How do I extend the automatic signout time on the system? It logs the users out very fast.
I´m interesting in buy this template, I´ve checked the demo, it´s amazing

I have to migrate a aplication in .net 2013 to .net 2017, I goint to use MVC.

1. Is this template compatible with MCV 5?

2. Does the grid UI have a edition proces? This is very important to have for the company, a edition grid

thanks for your time.
Hello, I need to buy this template but I need to know before if:
1) The template is compatible with PHP programming
2) If I can use this template without ASP.net. I do not use asp.net. Do you have any version that is not programmed in ASP.NET and that are only html and bootstrap files?
This product has many different versions included. Yes this template is compatible with PHP programming. In the package there are different versions included. Asp.net is one of the version included. There is also a bootstrap version which is compatible with PHP. It is made up of HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap. Plus there is an angular version as well. thank you
I am interested in to buy this template, but in smartphones and ipad there is any critical errors:
1) Sidebar menu dont hide in smartphone and tablets and is expanded all time (this dificulted all content clear way)
2) Calendar dont work like other templates, if you click in any event nothing is there, i can't add and i can´t delete nothing, and i can´t see events added.
3) In reports, option cloud download data tables don´t work, and i can`t export nothing to pdf, excel

I need to know if this errors you are solved, because i see that last template update is more than 7 months.
Thank you!

I am using MVC template when i am using print invoice it is not working.

could you please let me know the suggestions

Print invoice is just a button. You need to integrate your print style. Thanks
Is this theme maintained and given support?
Yes. It is well maintained and supported too. Just launched the bootstrap 4 version last day. Thanks
OK from the live-preview , with regards to chat API , when on a chat, when a user writes a message and hits return, the message passes to the chat log, but it does not scroll to bottom.

The scroll is always on top, so new messages are not seen straight away, the user needs to scroll down the chat thingy,

As soon as fixed let me know and will buy the theme.

because an image speaks louder than words:


Does the MVC6 / Asp.net Core project based on .Net Core 2.0, and is it currently integrated with bootstrap 4?

There seems to be an issue with the bootstrap 4 versions. Perhaps not all styles are migrated, but breadcrumbs, for example, are not styled in bs4, like they are in bs3 version of the template.
Can I make horizontal menu? Need help with it. I have already purchased this theme.
Hi Admin,
I am really interested to buy this template .I wanted to implement this in core .Net not in MVC so shall i get this functionality in this ?
Hello -- does the template work okay in 4K, please?
Good evening, I would like to know if this theme is compatible with MVC4 (ASP.NET 4.6) and / or MVC5 (ASP.NET 5) in Visual Studio 2015. Thanks for your prompt response.
He comprado la plantilla pero no encuentro por ningun del archivo descargado el theme compatible con angular 4+. La version que viene integrada es para angular 1.x. Como puedo conseguir la version de esta plantilla para angular?
Hello Themebuilder,

I bought the template before yesterday and did all steps of installation but I got many errors and doesn't succeed.

What can I do?

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