hiyah, i have never seen a theme that uplifted my spirit like dana theme. i love this theme and its a reflection of the vision i had of a brand. if i bought the theme, will i be able to use the audio track and image pls.
Hello, thank you so much.

This html template do not include the image/video and audio.

From the item page bottom, you can find the link about the awesome image/video and audio, please visit the link and read about the license if you would like to use it on your website :)

Goodbye :)
Very clean and unique, great work mate.
Hello, thank you so much :)
How does one get the awesome hover effect with the star system? That was the main reason I bought this, but it doesn't seem to be included.
Hello, how are you?

The effect included, please open assets/js/variable.js (this is the template options file, we can change almost all options in this file)

And then find

// background effect (cloud / star)
// --------------------------------------------------

var _bg_effect = 0; // 0 = disable, 1 = cloud, 2 = parallax star star, 3 = star

change the value from 0 to be 3

Thats ok, and we can find more options about the effect at below, or just use the default value :)

Thank you so much, Goodbye.
Excellent, thank you greatly!
Hi, I would like to know how can I create two sections with the scroll effect, every time I try to copy this section, the items within the section do not show, I'm talking about the slider with the left and right arrow.
Hi, how are you?

Do you mean you have create a new section and can not show the carousel?

I have just write some custom code for you, please check the demo http://demo.bonefishcode.com/dana_custom/ and check the section name call `service2`

If this is the effect that you need, please send us your edited template file to bonefishcode[at]gmail.com (replace [at] with @]).

We will add the code for you, or you can contact us we will tell you how to edit the code.

Wait for your message :)

Hi! thanks for the reply, it is indeed. Thanks

We have just send you the custom version, hope you like it.

Goodbye, wish you a niceday :)
Great theme and would like to purchase only problem doesn't work in Safari, theres a javascript error in main.js that doesn't allow Safari to load page. Too bad, hope you can get that fixed.
I am sorry about that, could you post the error code for me? click my contact box and send me the error code and line, thanks you.
Hello, great theme.
I really like it but I would like to know if there is a way to scroll a specific section. I tried animating html, body, and specifics sections as #contact or #about. No success.
Can you help me, to achieve this?
Thank you.
Hello, thank you so much,

Use this format:

<a href="#about" data-link="section">About Section</a>

Goodbye :)
Thanks for fast reply.
In fact, I think I failed to describe what I really wanna achieve here.
My about section has a lot of items and the page is getting quite big, right now, the user has to scroll the page to see all of content.
What I'd really like to do is scroll programatically only content inside a specif section, example:
[user is in about section, and the first item is a button, when the user click the button, the page has to scroll to then end of about section, where there is a form]
I'm trying to do that: $("html, body").animate(scrollTop: $(document).height(), 100); //FAIL
$("#about).scrollTop($("#about").height(); // FAIL
and goes on!!!

I've tried everything to scroll programatically a specific section but no success.

(the code you suggested just change the section but doesn't scroll inside a specific section)

Thank you.
I love the star effect system when mouse hovers over..
Can this be customized to make the dots look like 0 and 1 ?
Hello, how are you?

Thank you so much.

I dont get the meaning, do you mean change the star size?

If yes, please open `assets/js/variable.js` find

var _bg_effect_star_width = 1.5; // px - star width

edit the star size :)

And if no, message me via the author profile :)

Hello bonefishcode how can I prevent the stars to appear in the center region of the screen?
Thanks in advance
Hello, how are you?

The star effect can not just disable at the center of the screen, but can be just disable the effect from the config js file.

If you need any support, feel free to send me a message via the author profile :)

Hello bonefishcode,
I was able to get my site up and running, www.binaryfluxx.com
But, need some fine tweaks
1) How do I reduce the height of header and footer of site ? When the content in center rolls in, on smaller screens, the button do not show up completely.
2) Under portfolio section, How do I align the right-hand image to align middle to the content on left-hand side?

Thanks for your support !
Hello, how are you?

1. we can change the header/footer height or just edit the section padding.

add below style to custom.css

@media (max-width: 991px) {
.section__cell {
padding: 100px 0 80px; /* edit this value for top and bottom padding on mobile/table */

/* If need, edit the site header and site footer too. */

@media (max-width: 991px) {
.site-header {
height: 56px; /* site header height on mobile/table, edit the value */

.site-footer {
height: 80px; /* site footer height on mobile/table, edit the value */

2. to edit the slider vertical-align middle, first we set a height for the slider item, the simple method is just set the item height by css and change inner div to table-cell, for example most height item is right side, about 360px, so we going to add below css to custom.css.

/* add #portfolioCarousel so other slider wont vertical-align middle */
#portfolioCarousel .owl-item {
height: 360px;

#portfolioCarousel .owl-item > div {

Add media query if need, or try to set the height by js code, send me a message via the item author profile if any support need :)

How do we decrease the opacity of the background?
Hello, how are you?

For version 1.x please add below code inside `assets/css/custom.css`

.site-bg__overlay {
background-color: rgba(30, 31, 37, 0.65); /* change this value in rgba format */

And for version 2.x, please open `assets/js/variable.js` find

// ============================================ //
// Overlay //
// ============================================ //

// true, false - enable / disable overlay
var _site_bg_overlay_toggle = true;

// rgba format - overlay color
var _site_bg_overlay_color = 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)';

Edit above variable or disable the overlay.

Goodbye :)
How did you make something like this?!??!?! Its amazing!
Hi, amazing work on the template. I was wondering if i could add a full screen carousel as part of the landing page, and if there was an easy way to add a scrolling function to this template. I would like to show case some case studies and they would be better presented if the page was not limited to just that size, in other words i wanted to information below the first image you are presented with on the home page.

Thank you so much for the incredible work.
does the section version come with the mouse overlay. i can get the starts to start connecting. also i cant manage to get the contact form to send emails thanks :)
Hello, I would like to know how to put in the countdown, the target date is set, but the date of origin, instead of that of the PC, that I take what I say, and so the countdown leaves with our days . I do not know if I have explained myself correctly.
hi sir . im want buy theme this . but im alos just is newbie about web..im want link theme this with admin template . Sir can guide me install not sir

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