I really like the design. Is there any way to play multiple dashboards like a slideshow? I want to use this to display reports on a large monitor and I would like the screen contents (dashboard) to loop through reports I built using this template.
Hi, thanks for your comment!

Whilst the functionality you describe is not built in, it would be a relatively easy piece of JavaScript that would be needed to cycle through the pages. A simple function that after a timeout, triggers a click on the next menu item. Thus you have a "slideshow" effect, albeit an actual page load.

With a bit more time, it would also be possible to build an actual slideshow that doesn't require a page load, but I think the first solution would work well enough.

Hope that helps. If you have further questions, feel free to send me a direct message via my seller profile page.



This has helped me a ton to create a proof of concept dashboard, so thank you.

I'm driving your widgets with data from php queries to mysql, which must be a common way to use them.

Although most of them worked first time, I can't get the pie,funnel,rag and line widgets to use my data, they just display the demo data. I know this has got to be something stupid on my part but cannot figure out what.

For example my pie chart widget has my demo data in the script based on your comments:


But the div reference to my 'pie-1' script still displays your original demo data...

<div class="content cf-pie" id="pie-1">
<canvas id="cf-pie-1-c" width="0" height="0"></canvas>

It's basically the same problem with the line, funnel and rag widgets.

I can send you a URL to view the dashboard if you are willing to take a look?
HI there, yes of course, send me a URL to froghelp@bengoodyear.com and I'll be happy to take a look.
adil1994 PURCHASED
can you give me a support regarding that ..i don't know the way to drive widgets with data from php queries ...?
@adil1994 please email froghelp@bengoodyear.com and provide examples of what you're trying to do. I will see if I am able to help.
I just want prospective buyers to know that Ben has provided excellent support to me in relation to my comment above. This is an excellent toolkit to help build KPI dashboards that is easy to connect via PHP/MySQL to back end data and has the potential to deliver client value that is far in excess of the $30 cost. Bargain. Thanks Ben.
I thought this was a HTML/CSS template with some JS files for the animation etc.

I have no idea how to even start with vue and I can't understand any of the files :(
Sorry for the confusion, I'll have to make the description clearer. If you email me you receipt to froghelp@bengoodyear.com, I can send you the previous version of the theme that is just HTML/CSS and plain JS.
adil1994 PURCHASED
Please can you give the original code of index.html . (same as livedemo).. i found out some problems when i want to bring KPI together..
here is my e-mail : arka.adil1@gmail.com
adil1994 PURCHASED
can send you the previous version of the theme that is just HTML/CSS and plain JS.
adil1994 PURCHASED
Is it possible to have the last version ....i'm not accoustomed with vue..

Thanks for purchasing my theme. I have emailed you the last version as requested. I will also look to updating the current theme with a HTML/CSS/JS only version.

adil1994 PURCHASED
Please Ben , How can we set new labels or values (connected to Mysql) for chart ... ?
@adil1994 please email froghelp@bengoodyear.com and provide examples of what you're trying to do. I will see if I am able to help.
adil1994 PURCHASED
Thank you BenGoodYear , i sent you a detailed email about my request
Hallo Ben,
I just baought the theme,
can you also send me the version with HTML/CSS/JS?
Thank you in advance!

Please email me at froghelp@bengoodyear.com and I can send that to you.


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