In your documentation http://themes.djavaui.com/blankon-fullpack-admin-theme/documentation/admin/laravel/live-preview-documentation.html is mentioned:
Latest Laravel Framework 5.0 (stable)

Current lates version of Laravel is 5.2.*

Can you confirm that this works fine with Laravel is 5.2.*?
this now Blankon not yet update to latest version of laravel. We do not know absolutely, may be there are several (few) code that must be changed.

Best regards,
On more question ... are there templates for:
1. Form inputs?
2. For file uploads?
Below demo live preview Blankon :
1. form inputs : http://tinyurl.com/ze777r5
2. file uploads : http://tinyurl.com/hggysqd

Best regards,

Thanks to your theme. Well packed one for development . I am using yii2 theme its is perfectly work on chrome and other browser but when it come to mozilla firefox no css and js working out ie its not perfectly working please help me out to this issue
Can you send me your screenshot inspect element browser to us via email [email protected]

Best regards,
Hi, i have a problem with handleBaseURL function in admin\js\apps.js
My url project is: http://webserver.local/test/basic/web/
I set in my web.php '@asset'=> "assets/"
The theme runs ok, but i have little error in my console (debug with Firebug) missing .mp3 files and typeahead-sample.json
So i find that handleBaseURL does:
var getUrl = window.location,
baseUrl = getUrl .protocol + "//" + getUrl.host + "/" + getUrl.pathname.split('/')[1];
and probably this works for url project where the web-server root is the same of the project root because you split only one element.
For now i solve in this way:
var loc = window.location;
var pathName = loc.pathname.substring(0, loc.pathname.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
return loc.href.substring(0, loc.href.length - ((loc.pathname + loc.search + loc.hash).length - pathName.length));
I think that it can be the solution for other users in my conditions.
Thanks for your advice, I will check it.

Best regards,
I'm using the landing page for apps: "frontend/one-page/app-showcase".

When I remove a link on the top-right menu, it leaves a ugly gap. I can't make the menu list only have 3 items.

Also, I don't know how to add a form with a textbox and submit button that uses your theme's CSS fiels etc so it looks good.

I can send you some screenshots if you give an address.
Note: I am only using the frontend and not backend so I am only using assets/global/ and assets/frontend.

Maybe the textbox stuff is in the backend files.
Thanks for the update! The new DataTables example looks great. Does the functionality require a DataTables Editor license for production use?
Yes you are right

Best regards,
First of all, thanks for the great template. I have two questions.

1. The last update only included changes for the HTML version. Will there be an update for the angular version as well?

2. I have a problem with modals of the angular version in chrome. The problem can be reproduced here:

Will there be any fix for this?

Thanks for your help.
Thanks for you,

1. On the next version I will updated another HTML version such as AngularJS, YII, etc. Now I still concentrate for many design on HTML version, please be patient.

2. This bug just add to my list bug system, this is bug modal just error on container body element.

Best regards
3llipsis PURCHASED
Just tried the live preview. It's really near perfection. Datatables are awesome and offering ajax and php accelerate the dev of a full working version BUT what's up with the calendar ? Those odd dots instead of draggable lines. I was planning to use your theme for an hotel allotment system so you can modify bookings on the go. It kills me to find the perfect theme and then be puzzled by the calendar feature.
I still consider about this, because there are many complicated code on there.

Best regards,
Am i missing something. people talk about documentaion. Where is it. My downloaded zip has following files. assets and production folder , files changelog ,index,readme.

But there is no documentation how to use it with YII2.

After reading comment section this theme support only yii2 basic. Fine.

Just let me know where to copy your files. Waiting
Thanks for your attention, I just updated to version 1.1.4 there 3 frontend themes on there and documentation files not missing.

Best regards,

Could you please let me know when are you guys planning to release next version with Notification module in Admin

Thanks for your help.
I will add on version 1.1.5

Best regards,
Wow, thanks a lot. When is this new version 1.1.5 rolling out ??
Any idea on approximate date please.
Maybe 2 weeks for development v1.1.5
This is notifications feature on Blankon and this release on v1.1.5
http://tinyurl.com/j2tnfn6 (development live preview)

Happy coding :D
Cool, It looks fantastic.
I'm a student at the Faculty of Computer Science, Fourth Year
Wanted me a graduation project
Site for academic guidance
I'm asking you let
Is that the design is acceptable for the project
Is it just only design
Or full site design and develop
This is just design with category admin site.

Best regards,

In codeigniter versioin,
How to include php view file instead of html file in the $body?

I tried several ways like below, but not work.
// Set content page
$view_html = $this->load->view('auth/index', $this->data);
$this->smartyci->assign('body', $view_data);


change {Include file = $body} into {Include_php file = $body} in the layout.html file.

More detail documentation seems to be required for beginner developer like me.

have any update if the theme can be apply for yii 1.1, or the theme no will launch for this version of yii?
I took this template because of the laravel theme. However I am finding multiple issues after installing. Pls suggest asap
1) No icons are getting loaded. In place of any icons I am seeing only small rectangular box. seems the path to load those images are getting conflicted
2) no sounds are loaded.
3) Dont see a lot of options in the menu which are available in the demo
a) demo has got 8 different types of dashboards like ecommerce etc...none are there in the laravel
b) Project menu,UI Features is missing

Please suggest asap
Any other method to pay!
PayPal isn't working for me
Just paypal for international payment, on our country can pay with bank transfer.

Best regards,
Hi, as I'm newbie, would appreciate if you can answer the following -

Does it work
1. without jQuery
2. without CSS pre-processors
3. without front/back end bundling/packaging
4. without backend compilation
Only no.2 can be excluded, other must follow on bundle Blankon.

Best regards,
It is not working properly with Laravel!
I had to make many changes to it to make it somehow work, but still not working properly.
I contacted the support more than a week ago, but no reply!
Hi, once again. Is it a SPA template?
Can you tell me about SPA?
Hi, can you confirm that the signin function for the angular version works correctly?
I have the problem that I get a 404 with the url /account.html/#/sign-in
Ok, I could solve it and I can confirm that it works with the angular version.
Sorry for late responds, thanks for your confirm.
Hello, could you deliver a less file for the material-design template?
Could you also provide all the missing pages?
Great job
I will add on the next version about less custom for material design version

Best regards,

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Need a front-end template?

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation