didkap84 PURCHASED
Hi is something may to install me theme i will give you 20$
avisek93 PURCHASED
Hi I liked your template just want to know is there any color picker if I wanna change the main theme color?
Or any .less file provided if I wanna do the same?
avisek93 PURCHASED
And another thing is will I be getting future updates for free?
May I buy single domain license
for both my developing domain and production domain?
e.g dev.funtech.tw & www.funtech.tw

Sorry fo late replay*

If all subdomains are one product, I think single license will be fine.

Thanks :)
If i create a single end-product for use, by me and i have 3 clients that use my web page (The same website, only one website, installing one domain) to promote their products for other users.

I need to buy an multiple license for my 3 clients or i can use a single license.

I think you need Multiple License for multiple domain.
For details info check here --> http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses


Thanks & Regards
Tanim Ahmed
how to enable plugins to jquery validate or lightbox?

I have replied to your email with a validation example file (login-validation.html).
I hope this will help you.

Thanks :)
dpgarcia PURCHASED
Hi Flag, I've alredy bought your theme with a single application license.

I wanted to know more about the scope of the license.
I'll use this template (html, css, jscript) as base of my web site. I´ll build the site using ASP.NET and I'll customize the template, set my own logo, colors and so on. Basically I´ll will reuse you template but customizing that.
This will be a comercial portal published over several domains like www.aaa.com, www.aaa.com.ar, www.aaa.net. It´ll have membership funcionality and adds.

My question is about the boundaries of the licence. Does It's like hiring a graphical designer? After buying, the htmls, jscripts, css, images, and design It self, are mine..?
Why you mention "instances" when your product is an opensource template? How will you licence or limit these intances?

Finally, what I can´t do?

I hope you help me on clarifing that.
Thanks in advance.

I boot this classified theme yesterday and i have written 3 times to the support to get some information and assistance and up to now more than 48 hours no reply. What kind of support do you run? your after sales customer service is pathetic. I really regret why i bought a theme from you.
Sorry for delay. Usually I try to reply within 24hr. Due to weekend our support was closed for 2 days.

I have received your email on Date: Jul 3, 2016 8:32 PM. May be this is yours -
"Hi, I just purchased the Wrap Bootstrap Classified Theme Order#: ##,Item#: WB0TF1117 but i am confused how do i access the database? Does it come with a database? or can you provide one at what price?"

This is a static template. May be you didn't check our template documentation. This we have a support website and FAQ for general information. www.templatecycle.com/support

Check this link to know more about static and dynamic things http://templatecycle.com/support/kb/faq.php?id=9. Hope this will help you.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or help. i will be happy to assist you.

Tanim Ahmed
dpgarcia PURCHASED
Hi good morning, I can´t find scripts for Jobs List filters functionality into template.
Where I can find that?


I'm not clear your questions. Did you mean JavaScript ?
All filter is demo they are not functional. Could you please elaborate more of it. [email protected]

hi seller i want to buy this template so i need to know how t install what about admin and what about data base after make purchase can u install in my hosting server

Static website doesn't require any database or back-end cms.
We do not provide any backend admin or cms. We only provide all static files (HTML, JS, CSS).

If you want to build a web application there are 2 basic part -

Step 1 - Website design + static html version.
Step 2 - Converts static version to Dynamic Platform.

Our template is step 1. For step 2 you need to hire some professional php/asp back-end developer.They will make it dynamic and functional or make a wordpress version as per your requirement.

Thanks for your interest:)

Let me know if you have further questions
Can u recommend any video player for ads?

videojs is popular HTML5 video player and this is also customizable.
You can try.

Thanks for Asking !
You may want to check if this guy:
properly bought the reseller license.
Hello Zoltan,

NO. They don't have re-seller/Extended license. They use my theme illegally.
They will get DMCA takedown notice soon.

Thanks for your valuable comments !

Is this theme has an admin panel ?

No. This is a static HTML template.

Static website doesn't require any database or back-end cms.
We do not provide any backend admin or cms. We only provide all static files (HTML, JS, CSS).

For details please check this link http://templatecycle.com/support/kb/faq.php?id=9

Thank you :)
Would you update this once Bootstrap v4 is released? If I buy now, will I have to pay for the update or is it free of cost?

Yes we will update once bootstrap v4 released.
When you buy a template, you will get all future updates for free.

Thanks for asking.
Hi, Your theme is awesome! I have a question: If my site gets as big as Craigslist will it still be legal to use this theme?

:) Thanks,
Sorry for delay !

I think its fine. :)
Sub domain is also fine with single license, but for multiple domain (.com, .ca, .us etc) you will need a multiple license.

Happy Classified :) Let me know for any further questions.

Do I get both the 'classified ADS' and 'classified Jobs' for single license for $20? Or do I have to buy them separately?

You need to buy one template "Bootclassified - Classified Theme".
classified ADS' and 'classified Jobs are two variations of this template.

Thank You. :)
Thank you very much.
Hi! Are there others colour layout combination? How is possible change colour? Thanks.

We don't have other colours version.
You need to change CSS color code.

Also you can send us a change request here -

Thanks for your interest :)


If i added google ad sense on some pages. Is this ad sense also responsive for mobile or tab devices?

Our HTML template is fully responsive. If your provided ads is responsible then it will automatically adapt with our template.

You can manage your google ad sense size using AdSense units.
Now everything is responsive. See Google's AdSense documentation:


Thanks & Regards
Tanim Ahmed
Hi there,

I love your theme. I am on wordpress platform. I am thinking of upgrading my website with your theme but I need to ask some questions.

1. Is it easy to customize?
2. Can I add related ads to ad page?
3. Can I unstick the heading and bring our the hidden menus.
4. Do you offer paid customization?
5. How do I mange the administration panel?

I want to buy this template. Can you tell me: Have live site use Bootclassifie template?. I want to consult it. Thank you.

if you have any questions, send me an email [email protected]
I will try to replay as soon as possible.


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