is there documentation for this template?
Hi Kratos2014,

Yeah, you are right. Documentation is available for downloaded version.

Best Regards,
Great. Thanks!
After configure n our server the left menu drop down is not working once we click suddenly working and suddenly disappear why it so
Hi NethraDomain,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Regarding your issue, can you send us an email with your html / js code after configuration? So that we can help you to debug on our side. You can also provide your live / development site url for us to debug.

P.S Support email can be found via documentation.

Best Regards,
We already send the mail, please check and let me know the mistake done
Hi NethraDomain,

We have found the issue and replied your email. Do check it ya.

Best Regards,
reeehman PURCHASED
Dear Sean,

Any updates on v4.0?
Hi Reeehman,

Due to the official release of Bootstrap 4.0, we decide to migrate all the code from 3.0 to 4.0, this might take 2-3 weeks from initial planing of releasing the Color Admin 4.0.

Best Regards,

Do you provide psd files for this theme?

Kind regards,
Adrian Costin Bulareanu
Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Unfortunately, PSD file is not included in our template.

Best Regards,
prabakar PURCHASED
Hi Sean,

We are using bootstrap multiselect dropdown component in our application. Sometimes we will have more than 2000 options in a select box. In this case, the performance is very slow. It takes more time to open the dropdown. Please provide solution for this.
Hi Prabakar,

The best behavior is to have a server side filter for dropdown option rather than just display all the options in page load.

1. User enter something in input box
2. Using jQuery to trigger on keydown / keyup event
3. Request dropdown option from backend
4. Render & display on dropdown options

p.s You can use the jQuery autocomplete plugins to handle this

Best Regards,
Hi Sean

If I purchase this now and start work, will I be able to upgrade it to bootstrap v4 when it is released? Is it going to be backwards compatible?
Hi Abueloshika,

Yeah, Color Admin 4.0 is compatible with bootstrap 4 & 3.

Best Regards,

We are migrating our app to BS4 but various things get broken. Could you please tell me an approximate release date of v4.0?

Best regards
Hi Presenciadigital,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. V4.0 will be released within this month.

Best Regards,
Thanks a lot!
Hi Sean, any news for v4?
Hi Eliascolares,

We are on our way to convert everything into Bootstrap 4 syntax and plugins compatibility. This might delay the release of Color Admin v4.0 until end of this month.

Best Regards,
How to disable theme panel and auto enable only one of theme permanent?

Best regards,
Hi Tom,

You just need to remove the theme panel HTML from your page and remove the id="theme" from the following code in your page header.
<link href="assets/css/theme/default.css" rel="stylesheet" id="theme" />
<link href="assets/css/theme/default.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Best Regards,
Do you have plans to delivery Color Theme in Rails structure?
Hi Chmatos,

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We will put it as one of our to do list in future updates.

Best Regards,

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