the video, I would expect the slide show to stop and the video to continue playing. But that doesn't happen. After about 10 seconds, the slides advance, even though the video is playing. How do I stop that?


Can you please tell me which video you want to use on Revolution Slider?

The Revolution Slider plugin will stop only for Vimeo videos.
Will not stop for Youtube videos.

Unfortunately, I can't change this because is the way how revolution slider plugin works.
I hope on a future update they will add support for youtube and local videos too.

Thank you.
may i ask can i edit the contact for or custom the contact form?
is that easy

Sure, you can create a cuatom contact form but pay attention to required fields.
Also, for a custom contact form, you need to edit php/contact.php file.

Please, send me an email at stepofweb[at]gmail.com if you need help.
englep10 PURCHASED
Hi! I am having trouble with having my image carousels show up on my mobile side. I also have a few issues with the video playing on the mobile. If the video isnt an option on the mobile I understand. How would I have an image show up instead? Finally, last issue has to do with the portfolio isotopes. They arent showing up. My website is: philipengles.com

I see that the carousels are working - but you have a wrong path to few images.
You can see your errors on browser console (using F12 key):


About the portfolio - I do not see it on your website - I can't debug it.
Please, use the Atropos demo because there is a working portfolio.
A simple copy/paste should do the job.
englep10 PURCHASED
Hey Step of Web! Thank you for fast reply.

I understand kinda why my photos arent showing up, the asset pipeline. However, I am still having that issue with regards to the portfolio image with the hover. If you look at my website and scroll to the Keller Williams and YouTime portions you will understand what I am talking about
There seems to be an issue with the mobile menu, for IE Browser in particular. The mobile menu button appears, but when clicked it does NOT display any drop-down menu. I just purchased this template 3 days ago and I am deep into my customization. This issue is on all the pages that came with this template, not just the ones I updated. Can you please let me know how to fix this issue??
do you have a fix for this?
to give you more info, I am running IE 9 and the "Preview" demo Atropos collapse-menu button does not work there either. It does work in my version of Chrome. Also, running your demo Preview on my Andriod cell phone, that dropdown menu-button does NOT work there either. PLEASE ADVISE.

Very sorry for this delay (I was out of my country).

This issue has been fixed for the next update (this week, I hope).

Thank you.
Hi i need help with the contact form does not work me,

I need more details, it's impossible to tell you what is wrong this way.
The contact form is working via SMTP or mail() function

Please, send the php/config.inc.php file to stepofweb[at]gmail.com (remove password).

Thank you.
Hi i need help with the contact form does not work me, this is my page http://www.alphapm.pe/expert/en/contact.html

I have no email from you.
Hi yesterday i send a email from znarf39[at]gmail.com i need a help please

I have no email from you.
Anyway, I see that you try to redirect your contact form from contact.html to php/contact.php

The problem is: php folder is restricted by your htaccess or the folder is missing.
I see error 404 for php/contact.php
Please Check your email i had email some issue.

I already answered to all emails - I have no email from you.
Can you please send it again?

Thank you.
stibbons PURCHASED

First off, I love your template it is beautiful and unlike others I've encountered it works on all important browsers!

I just noticed that a little thing has been missed. The header_shadow does not let mouse clicks through, effectively rendering part of the UI underneath inaccessible to interaction. This is specially noticeable in the map on http://theme.stepofweb.com/Atropos/v1.6/HTML/contact-us.html. When scrolled all the way up try to drag the map from a point in the top - say 10% - of the screen.

To alleviate this I wrote the lines below in my custom.css:


I checked at http://caniuse.com/#feat=pointer-events [Can I Use] and found it only will not work with Opera Mini and older IE versions.

Hope it helps!
Olaf van Zandwijk

Thank you very much for the kind words.
I do really appreciate this and I will do the best I can to solve this issue on the next update.

Thank you very much for the feedback.
stibbons PURCHASED
Just a little other thing. In the _topNavCalibrate() function. where the if statement with the clause (jQuery(window).width() < 1006) I see you are adjusting the shadow top and and the wrapper's margin-top. I believe you did this because with a width < 1006 you intended to always have a small topNav. This is at least the behavior I see.

This adjustment gives problems with window.width() >= 1006. If you are in a scrolled state (window.topNavSmall == true) and then resize the window, with the current code you force the shadow down as if the topNav is big. This gives a very strange looking UI with the shadow disconnected from the topNav.

This is easily fixed by adding a clause to the if statement to take into account the possibility of the small topNav like this:

if ((true === window.topNavSmall) || (jQuery(window).width() < 1006))

There might be other approaches to solve this but this seemed the easiest to explain.

Olaf van Zandwijk
stibbons PURCHASED
Sorry the previous comment was incomplete. The problem I described only occurs like that on pages that don't have a topHead header like http://theme.stepofweb.com/Atropos/v1.6/HTML/shortcodes-rows.html

Olaf van Zandwijk

Sorry for this delay, I was out of my country.

I know, the shadow is fixed by javascript and this is a little bit odd.
This will be changed on a future update - the shadow should be added via CSS only.
Please am in Ghana and i want to buy your templates and i cant buy them because Ghana is not in the paypal list why i have a alot of project and i need some of these templates to work with why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please i need response if there is any means i can buy with paypal let me know

I am very sorry for this delay, I was out of my country (holidays).
I think I already replyed you by email.

I cannot sell the templates elsewhere because I am an exclusive seller on wrapbootstrap.
Maybe can help you a friend with a paypal account?

When you shrink the screen width to force the collapsed menu to appear, the menu highlights no longer work as you move the mouse over each sub-menu item?

This works fine when in full screen mode.
Tried 1.7 and the collapsed menu sub items still don't have a highlight in IE or Chrome.

This is easy to reproduce, just shrink screen width and open menu. Top level items indent on mouse hover (although they make item height jump), but sub menus have no indent or highlights when you pass mouse over them.

Oh, very sorry - I completely forgot about this issue.
Next week will be a new release and will be fixed.

Thank you.
Great template. Love it,
About to start a website using this theme.

Noticed that it is not possible to print the web pages! They come up blank!

Is there a fix / potential update for this?
Many thanks for your hard work. I look forward to using this template and seeing my new website using it!

Thank you very much for the kind words.

By default, all elements are hidden for printing to avoid printing header, footer, etc.

Add .printable class to the container you want to print.
You can see an working example: page-invoice.html

Just seen another comment about this

How do i implement another class to print, could you give a quick example please!

Thanks again.
That was a SUPER QUICK reply!
Thank you
Looking in to it now!!!

If you want to remove the printing rules, open assets/css/essentials.css and at the bottom - remove everything below:

/** --. Printable Div
I purchased and built this website: http://www.myriadwireless.com

I am very satisfied with the framework! Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for these kind words.
we are building a website with your template and we're very satisfied. We have only one issue with the footer that is perfect if the vertical resolution is 1080 or less, but the customer uses higher monitor resolution like 1920x1200 or 2560x1440 (that is not so uncommon in these days) and in this case the footer, when there is few content is floating in the middle of the screen.

See here

I try to apply this hack but with no success

Could you help us?

You need a javascript code for this (sticky footer if no or less content)
Add .sticky class to the #footer and use this javascript code:

This should work:

if(jQuery("#footer").hasClass('sticky')) {

var footerHeight = 0,
footerTop = 0,
_footer = jQuery("#footer.sticky");


function positionFooter() {
footerHeight = _footer.height();
footerTop = (jQuery(window).scrollTop()+jQuery(window).height()-footerHeight)+"px";

if((jQuery(document.body).height()+footerHeight) > jQuery(window).height()) {
position: "absolute"
top: footerTop
} else {
_footer.css({position: "static"});



Thank you for your quickly and kindly response, but unfortunately it doesn't work.
First of all the footer remain attached to the left, and if I resize the window it starts to "flash" and "fly" around the page...

Add your CSS:

#footer {
width:100% !important

This should fix the width problem.
Do you have a live URL? It's hard to debug from a picture.
it is better but I have still 2 issues:

1) I use a narrow footer like this
(only footer-bar and not footer-content); in this case it doesn't work

2) with your original footer if I load the page with the browser maximized (eg @1200px) it is ok; If I resize and then maximize again, the footer still float over...

Thanks again

Please could you tell if there is setting for style MEGA MENU?

I don't know if I understand what you mean but if you want to change way how the mega menu it looks,
you can find the CSS rules on assets/css/layout-responsive.css:

header#topNav nav.mega-menu ... {

Search for the "header#topNav nav.mega-menu" - you can customize how you want.
is it possible to have a top bar static on the top of the page and when you click on it, with a smartphone, it opens not over the page but by bringing down the page? I need absolutely this feature, if yes i can buy it.


Everything it's posibile on web development but unfortunately I don't know if I understand your request.

Can you please provide me an example?
Maybe to an existing website on the internet?

Because this is a custom request, you can write me to stepofweb[at]gmail.com
Oh, you don't have to pay for a feature - will be added to the update for everyone (if it's not an unique feature).
Hi stepofweb,
i have sent you an email to your email address a few minutes ago. Thanks.

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