Has anyone gotten the twitter feed to work with this template?

It's working in the live preview http://bizstrap.themeleaf.com/3.0/. Would you like us to send you the our configuration used in the preview?

Themeleaf Admin
for tweets are coming in get-tweets.php and not showing in the index.php

Your login page is not displaying anything: http://bizstrapadmin.themeleaf.com/admin/login.html

chrome browser and safari tested.
Also here!
IE tested too.
I had to comment out these two lines in the login.html for the page to load successfully.

<div id="load" style="position:fixed; top:0; left:0; right:0; bottom:0; background:#fff; z-index:999999;"><span></span></div>
<div id="load" style="position:fixed; top:0; left:0; right:0; bottom:0; background:#fff; z-index:999999;"><span></span></div>
i need to place icons in the text box. How to add the icons please give example. i cant able to see any examples in the documentation.
<input type="text" id='dateofbirth' class="form-control" name="dob" data-bv-notempty="true"
data-bv-notempty-message="The runner name is required and cannot be empty" />

for example here i need to place the calendar icon. how to add
i need admin theme to be updated with bootstrap 3 please help me its urgent bro
Your product pages explicitly states your template supports 3 different widths, wide, boxed, and boxed detached. I'm having trouble finding where this is documented in the purchased product.
The demo contains an element that allows the website to switch between wide and boxed. There is no mention of your bizstrap-Documentation.pdf nor explicit sample pages that show how to turn the template into boxed.

Your readme-first.pdf states the template supports twitter bootstrap version 2.3 and 3.0 in specific folders entitled:
with Admin-Bootstrap3 still being worked on.
The PDF was made on 11/5/2013. Its July 2014 yet there is only one admin folder included with the template purchase. Also NONE of these folders exist in the template. You appeared to have changed the naming of your folders and failed to update the documentation. There is a 3.0 folder that contains a version of the template, but no admin folder inside that one.

You DO provide a bizstrap-Documentation.pdf also created 11/5/2013 that I have not read. I have searched it for the words boxed and wide without any results.

Some input regarding these matters would be very helpful.
I did some digging and found this page ( http://themeleaf.com/support.html ) which details the steps to change the style. To quote that URL:
In bizStrap we've made this process quick and easy by having to make changes in only 1 file. To make theses changes simply open the "style-switcher.js" file located in the "js > sytle-switcher" folder; locate the comments "/* styler config */" (roughly on line 6); under the "default settings" change the color hex value to the color you wish to use as your default. Finally, find the line "enable_style_switcher = true;" and change value "true" to "false. Save the "style-switcher.js" file and publish the update file to your website. That's it!

Well that was painless.
sergio57 PURCHASED
I ordered a template but the menu is not compatible with IE 9
In particular, the submenus do not appear.
There is a solution to the problem
Hi i am facing an issue when i use this template in mobile device (iphone). I am using version 2. it shows menu in the index page but when i go to another page menu disappears! I am using _layout.chtml page as the master design file where i have the code for the menu(single) so it should work for any pages. Any idea what it could be?
abuasi94 PURCHASED
the slider doesnt work in google chrome ,but it works in firefox and internet explorer.

I just downloaded this a few days ago. Great template!! One issue. The contact form is showing an error [object Object]. I have input my email in the config.php file. Am I missing something? have used this type smtp contact form before with other templates with no issues. I don't see any place to enter my smtp id & password info for smtp delivery settings.

Please help. Thanks.
slaction PURCHASED
I'm getting this type of error when submitting the form.....

{"error":false,"message":"Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch with you very soon."}

What do I do to fix it?
slaction PURCHASED
I see in the code of the send-form-email.php that it's returning the send message as JSON, but why is it doing that? I don't need JSON, I just need the string of text.
slaction PURCHASED
Nevermind my post. The page was missing the JS validation file. Got it working now.
WIll I have access to future updates, if I buy this template today? For how long newer versions will be provided?
What support system is in place? Is the template published exclusively on WrapBS?
Thank you.

Yes, you can download future updates via your Wrapbootstrap login.

Bizstrap is a very mature theme - it's been in use by thousands of user for several years, and thus most issues have been worked out via previous updates. However, we'll continue to provide new updates to theme as they are required, particularly with the release of major new updates to Twitter Bootstrap.

Bizstrap is exclusively sold on Wrapbootstrap.


ThemeLeaf Admin
On the preview page, what is it that is "coming soon"?
The files aren't updated since year. That's what it says. What are you planning for the future release?
Thank you.
acharn01 PURCHASED

I bought the Bizstrap theme a month ago and everything is working fine!
I am using the boxed-attached layout. Can you please tell me how I can switch the background picture. And please send me the configuration for the Twitter feed to get it working.
Thanks a lot.
c0d3punk PURCHASED

Any idea to set up the blog section? any recomendations for blog engine?

the theme doesn't have any.. right?
qster123 PURCHASED
Hi there,

Lovely template but the 'delete' function doesn't seem to work in the file manager. How can elfinder be updated please?

I buy for your themes,but the themes can't display carousel figure.How can to resolve the question?
The slider doesnt work in google chrome

How can to resolve the question

great work!!

1. do you have any pagination samples?
2. do you have a preloading samples?
3. will you upgrade to jquery 2.x in the future?

thank you

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