Love the design. Is it possible if you could add "active" class design to the navigation depending on what page you are on?

First of all, thanks for your purchase, we really appreciate it. About your question, we are now working on an update (v1.1) of the Bemat Admin, that comes with a lot of new features, like ajax navigation that includes the active page indicator.
So, stay tuned for the coming updates.
cdrick65 PURCHASED
Just bought your admin theme (single licence to test).

Nice and clean job.

Will you add in a near future timeline(s), chat views, contact/project views ?

cdrick65 thanks for your purchase!

Yes! we are currently working on an update that includes a lot of new features and new app pages like mailbox, or full height apps, like chat view or invoices.

New pages will be coming in the next updates, so stay tuned!
Hey, when are you expecting to release v1.1?
Hi MartinW,

We are now working on updating the source files and the basic documentation included in the package. So it will be released next month (april), we think first or second week.

After that, we will put all our effort on a full documentation about Bemat's new features.

We are almost there ;)
Thanks for the response :-) I like the look of this template and will probably buy it very shortly!
Hey guys, if you unwrap, wrap and then unwrap menu it is then wrapped automatically. What's wrong? Tested on few machines, bug is also on your live preview version. I need quick fix ASAP!
Hi Ren! Thanks for purchasing Bemat Admin! You rock! ;)

About your question, this bug it's an issue with CSS animations and jquery detecting the animation end state, but has been reviewed and corrected in the new version that is about to be launched. So stay tuned for the next release.

Hi, anyway to change the root directory where all the files are being searched for?

For example, there are many places where you have:

name: "Checkbox",
component: "ComponentCheckbox",
js: ["vendor/iCheck/icheck.min.js"]

The issue is, if I have a sub-folder (or routing in MVC), the URL to access the page is:


Whereas the css and js files are access through www.example.com/js or www.example.com/css.
This becomes as an issue as when the website loads /Home/About it will try to include the files from within www.example,com/Home/About/css or www.example.com/Home/About/js rather than starting from the root directory (/js/ or ~/js).

I tried modifying some of the directories in the js files but quickly realized that there are many locations I would need to change. Surely there must be some variable where we can change the root directory?
Hi caesar305.

Did you purchased our product? Can you send us by private message your license id?

Anyway... as a first look to your issue, you can try by changing the "base" html tag on index.html to the url you use to access the page, in your example: <base href="/Home/About/">

Try it and let us know the results...
cdrick65 PURCHASED
Yes I had the same problem with the <base href="/dev">. Once removed, it was alright.

Do you plan to add timeline components ? I really need them :)

Thanks for the good work
cdrick65 PURCHASED
still having problem though.

When I use locally (without web server), once removed the base tag, I have the main page but the other pages doesn't load.

I have plenty of errors (*.css.map files not loaded, etc...).

Am I the only one ?
cdrick65, that's because BEMAT (v1.1.0) is now working as an Ajax application and, for reasons of speed and performance, all the scripts and stylesheets are asynchronously loaded, so, in order to correct view the application, you will need to grab the entire dist folder and upload it to your server (or localhost) then open index.html to view.

For more issues and guides, feel free to view the Official Support Center that we are working on.

Very sleek design and I couldn't be happier with the look and feel. However, I have a question. Is there a way for the aside #left-content to be minimized by default for mobile devices?
Thanks dindeed!

You could listen for the "systemload" event, and do some checks of the users viewport, then use the "bematadmin.App.sidebar.toggle();" function to toggle the sidebar visibility.

For more events and methods, check: http://bemat-admin.cerocreativo.cl/v1.1.0/#pages/bac-app-settings.html


Love the design but how do I reinitialize the ajax navigation on a sub page?
hola no encuentro como quitar las notificaciones rojas del favicon donde esta esa funcion ?
Can you write an easy setup guide for me, please?
thehegeo PURCHASED
I'm trying to using this template, but it seen to be hard to using in my project.
Can you create a seed project for Asp.net MVC ?
Hi, I used this template for my company's project.
I was told to solve the problem about the sidebar backdrop.
When I first scaled the window, the overlay would show up. I could click it and the menu would be collapsed.
Then I tried again. The overlay wouldn't show up.
Because the window was scaled and the sidebar toggle icon was covered,
I couldn't collapse the menu.

Is there any suggestion for me to solve the problem?
vahrameev PURCHASED
Template looks good online, but when downloaded - I cannot use it as it is.
In index.html tag <base> has to be removed, and file bemat-admin.css does not even exist in 'dist/css/themes/theme-default' folder. And this is just to see the start page.
Instead of running the code as it is - I spent all day fixing small bugs.

It's disappointing, and I already regret buying this template.

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