Hi, I'm trying to publish the MVC5 version project, but it fails:
Error 3 No se pudo copiar el archivo assets\css\beyond.rtl.css en obj\Release\Package\PackageTmp\assets\css\beyond.rtl.css. No se pudo encontrar el archivo 'assets\css\beyond.rtl.css'. 0 0 BeyondThemes.BeyondAdmin

Can you help me please ?

I recently bought your product.

Thanks in advance.
PayPal has been banned in Turkey. How else to buy.
Hi and Thanks for your interest in BeyondAdmin. The Payment system is completely related to the marketplace and sellers are not able to interfere in this process. Please send an email to the marketplace support and ask them about your situation.
thanks for you create product ,here is my question
Is there any plan to create Angular2 version of it ?
I'm trying to implements the full calendar, but not let me implements the event click or any other event, looks like the calendar is blocked or enabled to work with them.

I recently updated my project to JQuery 3.1.0 and the beyond.js file started throwing an error on the following line:

.load(function () {
setTimeout(function () {
}, 0);

I had to change it to this in order to get it working.

$(window).on('load', function () {
setTimeout(function () {
}, 0);

Apparently the "load" function has being dropped since 3.0. (https://jquery.com/upgrade-guide/3.0/#breaking-change-load-unload-and-error-removed).

I need an urgent help to enable the validation of client side control with ASP:Button control. I am using the ASP.NET web form version
I am running into an issue using the FuelUx Wizard plugin that is provided with BeyondAdmin, in the MVC5 version.

From the example provided on the "wizards" page of the example solution, I am using the wizard in a widget as my source code. I am trying to change the tabs for the user AFTER they click the "submit" button on each tab. Below is the JS code from my page. The .wizard('next') is not working for me. I have also tried to use the other event to reference a step name/number directly that also does not work. Can you please help me, ASAP?


var NewCmp = $("#hdnCmpAdd").val();
if (NewCmp != "" && NewCmp != "False") {
Notify('Thank You! Company created successfully. You can now create a Home.', 'bottom-right', '5000', 'blue', 'fa-check', true);

var NewHm = $("#hdnHmAdd").val();
if (NewHm != "" && NewHm != "False") {
//$('#simplewizardinwidget').wizard('selectedItem', { step: 3 });
Notify('Thank You! Home created successfully. You can now create a room for the home.', 'bottom-right', '5000', 'blue', 'fa-check', true);

Hello, how do i set the limit of a table to be 20 or 30 (the default is 10) (speaking of <table class="table table-bordered table-hover table-striped" id="searchable">

Hello, when using a simple table with search option, i have a table generated by SQL with "order by login desc"

however the table is being generated in a different order.

only if i remove "id=searchable" - from: <table class="table table-bordered table-hover table-striped" id="searchable">

it works the way i want it to, and order it the way i need it to be. but then i cannot search, and other stuff like paging is missing.

how can i use the search feature, but still have the table ordered by the way it does in SQL ?

alisamie PURCHASED
Hey guys Thanks for all the nice work.
I Cant say how much I appreciate this template.

1 thing bugs me though. Why don't you update the components you use?
You haven't made an update in a long time and since the initial release, you haven't updated any of the components and many of the components you used are really outdated.

Please, for sometime we don't need new features, just update the used components.
Hi Ali,
We'll have an update in near future for all components used in the BeyondAdmin.

Thanks for reminding us.
How to Set Green Theme to All Pages Globally and remove other color options.
naasking PURCHASED
You say you support asp.net web forms, but the markup you require for checkboxes (a nested span with "text" class) simply cannot be expressed using the standard CheckBox control. What's your solution for this case?
hi i am using web-forms version of your admin panel and in that version you have created a costume user control SideBarMenu. my problem is in web.sitemap if my menu item title is long like"Consumer management" it is not getting displayed properly same is happening if i shrink the menu and choose to have only icons visible,if the sub menu item names are long it hovers on each other
Is there any plan to provide a version for angular 2, if yes what is the target date?
Hi and Sorry for my late response.
There will be an update soon for BeyondAdmin and after that, we will update the Angular version to 2.0. But I can't give you an exact date.

Best Regards,
ert30969 PURCHASED
What is the roadmap towards Bootstrap v4
Hi and Thanks for using BeyondAdmin
We are working on it, for future releases.

Best Regards,
Hi, pls how can apply for refund of my money. I purchased multiple usage license but I can't use the theme. I wrote to the support for about 2 weeks no reply. Wrapboostrap.com should stop this product, It's a proud. Pls comment below if you support my point.
Hi and Sorry for our late response,
We have a problem receiving email notifications for user comments. Please send us an email with your problem described to beyondthemes in Gmail and we will examine your issue asap.

Best Regards,
Buenas tardes, habria una manera de ubicar el menu en la parte superior (top menu), desde ya gracias por su respuesta y nuevamente decirles que es un excelente tema, buen trabajo
So, my entire team has been working with this for months. We would really like some idea of when you are releasing a stable update, as most of the components in this are very dated now.
Hi, The new version will be released in November.
Best Regards,
great Job!, I purchased by now for testing it, and I see fails behaviors on css navbar other-pages in "general landing page" with MVC for edge browsers.
I tested on lumia devices with windows10 and MSEdge in notebooks from my domain project and from your landing page sample on wrapboostrap.com .

Any fix for this?

if is requidred for you my purchase lic , my email is [email protected] , I send it to you in response. Thanks on advance.
Hi and Thanks for using BeyondAdmin,
Would you please send us a screenshot of the issue by email?
Best Regards,
I dont see any mail from you, give me a email, please.
Hi, BeyondThemes at Gmail. Thanks.
Sent photos to your mail and have no response, you have received it.?

I tested other navbars from others market landing pages with Edge Browser and ones are good others doing this erratic behavior. Must be the conditional method for changing class on live? I will go on the investigation on it .

In My MVC cshtml landing page the code is :

<nav class="navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top" role="navigation" data-anchor-target="#slide-cover" data-0="@@class:navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top;"
data-0-bottom="@@class:navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top other-pages;">

Work OK with Firefox and Chrome , in case Edge Browser is like inverted the 'data-0' for 'data-0-bottom'
dneumanlv PURCHASED
I am using the ASP.net Web forms version, and I am trying to add a Radio Button List on a page. The names render, but the circles don't show. Does anyone know the trick to get the circles to display so the user can select an option?

I have other ones I want to connect to a SQL Database and automate the list. Though here is a simple one that doesn't rely on a sql database back-end. Here is the code I have for the radio button.

<div class="form-group">
<label for="rdoAssignment">Assignment</label>
<span class="input-icon icon-right">
<asp:RadioButtonList ID="rdoAssignment" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Vertical">
<asp:ListItem Text="Room" Value="R" />
<asp:ListItem Text="Patient" Value="P" />

Any help would be great appreciated.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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