Hello, I have this issue (https://www.dropbox.com/s/01qosu0to3p995j/IMG_EE10CCA84F8B-1.jpeg) with the modals on the Angular 5 version running on Safari + iOs 11 can u help me please?
Hi, please follow this instructions to solve this
1- Edit file src/app/layout/layout.component.scss
2- Scroll to line 26 and comment/remove the following rule (.main-container class)
-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;
3- Save and reload

The rule seems to be generating a new stacking context that breaks the layout order on ios devices. The cons of this solution is that it disable the smooth scrolling of the content area. Actually, the issue occurs because the ngx-bootstrap module doesn't inject the modal as a body child, there seems to be a workaround for this but for the moment we couldn't find a good documentation of how to achieve that.

Let us know if you have any question
Works very well, Thank you so much :)
Great template but I do have a question. I'm running into issues with Gulp not compiling angular code after I update it. How should I address this?
For a little bit of added context, I did manage to force Gulp to recompile after performing a git checkout and pull (this didnt overwrite any of my angular changes).
Hi, could you post the log with error messages so we can check it? In case you have updated the dependencies versions please consider that some issues may arise since the project was developed and tested only with the version provided in the downloaded package.
Regarding to git, there's no relation with it when using gulp, meaning, when you install deps from bower and/or npm GIT is required in your system, but when you use gulp, it should only use the files installed without needing to use git for any tasks.

I'm not getting error messages, Gulp just isn't compiling my angular code into the app.js file
Gulp is configured to concat all js files inside "components" folder into app.js file, maybe the file is outside that folder? If not the case, try running the command "gulp clean" (this will delete files inside "app" folder) and the run "gulp serve" again which will compile the entire application from scratch.
There's a case that when you run Gulp and then create a new file, gulp doesn't see that new files and it's never added to the app.js, in this case there's not more option than creating first the new files and then run gulp tasks.


I would like to add schedule, Could you recommend ?

Hello, could show us an example of what you need? Any other implementation or plugin that you know perform the same tasks you want?
For example, if you google jQuery schedule you will find a plugin that schedule dom actions but no sure if it was you are looking for.

Hi, I'm a beginner and I purchased this because of the design. Now I want to use this for my personal project using Angular 5. Any procedure on how can I import this ?
Hi, unfortunately there's not method to import the design or separated components into another project. This template was designed to build your application on top of it and not to integrate with another application, meaning, if you have separated components already created you can try to add them to the existing structure of the template with routes, views, etc. But if your application relies on an existing layout and structure, it's necessary to adapt it the structure of the template, otherwise you won't be able to compile the files correctly.

I tried to copy the whole folder and follow the commands in your documentation. But unfortunately it gives me an error.
I badly need your assistance. Actually, if it's not possible to import the components maybe just to use your whole project ANGULAR5. But i'm getting error in building the app. I made a couple of screenshot of the actual error and can send it to you. Where can I send it to you ?
Hi again, please use a service like https://imgur.com/ to share links to images. In case those images contains private data, please send them in a message via our profile page.

Link sent in your profile for the error
Node -v

What is the latest version of Angular supported? Does it / will it support 5.2.x and beyond?
Hi, latest version supported is v5.0.0 with @angular/cli v1.5.4

Let us know if you have any question
I'm having an issue getting my html templates to register so I can use angular modal service with this template.

Using something like this example:

myAppName.controller("dashboardController", ['$scope', "ModalService", function ($scope, ModalService) {
$scope.demoText = "Here's some text!";

$scope.showAModal = function () {

// Just provide a template url, a controller and call 'showModal'.
templateUrl: "/Views/AngularModalTemplates/dashboardModal.html",
controller: "sampleModalController"
}).then(function (modal) {
modal.close.then(function (result) {
$scope.message = result ? "You said Yes" : "You said No";


I receive 404 errors because it cannot find the template, and it doesn't seem to be regisertered as a source for that page. I'm very new to gulp, so my instinct is to say this is where the error is being caused, but was hoping you could provide a little insight on how to best register a folder or file. Thanks!
Hi, if you look at the file modals.controller.js you will find an example of modals, in this case the templateUrl entry of the modal setup contains the following

templateUrl: '/myModalContent.html',

But if you look for a file named myModalContent you won't find because it's actually an inline template, by editing the page "notifications.html" you can search for string "myModalContent" and you will find the following:

<script type="text/ng-template" id="/myModalContent.html">

Which is where the markup is defined for that modal.

If that's not the case, a thing to consider about Gulp is that sometimes when you add a new source file to the project it doesn't recognize and you need to restart gulp again.

Beginner's problem.

I bought this theme and wanted to use the Angular5 for my own project.

How can I use the template?

Yes, I read you documentation but returning an error.

I created a folder and moved to that folder

mkdir frontend

npm install -g @angular/cli

ng -v

response: 1.7.1

npm install --save-dev @angular/[email protected]

so what's the next step for this?
Hi, in the docs there's a typo but seems you have fixed it (it says install angular-cli when should be @angular/cli)
Beyond that, you should be able to run the project with the following commands (folder angular5/ng2centric)

> npm install -g @angular/cli (you have this done)
> npm install
> ng serve

If everything goes well, you should be able to access at localhost:4200

You have installed @angular/cli 1.7.1, but the project uses an older version, in this case, the cli automatically should switch to the version used in the project so it should not be a problem.
If you want to install the exact version of @angular/cli used in the template you can do that with
npm install -g @angular/[email protected]

In case above fails, could post your version of node and npm used? And the error log if possible?

Link sent in your profile for the error
Do I need to install this in node_modules?

import './modernizr.js'; // 'npm run modernizr' to create this file

import '../node_modules/ika.jvectormap/jquery-jvectormap-1.2.2.min.js';
import '../node_modules/ika.jvectormap/jquery-jvectormap-world-mill-en.js';
import '../node_modules/ika.jvectormap/jquery-jvectormap-us-mill-en.js';

import '../node_modules/loaders.css/loaders.css.js';
Node -v

Hi, we have answered via email.
It seems the project is not ready for node 8.x. The error is related with node-sass version which in fact is not needed in the package.json so removing that dependency and installing again should work without problems.

do you have any documentation to setup reactjs project for Centric.
HI, in the package files, you can find a folder named "documentation" that contains the docs for all version including the React one.

Any chance of upgrading ReactJS to use Bootstrap 4?
Hi, we have in plans to upgrade to BS4 all project versions in this product, unfortunately for the moment we don't have release date for that.

Is the React version based on create-react-app?
Hi, no sorry, for the moment we are using a custom webpack.
Recently we have migrated our other product "Angle" to create-react-app and will do the same in the following month. Also will be migrated to Bootstrap4

Let us know if you have any queston
In angular 5 app, how to make landing page as a login page instead of dashboard page
Hi, you can set the login page as the default page instead of dashboard but it would be better to use Route Guards, which allows to check of a user if it's registered before accessing a secure route, and if not loggedin, you will redirect to login.
You can find information about guards here: https://angular.io/guide/router#guard-the-admin-feature

Let us know if you have any question
In angular 5 app is there any possibility of having checkbox inside the datatable? Please provide some examples.
Hi, you can check the following official example here: http://swimlane.github.io/ngx-datatable/#chkbox-selection which uses a checkbox for selection.
There's also a demo using a custom checkbox markup http://swimlane.github.io/ngx-datatable/#chkbox-selection-template

Let us know if you have any question

Will you update the reactjs version to 16.x in the nearest future? :)

We plan to update to React 16 and also take the occasion to migrate to a create-react-app structure. For the moment it wont' be ready in the very short term, but in case you decide to update before next release, please feel free to contact in case you need any assistance.

Hi!, What is the difference between this Centric and Angle? I have to do a project in React and not which one to use.
Hi, the main difference regarding React project is that at this moment Centric is based on React v15 and webpack and Angle is on v16 and using "react-create-app" project
Centric is going in the same direction and will be updated in the future.

In case you need more details please don't hesitate to ask again

Meteor version use Blaze or React ?
Hi, Meteor version uses Blaze

Let us know if you have any question

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