Hi Srinu,

I've recently bought this template and have been trying to apply it. I'm a having trouble getting a dynamic data table to render correctly. I've noticed that the styling for tables is based on the dataTables framework http://datatables.net/ but appears to have been customised to the point that the documentation on the datatables website no longer applies. For instance the "jquery.dataTables.css" appears to not be included and the data table styling handled by customised css in "new.css"

My question is, would it be feasible for me to re-introduce "jquery.dataTables.css" and remove (or at least ignore) the customised css in new.css. This would make it easier for me to identify and fix issues because I would be able to refer to the datatables online documentation.

Hi Srinu,

I am having the same issues as the above member with the datatables. I can't get it to work anywhere else, and cannot apply the datatables styles as per datatables website.

Hello GreenGeckoZA ,

I have included the styles in new.css file, Please change the styles in that file.
Please mail me if you have any questions.

Color to choose from What color ?
Sorry for poor English .
Hi Srinu,

I buyed blue moon version 1.0.3. I didn't find the respond.min.js file in the package. Could you please add the file in the package or send me a link to download the right version?
Hello Acordeddu,

Please use this link - https://oss.maxcdn.com/respond/1.4.2/respond.min.js
hi, i interesting in buy you template, but i want to know if the template is easy implement in a .net master page.


Thanks for your interest.

This template is built by using Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3 and Sass. Its easy to customize.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Srinu,

I just purchased this theme v 1.0.6, but I keep getting an error about a missing 'main.scss' file when I load it in my framework? This may be user error on my part as far as placing components in the correct directories, but I cannot find a file called main.scss anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? The main.css file seems only to raise this error...

Hello Embee,

you will find main.scss file in CSS folder.

Hello, is there any manual about how to write scripts for charts and graphs?
There are many parameters like: bars, tooltipOpts etc., which are not quite clear how to set up.
Hello, I sent you an email, Please let me know if you need any help.

How can I style the paging for a dynamically (json) loaded table?
Hello gcain,

You can change CSS here - #dt_example .dataTables_paginate .paginate_button, #dt_example .dataTables_paginate .paginate_active

hello srinu,
first of all apologize for the English I'm using a translator.
I am developing a web application using the DevExpress controls and property CssClass = "form-control" to take the native style template. But if there is a postback it loses style until I return to reload the page.
I'm using a master page and there I refer to the style sheets.
Is there any way that this does not happen?
Hello srinu,
we are interested in buying your theme if you have a color control in the dashboard that a user can click to change the colors of the theme main component like the header, the menu, etc. I think if you have this then your theme will be great!
Hello Jacob,

Thank you so much. We will try to work on it.

Hi Srinu,
We just bought the theme a moment ago, is there a css file that we can edit to just change the color of the header, menu, and other main structure of the theme.
Hello Jacob,

Thank you so much.

There is CSS and SCSS file included in CSS folder. You can change the color of header, menu, and other main structure of the theme.

Please let me know if you need any help.

Hi Srinu,

I've recently bought this template and have been trying to apply it. I'm a having trouble getting a dynamic data table to render correctly.
The CSS code in the new.css, often automatically change, garbled, leads to some of my functions disappear, let me very distressed, is what reason? How to make repair CSS can be used normally?

Hello John,

Sorry for that. I will try to fix it. Do you have demo url? Its easy for me to fix the #issue you are getting.

Please mail me the details.

I wanna a right to left blue moon admin template for my work.Is it possible to convert this template as a right to left against main blue moon admin template?
I appreciate for your answer.
Hell Samanch,

I am working on it. I will update it soon.

I purchased version blue-moonV1.0.2 awhile ago and really like the upgrades, can I get the upgraded template?

You can download the upgraded one. If you are not able to download please send me an email with Licence ID. I'll email you the updated files.

Hi srinu!

On width 775px navigation menu just disappears. If there are more items, it disappears even on wider sizes. Can you fix this? Or is it not a bug?
I just got Blue moon, is there a read.me file? How do i cage colors and staff ?

Thank you,
Hello Levi,

You can change the colors in SASS/CSS file.

Thank you,
Hi srinu,
Do you have any documentation to tell us, this Blue Moon admin template?
Any new release coming in near future?
Hi, I am using bluemoon2 template, but I don't see any example about two or three drop down menu, could you tell me how to do that?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Jimmyhndrx,

Dropdown menu links-
Button Dropdown - http://iamsrinu.com/bluemoon2.1/buttons.html
Select - http://iamsrinu.com/bluemoon2.1/form-inputs.html


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