A perfect small,simple and "light way" template for e-commerce. Amazing work, easy to modify, and grate support. You helped and answered my questions in no time! Wish you a lot of sales! :)
hi i m not able install this template. can you help
Hi duft! :)
Thanks for purchase.
Could you be more specific?

friendly reminder: Choco is an html template, if you need a cms version (for example with wordrpess, drupal, magento etc.) you should integrate it by yourself.

Don't hesitate to contact me via direct messages! :)
Regards, Lukasz.
Thank you for update :) A grate work!
Hi! :) No problem, thanks! :)
After new year, will be available, another huge update - related with new layouts, choco will be a set of different ecommerce templates.
Great template. Thank you.

Is there anyway to set the first large background image to auto advance after a set time?
hi, thanks BlazenAZ ! :)

You can define this in main.js file, about 66 line.

you should add :
autoplay: 2500,
autoplayDisableOnInteraction: false

after change your code should be like this:
var swiper = new Swiper('.home-slider', {
pagination: '.home-pagination',
paginationClickable: true,
nextButton: '.home-slider-next',
prevButton: '.home-slider-prev',
autoplay: 2500,
autoplayDisableOnInteraction: false

More examples and documentation for slider you can find here:
Hi my friend im interesting to buy your template, but i need to know if this template work right away for sales, what i need to do for that?
Hi:) if you know how edit html - yes you can start selling today. This template have pay pal payment gateway. But remember - it is html template without cms. If you need admin panel you can integrate this template with some ecommerce platform - for example prestashop, magento, open cart.

i want to buy for a online store for me, in bootstrap, only what i need to do is change de email for paypal and done?
IAnd logo and products, and of course PayPal email :)
Hi, I am see that the code from paypal is in the html is this secure? if someone modify it from something like inspector can this person change the products values or even the paypal account that it will be delivered to?
Hi! If someone modifies this value in web inspector/ dev tools or directly on your server, payment will be executed with these parameters (PayPal id, and amount).

This form follows the PayPal guide:

You can also use encrypted form (the same solution is used on wrapbootstrap site)- https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/xcl/rec/ewp-techview-outside
Two quick questions:

1. I've noticed that upon checkout for multiple items, the only thing I can see in my inbox is the value of what i put in under this:

<!-- Specify details about the item that buyers will purchase. -->

Is there any way so that when buyers select certain items, it will register in checkout as the items they selected?

2. How do I get the contact submission form to work with and also prompt a "SENT" notification to the consumer?

Thank you in advance!
Hi, I will send reply for you via private message :)
austinPabian, could you send me message from here -

Thanks! :)
Hi. I use blogger platform as I'm nerd in coding.
Upon purchased, I can't see the normal .xml which i normally just cut and paste in the 'Edit Template HTML'. I read your README how to run ?
1. install Sass - http://sass-lang.com/install
2. open comand line / cmd
3. go to your project directory, enter:
sass --watch scss/theme-light.scss:css/theme-light.css
sass --watch scss/bootstrap-light.scss:css/bootstrap-light.css
to compile light version
output files you will find in css directory.

I'm now lost. Please help. Thanks so much
Hi, Great template.

Is it possible to integrate the recaptcha feature (google recaptcha) in the e-mail form (contact page)? If I buy the template, do you provide this code?
Hi :)

You can use of course google recaptcha, but this feature isn't provided with templates.
Additionally, you need some backend solution to sending a form.

For more details - please visit this page https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/start

online123 PURCHASED
Hi! First of all thanks for the great work. I love the templates.
Im using the Italia template right now, integrated it in my CMS but im experiencing issues with the top nav. It wont allow me to have a dropdown menu.
Could you help me out please?

Thanks a lot!
Hi :) thanks!
Could you contact with me by private message?

dstrangio PURCHASED
Not very well organized compared to other templates I have purchased from this site. I can not configure it very well since there are no instructions on where dynamically inserted style="" values are appearing.

I do not like how the cart button does not appear until you add something to the cart and that it's not very visible to shoppers who are use to seeing a link at the top of the page

I do not like how the cart is a modal.

This is a great template if you don't want to modify it very much and if you don't have very many products
Hi!:) what do you mean about organized? Html and code comments or scss module architechture? You can customize templates in variables scss file. About interaction - you can change it. But of course I'm open minded to improvement sugestion and i will think about add this to the future relases. Could you send me private message with stuffs "not very well organized" ? :)

Regards. Lukasz
online123 PURCHASED
Is there a way to have the left sidebar fixed in the Electro shop? Could you please send me an email on [email protected]?
Thanks a lot!
I too am having an issue enabling the dropdown-menu. I'm using the default bootstrap structure for menu building, but it will not work - doesn't work in your original either. Changing .dropdown-menu to display: block in bootstrap-light.css shows the menu correctly, so it's just the on-hover action that doesn't work properly. Can you help please?
Hi :) Could you send me the private message from my user page ? regards! Lukasz
Hi, any question its templates is for open cart or only html?
Hi. They arę only HTML / CSS theme :)
how do i get the contact form to capture the data and send via email?
Replied to private msg :)
I would also like help with the contact form
Thank you and great work!
Hi!:) thanks!:)
Please contact with my by direct message.
Regards, Łukasz
Hi i want to know about how to edit navbar scrolling in mobile phone
Replied in a private message :)
Thank you for great work, How do I get the contact form to capture the data and send via email?
Hi. Please contact with me via private message :)

After going to all the trouble to install Ruby and then install SASS and then run the commands you specified in readme.txt, I get the following error message when I try to view the web page for Interio:

Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - scss/bootstrap-light.css

I looked in my directories and found:

But no such thing as \scss\boostrap-light.css

Please help.
Hi, could you send me a private message so we can try resolve your problem :)

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