osc2nuke PURCHASED
Very good looking but also very in complete template.
To much missing:
-Account pages (edit/update account sections)
-E-commerce section misses order history,invoices.

This is a very incomplete template, i could say allot more what is not good.
But if you try to port this template to a e-commerce application , i strongly suggest to definitely NOT use it.

Nevertheless it is good looking, but do not let you get mislead by that.

For the designer i suggest to look at designs like,
Thank you for your comment. It's very helpful for us. We will add these sections/pages in the next update.
osc2nuke PURCHASED
Nice to read you take it positive.
I also recommend a:
-"select currency"
- "select language".

For the account section i was thinking of:
-Choose shipping/payment address.
-Add new address.

And maybe, but just maybe (if it is possible in the current design setup).In regular e-commerce/cms scripts, they have code to include a left and or right column.With your current setup (the use of sections) , it is hard to to implement that.Mostly there is chosen for a content container with a specific width for example: md-9 for if have 1 column md-6 if have 2 column, then for the columns there is use <aside> tag so: aside-container-aside , but somehow in your current design you took a diff methode.It could be me not seeing how to setup/use.

Keep up the good work ;)
The demo is awesome and I purchased it because i love it
Thanks hswebmasters! Hope you enjoy it.
I have a query regarding downloaded zip file. Please check your email for details
osc2nuke PURCHASED
ok, i found another issue....

if copy the part for "phones" from the menu, so want to use the same behavior (dropdown menu with offer in the right of it") it goes off screen.Is that the reason why you put "phones" first?

Common man, smells like cheating.
If you have any issues and need support please write to [email protected] Please make sure to attach screenshots representing issue.
can you please reply me quickly
Hi! We've already answered:)
I did not get any reply. Can you reply at my email again?
We sent you file from our gmail. Strange you didn't receive our previous emails.
Hello, interesting your theme, but I ask
1-page product detail with cart?
2-fit wordpress?
thanks a lot.
Thank you for the interest in our template.
Answering your questions:
1. You have separate shopping cart page as well as dropdown for quickly checking your cart (not inside page product detail)
2. What you mean by "fit wordpress". It's not WP version just html.
3. We do not structure shop according to woocommerce.
Nice template! When will the update come?
Hello! Thank you!

We planned to do it earlier, but it will come maximum in a couple of weeks.
Thank you vilmosnagy for your patience. Bushido update finally reviewed and released. Please download the new version!
I purchased the template a month ago. You have included master_slider in the package now, do we get them as well. Just wondering- isn't it about time for the next update to be released. Thanks! P.S. Your template is amazing but has been bit pain to integrate Rails Spree with template. :S
Thank you for purchasing our template.
Master Slider was initially included in the template.
You should have it already. No need waiting update which are certainly coming:-)
How did you incorporate this into spree? i'm looking to do the same
Unfortunately, we never work with spree. This is static HTML template. Regards
Can you help me, please? I'd like to use the Bootstrap Switch plugin for my site ( http://www.bootstrap-switch.org/ ), but it do not works... See a video here: https://www.screenr.com/qj0N And the code here: http://pastebin.com/DEuVQ9Kj

It worked with a simple Bootstrap theme. Thanks!

Could you please send your question to [email protected]
Thank you!
pmloikju PURCHASED

I'm very interesting by this great template, but the next update will it include "account pages" ?

Thanks ;)

Coming update will include Purchase history, Tracking page, Delivery Page, Currency and Language switchers.

We will add Account Page later (not in the next update).

Thank you pmloikju for your patience. Bushido update finally reviewed and released. Please download the new version!
Have purchased the template yesterday,everything looks great :)
Besides what is coming in the next update, is it possible to have 3 levels in the category tree ? This only sort-of works, if you open the level 1 element. It will immediately render level 2 and 3

Thanks :)

Thank you for purchasing our template.

We will include 3-level dropdown support in the update.

Just started looking at the update, can't seem to find anything that makes level 3 menu's in the category tree work (shop-filters-left-3cols). Did I miss anything ?
wing5822 PURCHASED
Hi there,
I've purchased theme, very nice theme.

I've tested it on IE 9 9.0.81122.16421. The brands in our shop do not show up properly. Instead of being horizontal they show up vertical. Also the contact sticky buttons with the contact forms do not appear right neither.

I can send you images if you like to see what i mean.
Thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated.
Could you please send sceenshots to [email protected]

i love this theme and i am using on my website https://www.techloaner.com

But the problem i am seeing is, on the main page with master slider, the hero content loads at the end. Because of that Google and other page optmization websites are complaining about it. Prioritize visible content

Is it possible to load the hero section first and then load everything else?

Sorry for the late reply. This how Master Slider works. If you experience any problems with it please ask Master Slider support team. Here is the link


A month and a half ago you said that the update come in “maximum in a couple of weeks” When will the update come? I think that is a very good template but I need and waiting for the language & currency switchers…

Oh, sorry for this delay. We are working on an update now.

In update we'll include:
- Account Page with personal information
- Delivery Info Page
- Tracking Page
- Language & Currency Switchers
- Adresses Page
- Purchase History Page with different button states

We will release Bushido's update This October (we need a few more weeks).
Thank you BAASOFT for your patience. Bushido update finally reviewed and released. Please download the new version!
Oh, sorry for this delay. We are working on an update now.

In update we'll include:
- Account Page with personal information
- Delivery Info Page
- Tracking Page
- Language & Currency Switchers
- Adresses Page
- Purchase History Page with different button states

We will release Bushido's update This October (we need a few more weeks).
Awesome theme! I am getting ready to purchase it. Have you all considered making a responsive menu such as this as an option? http://plugins.adchsm.me/slidebars/

Thank you for appreciation of our template!

As to menu option we do not plan to change it in the nearest future.

All is well. But why did You products-list.html? You only products-grid.html

Thank you! Will include in one of the next updates.

Became interested in the product, I wonder if you provide a guide to integration. My project is in C # MVC 4 razor. I'm in Brazil and is the site in that language (Portuguese-Br).
Information on these can get your product?

Thank you.

Paulo Gouvea.
Hello Paulo,

Sorry for the late reply. We do not provide extra services to our items at the moment (too busy). But we still provide support via our ticket system at http://8guild.ticksy.com/

Bought this today for a project and totally love it.
What's the ETA on those extra pages in the update? October's end is drawing near!

Thanks for purchasing our template. We submitted update almost 2 weeks ago. It's still being reviewed.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you why it takes that long, but hopefully it goes live this week.

Thank you zenotds for your patience. Bushido update finally reviewed and released. Please download the new version!
Hi everyone!

Thank you all for your patience. Bushido update finally reviewed and released.

Update Includes New Pages:
Account Page with personal information
Addresses Page
Purchases History Page
Order Tracking Page
Delivery Info Page

Update Includes New Elements:
Language & Currency Switchers
Ajax Contact Forms
MailChimp Subscription Form


8 Guild Team
Liked your update. Smashing.
Thanks! Enjoy!
gillaraz PURCHASED
Got this error on everypage, any idea ?

GET http://localhost/Bushido/js/plugins/masterslider.map 404 (Not Found)

This can be easily fixed. Open your masterslider.js file attached to the document and the last line of code should be something like //@ sourceMappingURL=masterslider.map Simply remove this line. No harm to your website.


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