I reviewing this template and deciding wether or not I should buy it. after carefully examining the template, I love it. The question I have is that the template image 1920 by 1080 in the following pages

http://seantheme.com/color-admin-v1.7/admin/html/login_v2.html and in the http://seantheme.com/color-admin-v1.7/frontend/one-page-parallax/index.html

they don't look right in the Imac 5k display. it looks like is need a bigger image or better responsive technique.

Thanks in advance
Hi Candoa,

Thank you for your comment and report. We will update the fixed in next version release. For your quick fix, you may use the following css to solve the problem.

@media (min-width: 1920px) {
// login cover
.login-cover-image img {
width: 100%;

// one page parallax
.content.has-bg .content-bg img {
width: 100%;

P.S you need to use high resolution image for better image quality also if you are targeting wide screen user.

Best Regards,
Hello! I love your theme, I was looking a lot of Admin & Dashboard themes, this is my best.

I want to use it with top menu only, no sidebar menu, only same sidebar pages with some content, not menu. I think this is perfectly possible, without loose of functionallity, right?

Second question is that I want to develop with ReactJs. How does this HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery fits with React? Any example or recomendation about it?

I dont want Angular or other frameworks inside you product, because it assumes some structure and logic that I think its complex and not so intuitive. Also React has been tested and confirmed as a very performant framework.

I will aprecciate your time to answer.

Thanks a lot!
Hi José,

Thank you for your comment and feedback.

Regarding your question, we do provide a page without sidebar

If you wish to use the mega menu, you may refer to the following link

We have no experience in building an website system with ReactJs before, thats why we can't help you much on this.

Our template is build on top of bootstrap & jQuery library. If you are not gonna to use jQuery / bootstrap library, this might cause some features malfunction in our template.

Best Regards,
Thanks Sean for quick reply!

Yes, I am planning to use JQuery and Bootstrap.
My only concern is that maybe I will be using just a fraction of your theme components, combined with some home made extensions, redefining some styles and implementing new components (I plan to use ReactJs for that).

Is it possible to use only some components of your theme, without having to load all your CSS and JS files on my HTML page? Is it modular or can I make it modular with help from your documentation? Could be that documentation available before purchase?

Thanks a lot again and best regards!!
Hi Jose,

Yeah, you can select your own components and delete other css if you didn't need it. We have listed down all the css component in un-minified style.css. Here is some example of the item listed down inside the style.css.

:: 1.0 General Reset & Setup
1.1 Reset and overrides

:: 2.0 Page Structure Settings
2.1 Page Options
2.2 Page Loader
2.3 Header & header elements
2.4 Sidebar & sidebar elements
2.5 Content & content elements
2.6 Footer & footer elements

:: 3.0 Component Setting
3.1 Component - Form Elements
3.2 Component - Dropdown Menu
and more

Documentation file only provided in the full version of Color Admin after you purchase.

Best Regards,
Thanks a lot, very clear, I will purchase your theme.
I will also make some suggestions for mew components :)
Best Regards!!
Hi Jmaguirrei,

Thank you for purchasing our template. Any suggestion and feedback is really appreciated.

Best Regards,
Suggestion : Panel / box with the color of the theme would be awesome.
Hi EctoplasMJ,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will put some example on widget section in next version release.

Best Regards,
Suggestion: All options of Sidebar Menu availables in Page with Head Nav Bar and no Sidebars.

Hi Jmaguirrei,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will create a javascript function to handle the unlimited head navbar in next version release.

Best Regards,
boterito PURCHASED

Awesome template, and i have a couple of questions
First, the package comes with CSS, HTML and js Files isn't it?
or it comes with some little implementation of a project like .net, rails or angular?

Second, I was looking at the tables but I dont see the option to put an small icon or button in each row, I want to put an OK icon and a DELETE icon to bind them with actions on the back, is that possible in the template?

Hi Boterito,

Thank you for your comment and feedback.
Our template is comes with the CSS, HTML and JS file only which didn't include .net/angular js/rails installation.
You are able to put the action button in each row with some jQuery click event to do the action like ajx approve / ajax delete.

Best Regards,
boterito PURCHASED
I just purchased the template a few minutes ago.. I'm allowed to download the updates?
Hi Sean! I've been working with your theme these past few days and I love it. Just a quick question. I am trying to use elements from Form Wizard + Validation and Form Plugins. It seems that elements in form plugin don't work that well when I put them inside the Form Validation wizard. Or am I missing something?


Hi Robangeles,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Regarding your question, can you explain to us more about the problem that you have encountered? Or send us an email with the screenshot of the problem, so that we can assist you to solve the problem quickly.

P.S Support email can be found on documentation page.

Best Regards,
bytheway PURCHASED
Hi, here with another question: If you visit http://getbootstrap.com/ you will notice that when you click a navbar item, you are redirected, but the navbar is not rendered again, just the focus and content changes. Can I achive this behavior with the ColorAdmin HTML version?
Hi Bytheway,

For your information, the behavior for getbootstrap.com navbar is rendered per each page load. The reason why you feel like navbar is not rendered again is because the position of the navbar is on the same position and the speed of the page load. If you wish to do use the same behavior, you just need to remove the page loader & .fade class for #page-container for Color Admin will do.

<div id="page-loader"></div>

<div id="page-container" class="fade"></div>

Best Regards,
Hi Sean

When are you going to release next version? I am interested in some of the following features you have declared.

FRONT END - blog
FRONT END - corporate
FRONT END - e-commerce
FRONT END - forum
UI: Chatting bar
UI: Extra UI Component
dashboard v3
code generator
More Plugins...

Best Regards
Hi Maniartech,

Here is the initial plan for the following features:
code generator (v1.8)
FRONT END - forum (v1.8)
FRONT END - blog (v1.8)
FRONT END - corporate (v1.9)
FRONT END - e-commerce (v2.0)
UI: Chatting bar (v2.0)
dashboard v3 (v2.0)

Best Regards,
Thank you very much Sean, any idea when are you planning to release these upcoming versions? Looking at your plan it looks like I'm interested in version 1.8 and 2.0.
Hi Maniartech,

We are still working on it and the date still not confirmed yet. Probably within will be released in this coming months. Once we done it, we will update the version and you may receive a download link for the new version.

Best Regards,
mes13310 PURCHASED
Is there a way to use an ASP UpdatePanel in your ajax version?

It does not postback correctly


posts back to:


Which does not exist so it gives a 404 error.

Hi Mes13310,

If you are using some ASP.net MVC framework, you are able to use the controller to update the information that you wish to update and redirect back to the previous page. The concept is like:
1. post data to example/an_update_panel.aspx
2. updating data
3. redirect back to example/index.aspx#ajax/an_update_panel.aspx

If this is not working for you system, we suggest that you change the url type back to /example/an_update_panel.aspx instead of example/index.aspx#ajax/an_update_panel.aspx. You can adjust the function handleCheckPageLoadUrl() and handleLoadPage() in apps.js for the URL type and the default page load.

Best Regards,
Good morning,

I really liked this theme & I am actually trying to implement it. One question: is it possible to provide me an example with 2 sidebars and dropdown menu?

A link will be great...

Hi Amjnejallouli,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. You may refer to the following link
Page with two sidebar.

Dropdown menu

Best Regards,
Good morning sean,

Thank you very for answering quickly. I guess I did not express myself as it should be. What I want is a page having at the same time 2 sidebars (on the right and the left) in addition to the dropdown menu.

The examples you gave me are:
* one example for 2 sidebar page only
* on dropdown menu page only

Hope it is available...

Thanks again...
Hi Aminejallouli,

May be we are misunderstand what you want. Can you send us an email with the some simple sketch / image?

P.s support email is provided in documentation page

Best Regards,
Good morning,

Can you give us a step by step documentation for the compilation of the LESS file. I do need that for changing the colors... The provided documentations just describe the list of available less files.

Thanks in advance sean...
Hi Amjnejallouli,

You may refer to the style.less inside the less folder and we have include all the less file inside there. For changing the color, you can go to less/theme/default.less to change the color theme.

Best Regards,
Thanks again.

I am talking about the command for compiling the less file. Should I install some thing? install grunt-cli for example? It is me who is supposed the write Gruntfile.js?
Hi Aminejallouli,

Yeah. If you are using command to complile the less file, you may refer to their offical website how they compile the less file. http://lesscss.org/
Or you can include the less.js in the plugins folder.

Best Regards,
boterito PURCHASED
Hi, I just purchased the template.. and I have one questions, I can download the updates when they be available
Hi Boterito,

Thank you for purchasing our template. Once we have updated the version of color admin, you will receive a new download link to download the latest version of the template WITHOUT purchase it again.

P.s you can use the resend download features to download the latest version of the template also.

Best Regard,
I bought the theme, and I use ASP.net site. In an ASP.net site, it wraps everything in <form runat=server> tag.

This causes the CSS to not display right.

If I remove the <form> tag, it works great, looks perfect.

But thats not an option for me.

Is there an easy work around?
Hi MasterSell,

We have replied your email. Do check it out.

Best Regards,
Hey Sean,

There is a bug in the file form_plugins.html, in the new feature select2 in multiple selection.

If you put more than 4 tags it all messes up!

Hi Limon,

Thank your for your report. We have found the issues that you mention and will update in the next version release.

Here is the solution:
<style type="text/css">
.select2-container .select2-selection--single,
.select2-container--default .select2-selection--multiple {
min-height: 34px;
height: auto !important;

Best Regards,
Amigo me encanta su tema pero soy un poco novato en esto de las plantillas ustedes me pueden dar una guia de instalacion completa porque he desarrollado frontend pero sin dashboard admin esa parte no la he desarrollado por eso deseo adquirir su plantilla es una excelente herramienta
Hi Alvertovel,

Thank you for your comment. Sorry to say that we don't understand the spanish language. So we have used the google translate to translate your words into english. Hope the meaning is not out of topic. We do have documentation guide you how to setup your first page, what is the required css / js file and all the list of plugins that we use. If you have further more question, please do not hesitate to send us a message via https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/seanngu

Best Regards,
I just want to disable drag & drop for some of the widgets in dashboard. Is it possible by adding/removing some css class? Please advice.

Hi Delson,

You just need to remove the attribute data-sortable-id="" will disable the drag & drop features.

Best Regards,
Thanks Sean.

I removed the 'data-sortable-id="index-1"' attribute from the panel to remove drag & drop feature.
But the panel is still draggable!

Before: <div class="panel panel-inverse" data-sortable-id="index-1">
After: <div class="panel panel-inverse">

Hi Delson,

Sorry we have misunderstand your question. Here is the solution to disable some of the widget by adding a class "disable-draggable"
<div class="panel panel-inverse disable-draggable">

You need to add some extra option to the function handleDraggablePanel()
JS FILE: apps.js [LINE: 321]
ADDED LINE: cancel: 'disable-draggable'
handle: targetHandle,
connectWith: connectedTarget,
cancel: ".disable-draggable",
stop: function(event, ui) {
ui.item.find('.panel-title').append('<i class="fa fa-refresh fa-spin m-l-5" data-id="title-spinner"></i>');

Best Regards,
Hi Sean,

It worked like a charm.

Thank you very much.
How can I turn off option with moving panel to only some panels at page ?
Already answer 2 hours ago ^ ^ Sorry, there was no question :P
Hi Sparksos,

No Problem : )

Best Regards,
s14guy04 PURCHASED

We have purchased your theme and it has been incredible so far. Great work, super clean, great documentation. You have made my life a lot easier to develop this project.

I do have a question, on my instance when click a left navigation item on mobile, when the page loads, it does not collapse the nav.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
s14guy04 PURCHASED
Also have a question about the Form Wizard with Parsley validation:

I've got a conditional form field, and some fields are hidden, that require validation. How do I pass options to the Parsley validation? I see bwizard being called with .parsley().validate in the form-wizard-validation.js file but don't know how to add these:

data-parsley-excluded="input[type=button], input[type=submit], input[type=reset], input[type=hidden], [disabled], :hidden"

Hi S14guy04,

Thank you for your comment.

Regarding your question about the left navigation item on mobile. If you are using Ajax version, you can add the following code to the function handleLoadPage() in apps.js

FILE: apps.js
LINE: 681 & 684
CODE ADDED: $('#page-container').removeClass('page-sidebar-toggled');

var handleLoadPage = function(hash) {
var targetUrl = hash.replace('#','');
$('.jvectormap-label, .jvector-label, .AutoFill_border ,#gritter-notice-wrapper, .ui-autocomplete, .colorpicker, .FixedHeader_Header, .FixedHeader_Cloned .lightboxOverlay, .lightbox').remove();
type: 'POST',
url: targetUrl, //with the page number as a parameter
dataType: 'html', //expect html to be returned
success: function(data) {
$('html, body').animate({
scrollTop: $("body").offset().top
}, 250);
error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {

For parsley validation for input hidden field, the plugins is not validate the field like input hidden field, disabled field and etc. You may refer to their documentation

If you wish to validate the input hidden field, you can do your custom javascript / backend validation
$("#wizard").bwizard({ validating: function (e, ui) {
if (ui.index == 0) {
// step-1 validation
if (false === $('form[name="form-wizard"]').parsley().validate('wizard-step-1')) {
return false;
} else {
if ($('input[name="hidden-field-name"]').val() == '') {
alert('input hidden field value is required');
return false;

Best Regards,
s14guy04 PURCHASED
Really appreciate your help Sean.

Regarding the mobile nav, that worked perfectly. I should have been able to figure out it needed a remove toggled class, duh!

And for the hidden input field validation, i added some attribute adding & removing via the conditional js, data-parsley-required, data-parsley-excluded.

Thanks again!
s14guy04 PURCHASED
Hello Sean,

Is it possible to have the right sidebar collapsed on all pages except for a specific page?
Hi S14guy04,

You can add the class "page-right-sidebar-collapsed" in page container to collapse the right sidebar by default.

<div id="page-container" class="page-right-sidebar-collapsed">

Best Regards,

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