Have you the same guy who create Osclass theme with this theme??

Ref: http://forums.osclass.org/themes-26/simple-clean-responsive-template-using-bootstrap-%28expensive-stuff%29-%29-22314/

Hello, sorry for late reply. You can find my themes only at WrapBootstrap. Product on your page is from other guy.
Hello, I just bought this theme and am finding it difficult to customize it. Please can you explain to me how to go about this.
Please reply urgently please.
Hello, can you contact me by form on my profile at https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/SenseMedia and describe me your problem, thanks.
Hi Can you please help me I want to know how can i use this themes? Iam new to boostrap.. Can you install if for me in my hosting? ready for use
Hello, this is just a web template. Only design in HTML and CSS. You have to write / use your system for classifieds. There are some free systems, eg. http://osclass.org, but you have to modify template for use. Most of this Bootstrap templates are developed for developers, not for consumers, sorry.
Hello SenseMedia!
I like your 'CZSale - Classified Ads Website Template'
I like the layout and functionality.
I was wondering if you can build me a website based on 'CZSale - Classified Ads Website Template' with some minor changes?
I will provide domain name, my logo and hosting for you to attach this website to it.
Of course NOT for free.
Let me know if you are interested in this project, so we can talk about details and compensation for this project.

Hello retro,

thank you for your message!
Unfortunately, I have some big projects right now and I don't have any time for this. I'm very sorry. But you can try to ask another programmer, show him this template and tell him your requirements.

Thank you SenseMedia.
I appreciate your permission for letting me use 'CZSale - Classified Ads Website Template' as an example for my project.

hello, I can use this issue with open -classifieds and give me all qye brings premium options ?
Hello, this template is only standard HTML/CSS. If you want use this with Open Classifieds, you have to convert it. But It's difficult and It will spend a lot of time. Sorry.
i want to purchase these theme, but can u give a demo of admin panel, as i had read in the comment that it is difficult to customize, i am interested in this theme, but as you dont provide refund that is why i need a demo
Hello, sorry for my late response. There is not admin panel and It's only HTML template of frontend for website with classified system. You need your system in PHP or different language, maybe some open-source, and then you have to use this theme. Have a nice day!
I would like to have the bottom part of category.html a little more responsive. See this print screen http://www.corobori.com/sos/2015-12-14_12-26-49.jpg
I have tried to adjust the css but no way I could have the text on one line and the value and the view's number on the 2nd line. I reckon jt would be much more readable that way. Any clue ?
Hello, thank you for your message. You can't do It because It's a table. But I have a solution for you. You can use hidden-* classes for that. There is a code: http://pastie.org/private/hx5vpx44jgjpwyocz8fq
Perfect ! It saves a lot of space. On the left it's before applying your suggestion, on the right it's after see http://www.corobori.com/sos/2015-12-24_12-10-40.jpg
Here is what I did based on your theme. www.mejoresdatos.cl Feel free to use it as a reference if you wish so
Hello Corobori, thank you for your reference and I wish you a lot of visitors! SM
Since we updated our website, last Friday, we have got, according to Analytics, +35% in pages x visit, +30% in Average Session Duration (and much more on mobile devices), +10 in sessions and our bounce rate is down by 15%.
Touching wood !!
Can I use it to convert it in PHP and use this template ?
Hello, I totally missed your question, so sorry for late answer. Yes, It is template for developers who will convert template to own classified system.
I like this website template, pls let me know regarding below concerns

Space for google ads
· Responsive website
· Template Customization
· Database setup/plug-in
· Email option for employees
· Paypal/ Credit card payments

Hello, sorry for very very late response. This is only web template without any advanced scripts and server side code. I don't have fully working classified web with admin side. Maybe In the future :)
can i get ur contact email or phone
Hello, you can click on my nick and Than you can send me a private message. Thank you.
Hello, we need a Classified and Listing full Responsive web site. Below we are adding some links to templates of web sites that we like, together with there admin panel login details. After looking into it we believe that this company has has made these demo templates based on the templates in the following link ( http://demo.smartaddons.com/templates/joomla3/sj-shoppystore/index.php/en/ ) . We have some knowledge in the field of this subject but not very extensive. Therefore we kindly ask you to have a look at the below links and let us know if you can make us or have a Responsive Classiffied web site based on the same design?

1- Demo Responsive Classified Template
Demo admin panel : http://ilanv7-vip.aydinwebyazilim.com/Panel/Giris
Username : demo
Password : demo

2- Demo Responsive Classified Template :
Demo admin panel : http://ilan-prime.aydinwebyazilim.com/Panel/Giris
Username : demo
Password : demo

3- Demo Responsive Classified Template :
Demo admin panel : http://ilanv7-vip.aydinwebyazilim.com/Panel/Giris
Username : demo
Password : demo

4- Responsive Classified Template :
Hello, This is only web template without any advanced scripts and server side code. I don't have fully working classified web with admin side. Maybe In the future :)
Demo responsive classified website here

Responsive classified website

<a href="https://adclassified.in">Adclassified</a>

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