is this a wp theme
Yes, this is a wp theme.
It's also provide html and css templates in case i don't want use wordpress ?
Bizwrap is available in html and wordpress both,choose one which is best for you.
Is this theme compatible with WordPress 4.0?
How long the support? 12 months?
Bizwrap theme supported 3.5+ (including 4.0) wp versions.
and we provide lifetime support
Hi design_mylife,

I was wondering if you could help me. I recently bought your theme "Bizwrap - Responsive WordPress Theme."

For some reason on the blog section it will not let me choose 1 Column + SideBar Option. It just remains as the 2 column option?

Also in the WYSIWYG it won't let me resize or position the images. The images just stay the same no matter how I try to change them. Do you know why this might be happening


Hi joeli89,
- To Select blog section layout Appearance ->Theme Options->Blog > Blog layout.
- To add images in content add media -> upload images/select image > select images setting(ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS On Right Side) -> click Insert into post.
- Used ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS to align images in editor.
Hey design_mylife,

Thanks for the help, I solved the blog issue.

But for the images, I still can't resize, centre or realign the images in the WYSIWYG?

Do you know why?
For example if I centre a image it shrinks it to 200px max-width ? I see the media query that limits the centred image to 200px but I'm on a desktop??


Hi design_mylife,

Do you know why this is happening? I know why there was a 200px max-width issue. But is there an overwrite in the code or something that stops it from being resized or centred properly in the WYSIWYG?

If you need more details you can email me at [email protected]


Hi design_mylife,

thanks a lot for your beautiful theme that I purchased 10 days ago. I have a problem, because I would like to enlarge some images in pages when they are clicked in a lightbox. I tried several plugins (WP lightbox 2, fancybox), even WP thickbox, but nothing works and the dropdown menus don't work anymore when one of the plugins is activated. I noticed when I use twenty-twelve theme instead of bizwrap, the lightbox works. I have gone so far already and it would be a pity if I had to change the theme now, but I need images to enlarge in a lightbox. Your help would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I found, Responsive Lightbox Plugin works.


Where do I find the HTML files?
Hi design_mylife,

another question. I know that compatibility with IE 8 was not promised, but I wonder if there is a way not to display everything as on a mobile screen, even when being on a normal desktop screen ... when I am looking in IE 8 on a 1360px wide screen, I see the mobile menu and the content going over the whole screen width, no boxes anymore. I think it is, as with html5shiv.js IE 8 is accepting the media queries, that the browser displays the "last known" instruction, e.q. "@media only screen and (max-width: 479px)". Is there a way to change this? Thanks a lot for your help or ideas.


I have installed your theme in a WordPress 4.0 site.

I am having trouble figuring out how to use the Slider feature.

I cannot figure out:

1) how to add the images that should appear in the slider
2) how to insert that slider into the page

In addition, in my homepage.php template file, there is the following line of code:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[bizwarp_flexslider]'); ?>

Should that be "bizwrap_flexslider"?
hi mate,

-To add slider Follow Steps .
1. Click add new
2. enter title & content .
3 . For add slide image click Set featured image(Right slide on screen).
4.Upload/select image.
5. Click Set featured image button.
6. Publish.
All above Task completed slider auto display on homepage.
<?php echo do_shortcode('[bizwarp_flexslider]'); ?> code used for display slider.

-Slider Shortcode for PHP file <?php echo do_shortcode('[bizwarp_flexslider]'); ?>
-Slider Shortcode for page content [bizwarp_flexslider]


I've been trying to replicate the homepage like you build it in the demo. For some reason I still cant figure out how you created the 'Our services' box with the black background. Secondly I get the blocks I've included (with short-codes) onto the homepage, returned as a full-width page... how is this possible.

Best regards
Hi and thank you so much for this theme!
I have a some questions about the Bizwrap theme.
1. On the main/home page how do i set the main slider?
2. When i create a page (any) there is no such option to Select page layout to No Sidebar
The options for example WP Default Sidebar, Main Sidebar ....., Footer etc, but no such option as No Sidebar. -> Because of this i think the page is not full width :(

Please e kind and help me with you answer!
Thank you

- Select page Template Homepage for main/home page.
- Click Slider->add new.
- Enter title , content and upload Featured Image .
- Click publish/update.

-Select WP Default Sidebar for Full width page.


WoW! this is what i am looking for. I really like your blog please keep it up. Thank you for sharing nice information.

I really appreciate your work.

with kind regards,


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we are glad to hear that,
thanks for interest in this theme,
I'm trying to create a child theme so I can make some modifications. There seems to be several style sheets. How do I link them correctly in the style.css sheet in the child folder? This is what I have below. But I notice the style sheet that I have linked below is empty.

@charset "UTF-8";
/* CSS Document */
Theme Name: Bizwrap Child
Theme URI: http://f26.9f2.myftpupload.com/bizwrap-child/
Description: My first child theme, based on bizwrap
Author: Stephanie Martin
Author URI:
Template: bizwrap
Version: 1.0.0
Text Domain: bizwrap-child

@import url ("../bizwrap/style.css);
I figured it out. I just can't seem to get the menu back on the page.
Back to my original question. How do you modifiy the css in the child folder. Do I have to make reference to all the css sheets? even in the bootstrap folder?
Hi Steph
-Create functions.php file in child theme folder Add code
function bizwrap_child_scripts() {
if ( ! is_admin() && ! in_array( $GLOBALS['pagenow'], array( 'wp-login.php', 'wp-register.php' ) ) ) {
$theme_info = wp_get_theme();
wp_enqueue_style( 'bizwrap-child-stylesheet', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css', array(), $theme_info->get( 'Version' ) );
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'bizwrap_child_scripts');
Do I even have to create a child theme? Can I just use the css in the Advanced Theme Control Panel?
Hi Steph
-Child theme used all(css,js,theme option panel,custom functions) parent theme functionality.
-Yes, you use the css in the Advanced Theme Control Panel.
-For override any css class add css on child theme style.css
*Not Required @import url ("../bizwrap/style.css); in child style.css
-Child Themes Doc- http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes
I don't like
I could not configure slider
I could not configure the site equal to the model

The documentation is very poor, with no detail.

I'm disappointed and dissatisfied

Would not recommend
- Select page Template Homepage for main/home page.
- To add slider Follow Steps .
- Click Slider->add new.
- Enter title & content .
- Add slide image click Set featured image(Right slide on screen).
- Upload/select image.
- Click Set featured image button.
- Publish.
I am trying to figure out a few things on the FlexSlider:

1. Can I remove the screen that goes over the images, and if so where?
2. What are the best dimensions for the slider
3. How do I set transitions from one slide to the next?

1. Remove 'slider-overlay' class background form library/css/styles.css
2. Dimensions for the slider 1920X420
3 .Update flexslider properties(library/js/app.js)
I want to use the Lato font (available in Google Fonts) for the site. Is it possible to do this without creating a child theme?
-Replace/Add Lato font in header.php
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato&subset=latin,latin-ext' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
-Change font-family library/css/styles.css
Yes but then if the theme gets updated that change will be overwritten won't it?

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