This mentions that there is no LESS support. I'd like to integrate this CSS into the CSS that we're using for an internal application we're writing. Happy to pay for the LESS if its available.
Hi Ryan,

Yes, we don't include LESS in this version. I might add the LESS feature in future update, but I can't guarantee the ETA. The biggest priority in my roadmap now is adding new layout and contact form module.
Nice theme. The mobile navigation does not close after a navigation link is clicked, at least not when tested in Firefox.
Hi richcoy,

You are right, that will be something I would fix in the next update. If you need a quick fix for that, email me (via my profile page).
The theme can scroll horizontally. Both the example on this site and my purchase. Any ideas?
Hi, I have updated the demo site, can you try to clear browser cache and refresh.

Fo your own installation, go to style.css and find ".section {", and then add "overflow-x: hidden;". That should do the trick.

This fix will be up along with other new features in the next version.

All the demo sites still have horizontal scrolling... adding "overflow-x: hidden" to ".section" fixes it though.
Yes it seems the demo site is still using the old style.css. If you want to check the fixed update, you can go to: http://design.davidrozando.com/drew-html-v1.1

It's an upcoming release, which is still waiting for approval from the reviewer.
Thanks @daviedR that little fix solves the horizontal scrolling issue. It was really bothering me too.
Hi Robin, yes it has been fixed in the upcoming update. Still waiting for approval :/
Hello David,
2 things:
1. fonts that you used for the logo drew?
2. The menu on iphone does not close after clicking on the link ... in the version of the purchased version wrapbootstrap.com works .... no !!!
Hi Ivan

1. It's Courgette
2. Yes, I plan to release the updates soon. The demo site already uses my latest code, but the purcchased package still the old one. If you need a quick fix, go to script.js and find "if ( $.fn.onePageNav ) {" block, change it to:

if ( $.fn.onePageNav ) {
$( '#header-nav' ).onePageNav({
scrollSpeed : 1000,
begin : function() {
$( '#navigation' ).collapse( 'toggle' );
Thanks David,
works perfectly.
Hi! Few minutes ago I purchased this theme for my project. It looks cool. Really thanks!
I have something to ask you such as updates, when is the next update?
Hi! Glad you love my template :)

Yes, I already submitted a new update, but it's still on the reviewing process. Not sure why it takes long. But it will be available soon :)
Thanks for your reply. I will wait until the update is published :) How to know about the new update? Is it published on this page?
Yes, once the update is approved, the page will be updated, and the Live preview button will direct you to the new updated demo site. If you are curious you can go to:

The new pages are so cool. I am very glad about buying this theme! I have three questions by the way. 1. Could you inform me about where to download link will be for new pages? 2. I want to remove the loading bar. When I write the url to my webpage, the loading bar appears and also it appears when I click to the other pages. 3. Would you like to design a page for content? Imagine that, I will publish some posts and the posts is not looking good without its background or something like that.
And 4! :) The video background is Turkish coffee?
Hi Barican,

Glad you love it :) I will answer your questions

1. You will get the notification when the update is approved. I am not sure why the reviewing process takes so long.

2. I have included a quick tutorial to disable the preloader screen (loading bar). Please check out the documentation.

3. What do you mean? Can I see your pages?

4. Not sure :) Found it in the free video footage site. And it looks cool..
Thanks for your quick reply.

1) I didn't buy your theme with my account on WrapBootstrap.com. I signed up here after I bought your theme. Are you still sure that I will get notification? :)

2) Okey I will check the documentation never checked it before It's my bad sorry about it.

3) I will send you a message. Check your inbox.

4) I think it's Turkish Coffee. Good choice! :)
Hi, oh I see. Can you provide your purchase code so I can check it in my sales history.

I am not sure if you will get a notification when the new version came out, I think you should try to contact this site's administrator. Or if it doesn't work, I could send the new package via email to you. But I want to confirm your purchase code first :)
Hi, so I got to install the theme, but my navigation isn't working.. it shows the #link url on the browser when I click on each link, any help to resolve this would be appreciated. And yes all the css and js files are properly linked to the page.
Fixed! it was my mistake, I didn't link the JavaScript file properly.. thanks
Him just read your comment. Glad you have solved it :)
Hi David,

I have some strange issue with the downloaded template.
When I am opening one of the demo files from the package, the page doesn't load and in most cases browser doesn't respond. It starts to work properly after couple of attempts to open the html, but even then, if I made any update in html code and save it, it happens again.
It happened to me on two different laptops, in both IE and Chrome (last versions).

Could you think about what can be an issue?
Weird.. It looks fine here, and other buyers doesn't report the same issue. The page contains some online resources, like Google Fonts, Google Maps, Vimeo/Youtube Video Embed. So make sure you have a internet connection when open the HTML.

Anyway, can you send me a screenshot about the issue?

The screenshot would not be helpful, since it is only white screen instead of page :)

Thanks anyway, I will check it.

By the way, just wanted to add that it will be great if you could add gallery/slider and screenshots sections in your next update.

In overall, the theme is really great.
Hi pilser, it's weird, a lot of people already bought this template and never comment about the similar issue. Let me know if you found something later

Sure, the screenshot carousel is already in our roadmap :) Stay tuned!
The jQuey gMap JS plugin is included but it's not used anywhere as far as I can see.
Hi there, if you look at the new HTML, I add a new section: #maps which uses the maplace library to call the google maps.
Nice theme.

I am trying to put the slideshow background into use, but I am not able to make it work.

I commented the image background code and deleted the comments from the slideshow background code, but it doesn't work.

Is there anything else I should do?

Hi hepa,

If you read in the documentation, you need to make sure that you have included the responsiveslides js script. Check at the bottom of your HTML. For real example, take a look at variant-slideshow-bg.html
Hi, thanks for answering my previous question.

The mobile navigation does not work on the iPhone 5.
When pinching the menu icon, nothing happens.

Could you please check that out?

Hi, can you tell me your site URL?

I'm using this at CoPrayers.com

When I use the MailChimp form there is no indication that the sign up happened, though I do get the email from mailchimp. If there is an error there is an error message that appears. Shouldn't there be a message saying "Success"?


I am the same way. It would be cool if my email address cleared and I got a success message on page.
I worked around this by following this tutorial and using my own form and script. Maybe this can help someone else:


It will take some CSS changes to get it to match but it works well.
Hi guys,

It seems there is an update from Mailchimp API response, which affect my callback processing based on the response JSON. I will release a quick patch soon
Hi guys, can you send me an email? it seems it's a small mistake from my end. I will send you the updated script.js via email
There is an error in script.js#292
Should be
else if ( response.status == 'success' ) {
instead of
else if ( response.status == 'error' ) {
Also, #294 and #295 in script.js should be switched.
Hey there, yep, you are right! It is fixed on the next version released.
Great, thanks! Awesome theme btw. and really cool that you are so responsive to the comments here. :)
You are welcome :) Stay tuned for next upcoming update, there are some new features. Cheers!
Hi Dear author, If I buy the theme, can I always get the last version in future?
Sure. You will get update notification via email from WrapBootstrap system :)
I have noticed that using the full screen templates on certain tablets that have a 1024 X 600 resolution, the buttons get chopped off and are not visible.

Is there a possible fix for this?

If you have long content, and you see it doesn't fit on tablet view, you can try adding this CSS:

@media ( max-width: 1199px ) {
.hero-section.hero-fullscreen {
height: auto;
It worked David, thank you!

Great template, btw. Keep up the good work!
Hi dear author,
How can i replace the Drew in top-left by our logo picture? Can i do it?
Hi, of course, just replace the header-logo.png in the images directory
Hi, i'm using this template but didn't managed to make team section to be in center (we only 3 founders, not 5). Can you provide the solution?
Hey penzin,

The Team section is based on Bootstrap grid system, so you can change the columns into 3 or 4 or more. Please read more about the grid system here: http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid
Hi David,

I have some issue with mail chimp integration form.
It works ok in terms of errors messages and sending data, but it doesn't display "Success" message, when the email address is valid and subscription is successful.

I'd like to understand what can be done in order to replace subscription form with some span or div with message "Your request was successfully sent", or something like that. Currently, it's just do nothing for me once email is valid, it just stay as is, without any notification to subscriber.

Thanks in advance!
Hi pilser,

Yes it is a known issue in current version. Will release a new version soon with this issue fixed. For a quick fix, can you email me? I will sent the updated script.js to you.
Thanks a lot, sent you an email.
Replied :)
Great, problem resolved. Thanks!
Same problem. Any solution?
Hi penzin, email me, I will reply you with the updated script.js
Hello there,

Do you provide the less files with the purchase?

- Vincent
Hi Vincent,

No there is no .less files included with the purchase. The template is very straight forward, and I already created separate files for color customizations including the documentation how to make changes. So I think using default CSS is enough.
Is there a way to make the video play a set number of times?
Hey Tris1, do you mean the background video? HTML5 Video only has "loop" attribute which is to be "true" or "false", there is no native attribute for specific number of play times.

However, a javascript could handle the event and count each time the video ends, and then decide whether play it back or stop.

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