Looking Good, GLWS :)
Thanks! :)
Hi, this is great! How long have you been waiting for approval?
Thanks AuraThemes!
We were waiting a few weeks.
Hi, is it only angularjs version available? Do you have without angularjs version?
Hi, first version contains angularjs. We are close to release a new update in a few days with jQuery/HTML5 version (non angular)

Any update on the non-angular version?
Hi, the update was released some weeks ago. You should have received a notification from Wrapbootstrap.

is this template in mvc sample?
Hi, this template includes projects (among others) using AngularJs and Visual Studio MVC 5 and 6 which are frameworks designed for the MVC methodology.

Sorry, a mistake: VisualStudio MVC versions are not available yet. AngularJS is the only MVC framework included. We have plans to include more versions in the near future.

Hi! Thanks for the great theme!
I have a question though: how should I edit the template configuration files if I'm serving static files from a folder named, for example, '/static/'?
Hi, thanks!
Do you mean to serve the entire template from a "static" folder? meaning, that folder is the root your server? Also, which is the project that you are using?
I am serving the template with Django, and "static/" is the root folder for media files. The "index.html" file is served from "/". I made it work by prefixing every resource url by "/static/" but I am looking for a more maintainable way.

I am using the angular app.
Hi, thanks for the explanation. The template doesn't have a way to prefix absolutely all assets paths. But, there's a route configuration that allows to prefix all target paths to html files which can help a little.
Edit the file master/js/modules/routes/route-helpers.provider.js (or search for RouteHelpersProvider in app.js) and then scroll down a bit and look for the function "basepath", there you can add a prefix for the html paths used on each route.

Hi there, The date picker popup doesn't work. Also, you can't see the sub menu after expand with iphone and ipad.
Thanks JeremyT for report this.
Regarding to ipad/iphone we don't see issues with the menu, or at least we could replicate the issue (tested on latest iOS)
The problem with the datepicker occurs because there is a directive attribute missing in the markup. If you add uib-datepicker-popup="{{dp.format}}" to the input element it should start working Ok.

Thanks again

Thanks for a great theme.

When will the Visual Studio MVC 6 version be released? We are very interested in using this version.


Hello David, we don't have an ETA right now but we plan to release a new version at beginning of next month. Are you interested in MVC6 + AngularJS or HTML/jQuery only?


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

We are very interested in MVC6 and HTML5/JQuery

Will this be an option in the future?

Many thanks,

Hi, yes, we are currently working on a MVC6/HTML5/JQuery version.
As said above, we plan to release a new version at beginning of next month

I have some issue about centric.

1st :Create Login page in MVC 6 , I could not submit login form to get authentication . MVC login form could not validate as Centric demo .
2nd : Where is source code to execute validate form in Centric?
3rd : Is Centric using html tag ID to execute and process data ?
4th : If i would like to set default sidebar off canvas in website , where can i add class to tag in my website?

Still have more question , i will update to you soon.


- The login validation scripts are located in the file /html5jquery/master/components/user/login.js
- Depends on the code, in the case of the login code, the login form uses ID #user-login
- Add class "sidebar-offcanvas" to the body tag

How can prevent the templates to be cached?

I need to load each page from 0 each time is loaded. not getting it from cache.
I'm speaking about the angular theme.
Hi, there's nothing in the code that forces the template to use a cache. Have your tried using the chrome devtools to disable cache? Open devltools (F12), go to settings (or press F1) and click on "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)"
The next time you load the page, request will not be cached.

I mean that angular.js uses automated chache for each template. So if i write something with php (form example a echo with a rand number). Once i load that page, the php code is executed, the i navigate to another page with the menu, and then back to the first one, and that last time it doesn't execute the php code, it just takes the cadhed page that was loaded the first time.

http://opensourcesoftwareandme.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/safely-prevent-template-caching-in-angularjs.html --> This has worked to me in several themes, but i do not know where to add those codes in this theme.

If u have skype add me: rodri722
Hi, you can use the file /master/components/core/core.run.js
You need to inject the $templateCache into the coreRun function and then use the following snippet (fromt he url shared)

$rootScope.$on('$routeChangeStart', function(event, next, current) {
if (typeof(current) !== 'undefined'){

Thanks, Unfortunetly it didn't work (or maybe i didn't set up it properly). If you could edit the core.run yourself and send it to me it would be aws.

How it's going?
Hi, there's an issue in the example shared. We have updated the code to use the uiRouter (instead of ngRoute)
Please use this code instead, not there's a log message to check what url is being removed from cache.

$rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function(event, next, current) {
if (typeof(next) !== 'undefined') {
console.log('Cleaning ' + next.url);

Let us know if you have any question
you have a stencil pattern? to create wireframes
No sorry, none of that..
Is there a timeline like http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.3.1/backend-jquery/app/timeline.html on the making?
Hi, there's not timeline yet, if you want the current implementation in Angle, feel free to let us know that, we can implement the component in Centric and share it with you.

Yes, that would be great
Hi, please send us a message via our profile page when you get a chance and we'll send you the files.

Will you be providing a form wizard like that in your Angle theme --> http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.3.1/backend-jquery/app/form-wizard.html

Many thanks
Hi, sure. For jQuery version we will be using the same plugin jquery.steps (with jquery.validation) and of course, will be included in the mvc6 project, we expect to release the next update in no more than two weeks.

Let us know if you have any question

Many thanks for this information and your support.

Looking forward to the update making an already great theme even better.

Great theme.
A couple of things:

The menu have a problem between sizes.
Try opening Centric, switch to HTML5/Jquery version
Slowly resize the browser. There is a breakpoint where the menu button disapears, and the menu does not show. The breakpoint is in the range on a old ipad2 in landscape mode.

Btw, it works in the angular version.

Is there any way to get a html5 version with the relevant scripts only in the pages?
I see the app.js and the app.css works, it would just be nice to tune the actual pages needed, without haveing to hunt for js in the app.js. As it is, im doing a iframe approach, so the menu/header stuff dont need to be reloaded.


Hi, thanks for report the issue.
You're right, there's a missing class in the button element necessary to show it at the same breakpoint that hides the menu (in short, it needs to add the Bootstrap class visible-sm)

Regarding to app.js, it's no necessary to deal with this file. Under folder /master/components all JS files are separated into modules. To work with files under "master" folder is necessary to use Gulp, but optionally you can copy the js files (because they don't require a previous compilation) and paste under the /app/js, then manually link those files you need for the project.
Anyway, we encourage you to give a try to Gulp features because they can save you time dealing with source files organization.

Let us know if you have any question

Thanks again
Hi, any plans for a Sass based Version?
Hi, yes, we have plans to provide a Sass (scss) version, (it should to be ready in the course of this month) First, it will be optional and then, will be the default (like is Less today)

Is there a way to deal with a menu item that's too wide? We have some French translations, and our menu item labels are getting truncated. Other than mandating a wider menu, is there a way to wrap the menu labels or automatically widen the sidebar?
Hi, the menu has a fixed width of 240px (this value is also used for animations, and other layout setup)
If want to change that, you can do that by using LESS file master\components\common\variables.less
and search for variable @sidebar-wd There change the value and compile again with gulp.
If you are not using LESS, please send us message via our profile page and we will send a compiled stylesheet using a wider sidebar

Thanks for the quick reply. Instead of putting those elements in the side bar, we put them in a dropdown menu in the header. They do adjust their widths automatically, which is what we need. The question we have now is how we can remove the Sidebar entirely. I don't think we need it in our application. Thanks.
Hi, the process of removing the sidebar is pretty similar to change its width, but you will set a width of zero to make other components fill the space previously allocated for the sidebar. Finally, you will have to remove the markup for the sidebar, depending on the project, in static html version you just remove the markup or for angular you remove the ng-include directive that loads the sidebar template.
first of all, thanks a lot for this theme, it's really a nice one. However, I've purchased a copy and I have following problems (some of them are maybe not Centric issues):
1) material design input with floating label doesn't work correctly, the label is over the text once I write something in it and then click somewher else (eg. filling the First Name here: http://themicon.co/theme/centric/v1.2/html5jquery/app/material.html)
2) how do I change table border radius of a table? (I want it to correspond to cards border radius)
3) Forms -> Advanced -> Select2 Basics - looses styling when I change the id from #select2-1 to something else (not even #select2-1-country) - I want to have couple of these on one page and don't want them to have the same id, how to do that?

thanks a lot
Hi, thanks for report this issues.

1- There's a missing block of code that controls the changes in the material inputs.
Please add this JS anywhere in your code (preferably try to use a custom.js script to recognize easily the code manually added)

$(function() {
$('.mda-form-control input.form-control').on('change', function() {
$(this)[this.value.length ? 'addClass' : 'removeClass']('has-value');

2- Please check this post, you will need to add some css to make Bootstrap tables rounded


3- You have to invoke select2 for each of your new IDs
For example,



When I look at the master folder of either the jquery or angular centric project, in the components/dashboard there is no .less file for the styling. I need to see the particular css for the dashboard and I can't find it. Can you point me to where I can find the dashboard styling files, thanks.
Hi, the dashboard component doesn't have particular styles. For example, you can see a "card" component which is defined under the folder card. Other components defined under "common" folder are used as shared components, and so on. The dashboard basically integrates other components into the page. You can read in the docs about different components.
If you need more details about a particular component please don't hesitate to contact us

Hi, are you still working on this template? Is it coming some updates regarding on performance? "Angle" theme works very smooth on Mobile, but this is not there yet. For instance, the search bar lags to appear. The animation of sidebar and sub-menu options doesn't run smoothly also.

Another question, will be released a ReactJS version?

I'm almost there on buying Angle theme because it has one of the the best mobile performance of all themes that i had tested. The only thing that is holding me back is because i'm searching for a Material Theme. Looking for a Material Theme with a great performance on Mobile like "Angle".

OBS: I just noticed that the non Angular version has a better performance. As i thought, because of the known bad performance of Angular overall.
Hi, yes, this is one of our last item and we are constantly working on it. We are preparing a new update soon with support for SASS and new pages. Currently we don't have planned a React version yet but surely will be added.

"Angle" has a Material version (if haven't seen it) at this link: http://themicon.co/theme/angle/v3.4/material/

Regarding to performance, do you see any particular issue in the angular project? Angular by itself provides http request to load pages which makes the app maybe a bit more slow to load compared to jquery but really fast when it's already loaded.
We have updated the demo to include the angular template cache (it's enable with a flag in the gulp compilation)

I wasn't talking about the initial load performance. I just ran on my mobile (Galaxy Note 3) the Angular version, and then the non-Angular version, and i could see the lack of smoothness on the Angular version. The problem with Angular regarding UI performance is well known, specially on mobile, even for the Angular team itself. You can google it and you will find tones of articles about it. Template caching will help a bit on loading performance, but not on the major problem of Angular which is view rendering. React does a better job on this matter.

Yours Material version of "Angle" is not so Material like Centric (forms for instance is more Bootstrap than Material), but it is also a good theme.

Do you have an idea for a release date of a next version of Centric with improvements regarding UI? I would check again to see if it is good already for using on mobile.
Hi, thanks for the clarification. We have in plans a new update by end July (features mentioned in previous comment) and we think we could implement a React version in such update (also requested by another user) so that will have for sure better performance regarding to UI. Also, angular2 is on our plans (for Angle too) and from what we are seeing, ng2 has a lot of improvements over the current version.

Let us know if you have any question
dgrobler PURCHASED
Hi, I've just purchased the Angle theme, because of ReactJs support and the good performance. Do you think Centric will be available soon as ReactJS implementation?
Hi, sure, we don't have a reactjs version planned but will be added. Hopefully in the course of this month.
Just in case, are you experiencing any particular issues regarding to performance? We would like to have it in mind for the next update in case you decide to take a look again for a react version. :)

dgrobler PURCHASED
No, my comment was more about the fact that I like Angle and the fact that it performs well and runs within React. Centric with Jquery seems to be on par from what I can see so far. Really happy to see that you want to support Centric on React. Will wait for it.

Keep up the good work!

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