You can install the wordpress platform?
It won't work.
hi is this templete will be come with as it is along with all the pictures as seen in demo, after purchase ?
is any copy website security feature is there in html templete ?

please explain
Yeah. It comes with all images. All these images are free to use images taken from pixabay

There is no copy website security feature
Hi, thank you for the fantastic template!
I'd like to use lightbox with image gallery:
<a class="lightbox" href="...."><img ...></a>
When I click over the image I'd like to see previous and next buttons.
how can I do?
I am using magnific popup plugin for lightbox. They have clean documentation to achive that.

Hi Ashobiz,

I have just completed a customer project using the Brave template, and using the Composite C1 CMS. It's been a real pleasure to work with the template, plenty of examples to work from and so many styles, sensible naming, Bootstrap conformance, etc. I'm very pleased with the final results, and my customer absolutely loves it. I used the Parallax page for the home page.

Thanks for your feedback.
Hi, when I buy this theme is it possible then develop it add feeatures add admin side . I am plannig develop it with angularjs
Since it is a static html theme you can do anything.
weikang_ PURCHASED
Hi Ashobiz ,

The parallax slider <div class="r-slider"> is great while viewing in large screen. However, while using mobile devices (vertically), the slider will becomes very small. It would be great if the slider only show minimum content and maintain the same height as in large screen.
For instance, in laptop the slider size is h:402 w:1425, in iphone 5s the slider size is h:124 w:305. It would be great if the slider maintain the height, resulting in h:402 w:305. I think it is more view-able.

I will see what can i do, in the meantime if you can, add some css code to hide some content below certain screen size.
weikang_ PURCHASED
Fyi, this is the sample I talking about.

Ok. Thanks.
Hello, is there no modal in the theme. I cant find any bootstrap modal.
It supports all default bootstrap plugins. So bootstrap model work.
jbot5072 PURCHASED
hello, my mobile nav has stopped showing when i resize my browser. it was working fine and now when i resize the browser i have no navigation menu. any ideas?
Send me the link.
annpeart PURCHASED
Hi Does this template comes with documentation how to edit it, I'm new at this.
It comes with the basic docs.
annpeart PURCHASED
Hi Does this template comes with documentation how to edit it, I'm new at this.
It comes with the basic docs.
i need this theme but i don't have paypal account, and can't register as i am from pakistan

i have credit card.. any other solution?
I don't know much about payment stuffs. You need to contact wrapbootstrap.com support
hi ashobiz,

The Theme looks really good and it has lot of good stuff. Need to some time to dig deep into all of them.Do you have any plans to support to Angular JS?
Thank you.

I don't have plans to support angular js.
Will you add drowdown and multilevel support for the menu in index-slim.html ?? Would be neat.
I don't have any plans for dropdown and multilevel support.

why it it's not responsive to any phone?, i get the desktop V when i open it from the phone
It is responsive theme, so it automatically coverts based on the screen size. If it doesn't change, then you may have made some changes in code.

Send me the site link.
Hi ashobiz thank you for respond here is my link : www.broadway-wireless.com
when i resize the browser it works perfectly but when i open from any phone or tablet i see the desktop version, also i didn't mass with the css at all

I have the same problem. You ask it is responsive, but I see the desktop display in cell phone. I tried on 2 kind of cell phone, 1 tablet pc, 1 desktop and a ipad. It's ok for all EXCEPT the 2 cell phones.

Be clear: We see the display correctly, but it is not UX friendly: the icons, texts... EVERYTHING are TOO SMALL, impossible to read them!! Responsive is to display items for a good user experience, not only "fit" the page in a cell phone!

Just see by yourself, you'll understand.
With this kind of mobile display, SURELY Google Panda PENALIZE the website because MOBILE USER'S BAD EXPERIENCE.

For the rest: Very nice job :-)

yes please find us a way to fix this problem all my customers are mad because of this issue
@mohamadnidhal i am very sorry for the late reply. The problem is you are using frameset in http://www.broadway-wireless.com/ so it is showing desktop version. In "broadway-wireless.net" it is working great.

Please send me your link. Sorry for late response.
That's true the problem was from my web server not from the script, thank you so much and i apologize, great work thanks
jetblack PURCHASED
Just to be sure, is it possible to use fixed navbar?
There is no fixed navbar in this theme.
Hi there,

My page is being loaded in the background for no reason.
Can you please have a look?

Seeing the long green lines there, why is the second one being called?


(I loved the template. :D)
Sorry i don't understand. You need to give me the actual link to figure out.

If it is loading in background, mostly it will be because of some looping in javascript or server may be slow or the size of the image is big....

it can be any reasons.
Hi. I Bought the template. Is Very nice. Can you say me how can i change the Brave logo (the icon that looks a desktop). Thanks.

I am using Font awesome icon for the logo (http://fontawesome.io/icons/). You can change it to any icon you want by updating <i class="fa fa-desktop"></i>...

If you want to use image, you need to remove the <i> tag and add <img> tag with image link. You need to touch up css to make it look right.
I am trying for payment but fortunately my card is not accepted here do u have internet banking payment option.
Sorry i can't help you with payment. You need to contact wrapbootstrap support for that.
Hello sir,
I am using ur theme and i found it really amazing... but i am facing problem with parsing data with javascript... i am using var decode=JSON.parse(data) where data is is json encoded array in php, but it is not working however the same code is working fine with other templates that i have. Please help as whole of my project is stuck at this point.
Sorry i have no idea about dev stuffs like php or json...

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