mjengejp PURCHASED
Hi Sean,

Thank you for the wonderful template. I have been able to make multiple pages by slicing and dicing your html example files. I have run into a snag though and although I have googled it multiple times, I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am trying to utilize your Select With Search option on the form_plugins.html page in the forms_wizards.html page. I have copied over the select with search panel, and the following links to what I think are the complimentary files.

I get the dropdown without the search function. Can you please help?

<!-- ================== BEGIN PAGE LEVEL STYLE ================== -->
<link href="assets/plugins/bootstrap-wizard/css/bwizard.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="assets/plugins/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<!-- ================== END PAGE LEVEL STYLE ================== -->

<!-- ================== BEGIN PAGE LEVEL JS ================== -->
<script src="assets/plugins/bootstrap-wizard/js/bwizard.js"></script>
<script src="assets/plugins/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.min.js"></script>
<script src="assets/js/form-wizards.demo.min.js"></script>
<script src="assets/js/apps.min.js"></script>
<!-- ================== END PAGE LEVEL JS ================== -->
Hi Mjengejp,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. You might need to render the bootstrap select plugin after rendering the bootstrap wizard IF the bootstrap select is placed inside the bootstrap wizard content.

Best Regards,
Dear Support Team,

We would like to kindly ask for your help in order to achieve two things using Flot interactive graphs from the template (Color Admin) that we bought.

Firstly, we need to somehow be able to have time stamps instead of data count on X axis of the graph. A screenshot can be found below:
Instead of 1.0 2.0 etc, we need to show the date of each measurement that is stored in our database.

Secondly we would like to show something like graph paper with millimeters in the background of the graph. We would like to depict an electrocardiograph measurement. The graph appears great, but we need to have a millimeter background.

Please send us an example of how we can manage those 2 things (source code with demo data would be most appreciated).

We would like to ask you for an fast response as we are on a tight schedule.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

Best Regards,
Angelos Kynigalakis
Hi Angelos,

Regarding your question,
1. You may use the tickLabel to configure the x or y axis label.
xaxis: {
ticks: [[0, "Monday"], [1, "Tuesday"], [2, "Wednesday"], [3, "Thursday"], [4, "Friday"], [5, "Saturday"]] }

2. So far the plugin do not have the options to change the graph background. If you insist to do so, you may create a small pattern background and apply it into your graph container.

Best Regards,
Dear Sean,

Thanks for your kind reply.
Can you please give me an example code on how to apply a pattern into the graph container?

Thanks in advance
Angelos Kynigalakis
Hi Angelos,

You may refer to the following example for the flot background issue.

Best Regards,
Dear Sean,

Thanks for your kind reply.
The example you gave us doesn't work in our diagrams because the type of the graph is different.
Please find below the graph that is generated

and the code that we 're using here

Can you give us instructions on how to generate a graph with a millimeter background?
We 're looking forward for your reply.

Best Regards
Angelos Kynigalakis
Hi Angelos,

First of all, you are not using the Flot chart but NVD3 Chart.
Secondly, you may add the options "ticks(20)" on xAxis and yAxis.

Best Regards,
Hi Sean,

Wonderful work you have done here.

I am generally python/django by trade with JS knowledge. I am hoping to experiment with your template and get used to the way Angular 2.0 works. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I am having difficulties getting a basic development environment setup with the specific packages you have configured.

I have installed node in a nodeenv and installed all of the dependencies. To view the changes I have made I continuously run: npm start - and watch the page refresh. Everything appears to be working based off of the content you have provided.

The basic .html files all show updates, however, when I edit other files such as the sidebar components etc, I do not see any changes to the names of the titles or honestly anything for that matter.

I also do not ever see any updates to the .css/.js files as the minified ones are the ones loaded on the refresh. Should I be doing something so my files are minified at save?

Which files should I be editing while doing this? Based on the configuration, I assume the .ts files?
Do I need to add something for the less files?
Should I be using gulp?
Should I be using some form of webpack?
Should less be installed and be used?

A step by step basic dev/prod setup would be greatly helpful (and potentially maybe something you throw into the documentation).

Thank you so much in advanced and sorry for the million questions!

p.s. I have purchased this without an account so thats why It doesn't show me as a verified purchaser, I can provide additional information via email if you need proof before providing support! Thanks
Hi Node,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Regarding your question,
1. The main reason why you didn't see the changes is because of we are using the webpack to compile everything into bundle.js for faster load purpose.
2. You may check on the downloaded documentation page - Angular JS 2.x section.
3. Run the command "npm run build" to compile all the typescript file into dist/bundle.js
4. After you run the command, you might be able to see the changes on your browser.

Best Regards,
prabakar PURCHASED

Bootstrap datetime picker not working in IE8 browser. Please provide fix for this.
Hi Prabakar,

Thank you for your report and feedback. Because of the IE8 didn't support the array indexOf and trim function, you might need to add the following code before the App.init() in order to solve the issue.

if (!Array.prototype.indexOf)
Array.prototype.indexOf = function(elt /*, from*/)
var len = this.length >>> 0;

var from = Number(arguments[1]) || 0;
from = (from < 0)
? Math.ceil(from)
: Math.floor(from);
if (from < 0)
from += len;

for (; from < len; from++)
if (from in this &&
this[from] === elt)
return from;
return -1;
if(typeof String.prototype.trim !== 'function') {
String.prototype.trim = function() {
return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');

Best Regards,
Dear Sean,

Any examples to implement right to left languages in the theme?
Hi Reeehman,

The languages should be saved into your database or some constant variable for your backend programming. We are not providing this example because of there have plenty ways to implement it.

Best Regards,
Dear Sean,

If i implement right to left languages, does the theme support it without breaking the css styles?
Hi Reeehman,

Unfortunately, our theme is not support for RTL yet. You might need to add some custom css in order to align the text from left to right.

Best Regards,
Really love this theme. And thanks for keeping it updated. Great work.

Please don't use the minified versions of your stylesheets in the examples html files. It makes it harder to inspect.
Hi Dgerton,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Normally if you are using the browser inspect element tools, it will still showing the correct css class and the minified css file will increase the speed of page load. This is why we are using the minified version of css files in our demo site.

Best Regards,
I am using the ajax version but in my requests I can not use the $.blockUI ().
Exists a similar function in the template to block the screen while waiting for request return?
I tried to use the generic function of jQuery, but it conflicted with the project scripts.
Hi Phgsistemas,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. For your information, we do not have function named blockUI. Can you send us an email with the screenshot for your browser error message. So that we can know what is the issue that you are facing right now.

Best Regards,
gmartha07 PURCHASED
Congrats for the great theme.

I use the Material Version.

Is it possible to put an animation when I click to leave the menu in "minify"?

Hi Gmartha07,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. You may use the class "page-sidebar-minified" to indicate which element you wish to animate.

.page-sidebar-minified .sidebar {
//add your animation here

Best Regards,

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