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Hi, great design. I wanted to ask if you have any buttons that will work in the menu? Like how a lot of sites have "Sign Up" and "Log In" as buttons. I wasn't able to find any examples in you demo. If you have that, I'm definitely purchasing it. Thanks!

We add new demo with one-page navigation and menu buttons.

Thank you!
jacksprat PURCHASED
Thank you for doing that so quickly! I kept my word and just bought the theme =)
Thank you!
Are you going to move to SASS in future versions?

Yes, we are planning to release SCSS version.
Hi this is likely a stupid question being that I'm not tech savvy at all. I have a small business and really like this template. Would it be easy for me to add in content myself (like the way joomla works) and also will it allow plug ins?

This is simple HTML/CSS template. We are develop Wordpress(CMS like Joomla) version now. It will be available soon. You can subscribe at our twiiter to be notified when theme will be ready.

Thank you!
How soon do you think it may be complete? Our website project will be due by EOM June. We love this template and all of the pages, but want to make it's CMS like and has the ability for plug ins.
It will be ready in 1-2 month.
Hello, template not displaying PHP errors! is there a solution for this.

Do you have problem with contact form? Please use our profile page for support.

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Is there a way to adjust the speed/interval for the carousel? I see this:
"<div class="owl-carousel tms-carousel" data-carousel-options="{pagination": true}">"
but no option for changing the speed/interval. It seems the current interval is 3000ms but I don't know where to change it.

Thanks in advance for any help

Yes, use option "autoPlay". Example:

data-carousel-options='{"pagination":true, "autoPlay": "5000"}'

You can check it at "shortcodes-testimonials.html" page.

Thank you!
qz789000 PURCHASED
Don't know how I missed that but thank you so much for the answer and quick reply!
Glad to help you!
qz789000 PURCHASED
It's a great theme and the code is very well written. There are lots of examples so it's easy to customize.

Is there an easy way to keep the footer at the bottom of the page? For example, I have a page with very little content and the footer pulls up to the bottom of the content. Is there a way to force the footer to stay at the bottom of the page?
Thank you very much!

You can use jQuery plugin - https://github.com/miWebb/jQuery.stickyFooter
Fantastic theme; love the weekly updates!!
Thank you!
Any chance you can make the main menu close after clicking on a link (mobile version single page)?

We will add this feature in next update.

Thank you!
Hey @web-master72 , I used your theme and I absolutely loved it. Very easy to use, looks great on responsive!!!
I used relative links in the menu, and for some reason they don't work on responsive (iPhone 6 - Chrome or Safari). What's the best way to solve the problem?

Here is the link to the website: http://releafmusicgroup.com/

Thanks in advance!
Another thing, for some reason my favicons don't show up when I share my site on fb. Any thought on that? Thanks!!!

Thank you!

1. Remove all classes from "<li>" tags.

Your code:

<li class="menu-item-has-children menu-item-has-mega-menu">
<a href="#whoweare">Who We Are</a>

Should be:

<a href="#whoweare">Who We Are</a>

2. You can use facebook debugger:


And Open Graph:


<meta property="og:image" content="http://themes.2the.me/Core/1.1/assets/images/team/1.jpg">
That was very helpful! everything worked, thank you! One last question, is it possible to place an image into the hero? http://releafmusicgroup.com/ I tried replacing <h1> with an image, but didn't succeed. My ultimate goal is for the image to look like it does now, but be on top of the background as a separate element (right now it's just a part of the background). Thank you!
Sorry, but It's not possible to use image with slider.
Love the templates! Best package I've seen online.

Question - What would be the easiest way to remove the pace plug-in?

Thank you!

Please drop us a message via contact form(https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/web-master72) and we will send you plugins.js without "pace" plugin.
Great template! The only thing I am waiting for is a time line that would be great!
Thank you! We will add this feature in next updates.
Really great work, the template is amazing!
One thing that draws me back (happens with other templates too) is that you don't specify the licensing terms for the plugins (and similar items) used in the template.
Contrary to what many users probably believe, purchasing the template does not put you in the clear regarding licensing issues.
Plugins using a MIT, PD, Apache or even GPLv2 license are OK to use.
However, plugins using a GPLv3 or AGPLv2 license (for example) are not and require to purchase a comercial license (wich is not always available and would probably put the whole thing on the illegal side if used commercially).
It would be really great if you could add the licensing type beside each plugin, something like:
- isotope (GPLv3 / Commercial)
- WOW (GPLv3 / Commercial)
- jQuery (MIT)

The total price of putting this in the clear for a commercial application / web site is way higher than the template price. WOW starts at $29, for example.

Something that could mitigate this would be to specify the places where the plugins requiring separate purchase are used. That way I could easily determine if I absolutely need them or if I can pass on using certain features.


We use developer license(isotope, WOW) so it free for our users - you no need to purchase it separately.

Thanks for your quick reply.

That's really great to know!
Glad to help you!
Could you please correct the spelling mistake in class name ".nav-toogle" which should be ".nav-toggle", I assume. Many thanks for the great work on this template.

Will be fixed in next update.

Thank you!
Thanks for your prompt response. Additionally, just noticed that "assets/css/vertical.min.css" is not actually minified but it's identical to the un-minified, pretty version. Similar to other files, could this be minified as well?

On a side note, could you please explain what "assets/css/pace-theme-minimal.css" is used for and where it can be applied?
1. Yes of course. Will be done.

2. This is css file of "pace" plugin(Site preloader) - http://github.hubspot.com/pace/docs/welcome/

Thank you!
I just bought the theme, and was wondering how to change header background in the Ripples Full Screen. I tried both changing the html code to accommodate new image title and naming the image module-28.jpg It didn't seem to work. Here is the snippet of code I was working on:

<section class="module-header full-height ripples bg-dark jquery-ripples" data-ripples-options="{"imageUrl":"assets/images/module-28.jpg"}" style="background-image: none;">

Can you please tell me how to change the background image? Thank you.

Remove line: style="background-image: none;" and clear cache of your browser.

You can use contact form for support - https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/web-master72

Thank you!
Does ripple effect work for mobile? I pulled up on my iPhone and it's not working.

Thank you for bug report. We will fix this in next update.
Really love this theme, but I see a javascript error when when testing with mobile unit.
I use Chrome with developer tools, and selects "iPhone 5" as device. When I preview the "Gradient small" template (http://themes.2the.me/Core/1.2.5/index-15.html), it results in a "Uncaught TypeError".
It works if I select "Responsive" as the unit. I see the same error when testing on my iPhone.
What could this be?

Thank you for bug report!

This is some bug in parallax plugin. We will improve it in next update.
is there any way to get the video - when using it as background for herp area- to play with sound? cant figure out a way-

alternately I can embed a video suing text block and i can get that to play but cant get it full width of page what to do???

If it's important for you - you can do some change in jarallax plugin:

1. Open files: "assets/js/plugins.js", "assets/js/plugins.min.js"
2. Find line(Ctrl + F): "mute:1" and set it to "0"

All background will play with sound.

Or you can wait an update of plugin which allow to use different options for each video background.
Hello, with the http://themes.2the.me/Core/1.2.6/index-6.html local video demo in the newest firefox there is a grey background box that moved above the video while scrolling down. Any suggestions?

Problem was in Jarallax plugin. We did an update you can download new version or just update files from new package:

Thank you very much!
Glad to help you!

Great design thank you and I have been using it to put my site together for the past 4 months.

I appreciate that you are keeping us up to date with updates and bug-fixes, but at the same time, they can be a real headache because - for example with the updates to 1.2.7 you virtually say that all .html files have to be updated. - So that seems to mean a total reconstruction of every page we have set up so far.

Has EVERYTHING on EVERY page changed? Or are there only parts of certain pages changed?

Are you able to specifically detail what classes have changed and which ones remain the same? Otherwise we have to go through every page with a fine tooth comb to try to pick them up.

The other thing is that from day one, the pages have been extremely slow to render. I have a brand new top of the range 15" MacBook Pro, so it would seem to not be a machine problem. But caches have to be continually flushed and pages often have to be continually refreshed to try to get them to finally render.

Because I am still developing my site, I have not yet tried to fully optimise it - but at the same time, each page seems to be downloading a heap of assets. How many of these are really necessary?

OK, so I am maybe asking "how long is a piece of string?" but it would be great to know what assets relate to what pages, components or classes and the functions that they perform so we can strip out any unnecessary stuff. - Otherwise all the effort going in to things at the moment would seem to be a waste if people give up on accessing the site because the page speeds are so bad.

Thanks again and looking forward to your thoughts.

Thank you!

Can you give me a link to your site? You can use my profile page - https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/web-master72

Is demo site is extremely slow to render? I tested it on my old and small Acer.

Important changes:

1. Offsetting columns(*.html for "module-title" div's and etc.):

Bootstrap 4a:


Bootstrap 4b:




More info:


2. Change script's block (*.html):

<!-- Scripts-->

3. Change accordion layout:

Class "card-block" to "card-body"
How do I remove / delete the Color Selector slide out menu on the left side? I have looked everywhere.
Thanks for your help.
NM - I found it. It was at the very bottom. Cheers!

If you still have questions you can use contact form here: https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/web-master72

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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