This is a nice theme, but needs additional QA.

I spent my first 30 minutes with this theme diagnosing and fixing why the google fonts were broken (the urls were missing "http:" in style.css). There are also places where the code indentation is strange. And the documentation is very sparse, but that was expected on such a new theme.

I hope the developer keeps working on it!

Of course, I'll keep on working on it. If you don't use local server, directory path causes fonts to crush at style.css file. That's correct.
I didn't minified html files to let you see html codes, indentation and etc... Not sure which parts you are talking about though. Can you please tell me which page/part is strange so i can check it out?

Thanks for the feedback.
Regards, Eon.
I was looking at revslider-index32.css. It's not so bad, just a little hard to read.

Thanks for the fast response!
this is my first time using this website and i am new to web development. just wondering by purchasing this boss package with $16 i will have access to all 35+ homepages listed down below and am able to use them too? like, i wanna create my own blog about my travel experiences etc and some websites to do business with. and the single application meaning that i can only use each homepage once?
does it mean that i can create 35 websites using all these 35 templates?

i am sorry if my questions are kind of odd, english isnt my first language.
thank you.
Hi Ryan,

Yes, you will all of the page you see the preview. 35 homepages total 210+ pages.. Unfortunately, you can't use this template more than 1 website if you purchase single application license. You have to purchase 1 single application license per website. But, If you want to use Boss in multiple websites, you can purchase multiple applications license and use it like you want.

Hope this helps. You can read more about the licenses here. http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses

Regards, Eon.
thank you for the fast response. just to clarify one last thing, so by purchasing the multiple application $60 i will be able to create as many websites as i want using the templates?
will there be anything of "Copyright © Your Website 2014" or "Design by You" on the templates that indicates you/your company?
If there is, can i modify these info to myself? like "Copyright © RyanBlog 2014" or "Designed by RyanSu"?

will there be any information about the creator of the template on the webpages?
Sorry for the weird questions once again.
Yes, you can use it on multiple websites. And yes, you can modify every section as you want, even the copyright text.

That is not necessary too. You don't have to mention about the creator. :)
Thanks for the purchase. Hope you will like it.

Regards, Eon.

Does this theme work with angular JS?
We're using Angular JS as our front-end framework.
Hi rockccf,

This is just html version. You have to write code to make it work with Angularjs.

Regards, Eon.
Hi Sir , Is Template include PSD files ?
Hi vinhnx,

Sorry, just small psd files like logo, map pin etc...

Regards, Eon.

Those are nice themes, but I noticed that most of the horizontal menus above the dropdown does not stay open or stick... it only shows for a second then hides on iPads and iPhones when I tested.
I was going to buy it but then I noticed this bug, so wonder if anybody have any this issue.


Hi aldomania,

For iPhone, there is mobile menu. And I don't have any problem with that on iPhone. Not sure with the iPad though. I will test it again and fix it within the next update if there is a bug. Thanks for the feedback.

Regards, Eon.

Sorry iPhone is fine like you said is using the mobile menu, it only happens on the iPad.

Already fixed that iPad problem too. Hopefully, will update Boss in a couple hours. Thanks for letting me know Aldo. I really appreciate it.


There's a small bug with navbar bordered buttons:
<button class="btn btn-custom btn-border navbar-btn">Text</button>
In style.css there is .btn.btn-border which sets padding (8px 15px) and which is more important than .navbar-btn which sets padding (top and bottom) to 0. Buttons look good when padding is 0, but this is overwritten by mentioned .btn.btn-border.


I'll check it out. Thank you.

Regards, Eon.
Where do I edit the target for contact form submit? I know its probably really easy but I cant figure it out for the life of me. I need the contact form to email me when the submit button is selected.
Contact form is not working, just Html. But I will implement working contact form and newsletter form with the next update(in a week).

Hey man just checking back. I need to get this contact form working for a client has there been an update or is there some code I can toss in there to get the functionality. Thanks.
Sorry for the delay, I will add contact form tomorrow.

Regards, Eon.
No problem. Were you able to make the update? How do I implement that changes?
I have to make sure that everything is fine so couldn't update yet. But if you contact me via email ([email protected]), I can send you necessary files and help you to implement changes.

Thanks for your patience.

Are you planning to create an profile page ?

Great work !

I didn't have any plan for it. But I am always open to suggestions for new features. If there are requests, I will consider adding it within the future updates.

Thank you :)

where can I set up the owl-carousel?
I don't need 4 items but 3 or 1.

Thanks for your help!

Please get in touch me via purchased account. Thanks.

Hey, I tried to by this but paypal says there is an error with the checkout process... its not my account because I just checked and logged into paypal and bought an item from EBAY and it went fine, just seems to be this site?
Hi zagarskas,

Maybe there was a bug or something. But looks like you purchased it, right? I can't help about checkout process. If there is an issue, you should contact support of Wrapbootstrap.

Hi, great theme I am enjoying working with it so thanks for that!

A question though,

What is the easiest way to change slider sizes? I developed my site using a full screen slider but have decided a 3/4 one would be preferable.

Hi Dave,

Thank you. You can wrap slider container with a new element e.g div class ="container"(1200px width), so it can adapt to the parent's width. Bottom of the HTML pages, there is slider related js code, options like 'fullscreen', 'fullwidth', 'startwidth', 'startheight'. If the fullwidth option is on, slider adapts parent element's width. And you can easily change parent's width with some CSS.

Hope this helps. Otherwise, you can contact me via email and I can help you better. Thanks.

Regards, Eon.
Thanks, Eon that's all I needed. For some reason I didn't think to look at the bottom of the index.

I can redirect without the .html extension?
I can install WooCommerce?
Thank you
Hi sankana,

This is just HTML template, not a Wordpress theme so you can't install Woocommerce.

if we purchase this front end theme. will it include admin theme as well? thanks

Sorry, there is no admin template, just front-end.

Could I ask you for the menu items. How to remove the arrow by every item in the menu?

I am really enjoying working with this template, thank You.

Hi Sara,

You could use replace feature of your text editor. I use sublime text and ctrl + h opens this feature. Just search for <span class="angle"></span> (span elements with angle class) and replace with empty string.

Or you can use jquery but I must say, this is not a good solution. Just add the code below in your main.js file.

Hope this helps. Regards.
LESS is very immportant, i wanted to buy it but there is no LESS
I prefer Sass nowadays, but there is no Less or Sass in this template.

SASS in the template would be helpful.
It would be and I will consider adding Sass.

Hi Boss! Amazing template. I wanna say thank you for just an amazing work in this template.
I've read some comments and I admire your patience. The template is more than complete (with stuff that are not necessary and Boss didn't should provide - as .ps, email guides config, etc-).

To the people that are buying the template: Please study and research more before ask some questions! A template is not a easy thing. It takes a lot of work to make a it, so I advice to be more grateful with the provider.

Thanks again to Boss,
I used the template and it works perfect.
All my best regards,
Hi Nico,

Thanks :) It is not a problem for me, happy to help as much as I can.

acoleman PURCHASED
I am having a hard time getting the google map to show up. I have the map code at the bottom and I have changed the coordinates of both the pin and the map but all I get is a blank space. Any help?
e2themes PURCHASED
It is hard to guess without taking a look at the code. Do you have any js errors? I'd like to see your website if it is possible. If it is not, you can send me the related code for me to fix it. (HTML page + js code...). All I can recommend right now is, just make sure that you don't have any js errors and include google map javascript API script tag.

+1 :)
acoleman PURCHASED
thank you for the quick response and the hint to look at javascript errors - looks like I had a return in the pin text code that the js didn't like.
Hi! I love Boss Template!

The only problem I've found so far is that I can't get Maps to work. I added the script at the end of the page, after loading all the other scripts. But I get this error:

"Uncaught ReferenceError: google is not defined"
Hi, Thank you.

That's because you deleted Google Javascript API script tag. You need to include Google map script tag to use Google map API. Like this:
<script src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script>

And please make sure that there are no js errors on console.

You're absolutely right. Thanks for your quick answer!

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