hi, i was wondering...
is there a lot of changes i need to make to create a new theme color not included ??, i'm trying to use this color "84b9a5" or "2ead9a".
what files and sections do i need no modify to create a new theme.
thanks by the way, a really complete theme.

You need to user the themes.less and create your own theme in this file. Replace the @baseBg value with the color you want to use, compile it and you should be ready to use it.

If you meet any problem with this modifications please email me at [email protected]

Thank you!
Hi, I'm trying to make my website "boxed" - but when I apply the "boxed" class next the "wrapper" class, as noted in the provided documentation, nothing happens. Also, I noticed that the class "lw" gets applied through jQuery - please help!!!

You have some of this in the documentation too.
To make this change apply on the wrapper div the "boxed" class and you should be ready to go.

Make sure you have removed the jquery.wp.switcher.js from your website before you test this on your browser. If you meet any other difficuties email me at [email protected] and I will come bake with another solution for you.

Thank you!
Hi there,
May I know what files will I get if I purchase it? Is it html with its css?

You will receive all the html, css, js files, including the plugins we used in creating this template.

If you have any other questions, email me.

Have a great day!
just want to know how to modify it to support ie8.

The new update will come with IE8 support. It will be released very soon.

Thank you for your patience :)
I would like an answer to the same question as mfrancisco76 above, namely how to make the template boxed. The docs (which I find inadequate) says to apply "wrapper boxed" to the class, but it doesn't do anything. It also says: "You can now set new backgrounds to your website. For that, check the Creating and changing backgrounds section. ". I don't know where this section is meant to be, I for one can't find it anywhere. Setting the background should be easy enough though, I just don't see the point in referring to a non-existing section.

I sent the seller the same questions weeks ago (before there was a comment section), and never received a reply. It doesn't seem like he bothers to reply to comments here either. With almost 1.500 purchases, my hope is that someone has figured out how to "box" the template and would like to share it with us.

I'm sorry for the all the trouble you had with the customization of this template.
Firstly, I want to assure you we answer every email we received from our buyers.

Try to follow the instructions I gave to mfrancisco76. If you still meet the same problem email me on our support email: [email protected]
Hi guys

First of all I want to thank you for the great design, you did a really good job!

Ok, here is my problem:
When I look at the portfolio-gallery-boxes with an iphone and make the hover, then the colored .figcaption-layer is is just coming fine, but the .figcaption-btn for going into the detail, is not coming from the top... On PC/Mac it works with every browser. But not with an iphone... I don't know, if it would work with an android, I have to check that. Probably it's a mobile-problem.

Can you give me a hint, please? You can check it with your demo-page, it won't work there too.

All the rest is just fine.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we found out from our clients too that there are some problems on iPhone when it comes to hover effects. We already work on this matter and we hope we will come with a solution with the next update. For now I couldn't five you any hint, but as soon as we solve this small bug I will come back with a new comment.

Thank you!

Have a great day,
Webpixels team
Hey Guys,

I see there's an issue with the parallax sections on Boomerang specifically on iPhone. I have iPhone 4 running iOS7.

Are you familiar with the issue?
Can you provide a way to fix it?

Great work btw.


Thank you for your telling us. We will run some tests to see what's all about. As soon as we'll find a solution we will upload the new updated version. Please, send us an email at [email protected], so we can announce you as soon as we fix this bug.

Hope this was helpful.

Have a great day,
Webpixels Team
Is there any news on this matter? I have posted more or less the same question, but I haven't received a response to that.
rsawaqed PURCHASED
hi, i am currently using word-press. i am beginner of this type of website (bootstrap) i purchase this template, but any one cam tel me how i will access the dashboard like word-press so i can easily customize the template ?

This version of Boomerang is a standard HTML/CSS template. It can not be used as a WordPress theme. We are already working on this. Hopefully we will release the Wordpress version of Boomerang next month.

Have a great day,
Webpixels Team.

What is the status on the Wordpress version of this template?

We are about to purchase this template, but want to use it in a Wordpress environment.

Hi there,

I bought the older version of Boomerang a while ago but edited a lot in it, so cant update easily. Can you tell me as soon as IE8.0 is supported in short view what i need to change (by hand) to make it view good in IE 8.0 and IE 9.0?

Grtz Tom

Please send us an email at [email protected] with this message so we can provide you the solution as soon as we fix it.

Thank you!

I was wondering if (and how easily) this template could be mounted ontop of an existing Rails 4.0.4 appliaction?

I already have an ecommerce site built (using the ror_ecommerce engine) and I was planning on adding blogit to work with the blog feature in your template
Hi dpod916
I'm not from webpixels, but I did what you like to do. Not with an existing, but with a new 4.0.4 RoR-App. You should take the less-rails-bootstrap gem as base. I also converted the html-files to haml and then you have a bit to try and error which files to move to the assets, but now everything works fine. Excpect the iphone-hover-bug I wrote in message above.
Thank you drakard for your comment. Soon, the hover bug will be fixed.

Have a great day,
Webpixels Team.

I keep getting a less compiling errors about undefined variables

for example:

variable @baseBg is undefined

any ideas how to fix this?

This compile error is, because the compiler cannot find the needed files.
I wrote you a quick how-to

take less-rails-bootstrap gem from metaskills

Get the full Bootstrap stylesheet with a single line in your application.css:
*= require twitter/bootstrap

Putt following less-files from Boomerang into assets-stylesheets-directory (I take the real assets-directories, not the vendor-ones, because I did a lot of customizations):
- buttons.less
- global-style.less
- mixitup.css (I renamed to mixitup.less)
- shortcodes.css
- themes.less
- timline.less (because I used the timline, probably you won't use that)

then y application.css looked like that:
*= require font-awesome
*= require animate
*= require timeline
*= require mixitup
*= require global-style
*= require twitter/bootstrap

copy needet images and javascript to the assets too

don't forget to change the paths in the less-files, for example in theme.ess it looked before:
and after I integrated it:
(I have for the background-directory in asests/images)

Oh, another thing: in original themes.less-file, webpixels generates all the themes on line 160:

.buildThemes(@index) when (@index < @numberOfThemes + 1) {
[email protected]{index} {
@import "buttons.less";

I had problems in IE 8 because of that, the generated-css-file is to big. I think, you want just one theme, so change this to:

.wp-theme-1 {
@import "buttons.less";

I choose 1, because I want the red-theme. you can take whatever you want - .wp-theme-3 for blue, .wp-theme-4 for green ....

then you add this class in your layout to the body-tag:

It's a bit of work, I know...
that did it! you're a life saver!
Okay, last time I bother you! I have everything else figured out and functioning properly except for the images in the imageslider.

When I try to implement the classic rails way:

image_tag 'prv/human-img-1.png'

nothing shows up (I tried tons of variations as well.

But when I use:

img src="http://preview.webpixels.ro/boomerang/images/prv/human-img-1.png"

with normal HTML format, the images show up fine. How do I go about (internally) referencing the image correctly so they show up in the slider?

Thanks again for all of your help!
I do not use the layerslider, I just use a random picture loader. I had some performance-issues in the browser. But to come back to your question:
I think it should work, if you make an image folder f.e. "slider" in the images-assets with all the images inside, and then you change all the src-tags like that:
:src => "#{image_path('slider/fw-1.jpg')}"}
the image_path-helper should then create the url to the assets. have you tried that?
Awesome, thanks for the help!
Hey any idea when the next update would be released.
Working hard to release it at the end of this month :)

Good work on the template. I've looked at quite a few, including a number of bootstrap options available for free to me as part of a subscription. In the end, I chose yours as the best looking and most flexible.

I do need some help, however, with a problem on the menu. When I change to a cell phone size, the navigation toggle button appears correctly. When I click on the link, the top level of menu also appears correctly. The menu expands and the layerslider element moves downward to allow space.

At the next level, however, the menu expands under the layerslider element. The second level menu items are stuck behind the layerslider. It becomes difficult for users to access the full list of menu items on a cell display.

Your can replicate this problem on your live preview here on the wrapbootstrap.com site.
1) Open the live preview
2) Resize your browser so that it approximates a cell phone's display of 480 x 800 pixels.
3) Click on the navigation toggle button at the top right (the regular one, not the one that flies out from the side. The main navigation will expand, pushing down the layerslider element.
4) Hover over the "Pages" link. It will expand downward, but the layerslider does not move down. As a result, the full list of Pages links disappears under the slider and becomes difficult to navigate.

Is there a way to get the slider to move down with the second level expansion, so that the full menu is always shown and not blocked by the slider?



Thanks for making this great template! I do have an issue regarding browsing on iOS devices. The section with the quote "Always look on the bright side of life, ta dum, ta dum" remains white. That means the parallex background image doesn't show and the quote doesn't show, although the latter is probably because the background is white and the font is white too.

Let me know if you can replicate this issue and more importantly; whether you (or I) can fix it.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.
evanchen PURCHASED
this page can not work in Chrom partially , you can see some layout pro in right side , plz tell me how to fix this problem .

2) when can we get the newest update to fix error in IE .

Hi, i purshased your theme, my order code is WB0M6R7K1 but i can't attach it to my account order history.

Please, can tell me, how can I enable boxed layout?


do you have wordpress version for this one?

Just got the template, how do I remove the up arrow from the bottom right hand corner of the page?

Can you please explain in detail how i can change the Color, and how to compile it ?

Since we use Sass we don't really need to manually add some new style files. You can do it on your own very easily by replacing a single variable. So let's get started:

1. Download and install the app from this link - http://scout-app.io/ or http://koala-app.com/
2. Open the _custom.scss file located in assets/sass/variables
3. You'll see there are many variables that are commented. Those are the most used ones that take care of the website's look.Look for the variables: $color-base-1, uncomment it and replace its value with any color you want: HEX or RGB
4. Remove any other variables from this page if you don't want to edit them.
5. Open the installed app, import your project, look for boomerang.scss and compile it
8. That's it!

We will update in the following the documentation too. But until then, I hope this will be helpful.

Best regards,
Webpixels Team

On an iPad the slice section with 'Always look on the bright side of life, ta dum, ta dum' doesn't show - just shows white.

(same point as made by jimvangulik above)



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