Nice template, GLWS!
jeffersone, Thank you!
Hey there, love this template as a starting point. Do you have a contact form available for it? If not I'll just code up my own, just wanted to see if I could save a little time. Cheers and beautiful work!
Hi simplecreatif,
Thanks for purchase our template!

Yes, Contact Form will be in the next update/
You're awesome!
v1.4 - 27.10.2015
Added working, user-friendly PHP contact form
Very simple to edit and nice template. Thanks to help and fast response. Very professional.
Thank you very much for your feedback and for purchasing our template
I was about to show the countdown page of csoon to my client, and i bought it right away to find out the countdown effect which showed in this site was not included in the purchased package. My client was very pissed off and i might not get this deal.

Countdown plugin included!
See documentation: http://forbetterweb.com/html/csoon/1.6/documentation/index.html#countdown

Time and date setting: js/csoon.js
countdown('2017/12/31 23:59:59')
joshhu, Put the required date is very, very simple.
Or you can send us a script and say what date you want and we will do.

Thank you
thank you but it might be too late.

your document came with the package said otherwise, which was 'cover.js'.

and the date in csoon.js is earlier than present day, that's why the countdown wasn't shown up.

i hope i can get another chance to demonstrate the new page of mine.
A nice template, and also has strong and professional support team!
I bought this template. It works well locally but then it doesn't work due to cache problems when i upload on to my hosting server. Here is the link


You website is extremely slow or having performance issues

For test:

Does this come with a pricing section ex: Display different packages

Thank You
Hi malinda
Csoon - Startup and Coming Soon Template - very simple and lightweight... but maybe in the next update/

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