I used this theme and my client was very happy for the result, David has alwasy been giving a good support in anything i need. I recommend it!
Wow, so glad to hear it from you Ruben :)

Btw, I just released an update with some new features, you might want to check it out

when using this layout:

and try to add another div inside the centered (dark) container, it will not extend the main container (the dark one). Could you please fix that?

To point that out: I would need to have an image on the left, a text in the middle and a submit button on right. Tried doing that by using the grid, but then the above problem occurs.
Also when adding this into the section:

<div class="media">
<img class="pull-left img-responsive" src="http://i.imgur.com/SeO7616.png" style="max-width: 33.33%">
<div class="media-body">

The whole section is no longer responsive. I doubt that this should happen.
Hi TechnoMan,

Sorry I kinda lost, which section did you add the code to?
Also can you provide your page URL? Need to look at the HTML inspect element to have better view on this.

You can email me, if you have some private information about your development page.
Hi Michael,

I got your email, but I still don't get it. I tried the source you gave, and it looks fine. The responsive still works perfectly as in my demo page.

Except the penguin meme image, it's something you added into the page by yourself. That's the only thing different from my original demo page. What do you want to do with it? You said "The whole section is no longer responsive. I doubt that this should happen." I see the section still responsive, but not your penguin image.

Let me know what you are up to with the image and the text? I can help you out.

But just to let you and other people here know, that's not the template issue. You have to learn bootstrap practice to add something else into the page.

not to be rude but I kinda doubt that I did something wrong. In FireFox it looks like that:

As you can see it is not responsive anymore after adding this media element. In Google chrome it works fine. That fact makes indeed look it like a bug.

Looking forward to your response!

Hi Michael,

Okay you are right, it looks wrong in Firefox. After looking for a solution, I found that it's IE and Firefox bug. reference:


Yeah I use "table" display for "hero-content" class. So we need to add "table-layout: fixed" to get the image's "max-width" working.

After adding that fix, it works, but I think it looks ugly on small screen. See: http://snag.gy/9f91W.jpg

So I come with another solution for you: Try this snippet:

<div class="hero-media">
<div class="hero-media-image"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/SeO7616.png" alt=""></div>
<div class="hero-media-content">
<div class="clear"></div>
.hero-media-image {
max-width: 33.33%;
float: left;
.hero-media-content {
padding-left: 20px;
float: left;
@media ( max-width: 479px ) {
.hero-media-image {
float: none;
text-align: center;
max-width: none;
.hero-media-content {
float: none;
padding-left: 0;

It works perfectly. you may want to move the styles into your CSS file to keep it neat.


sadly that does still only work in Google Chrome. In FireFox it now looks like that:

please add "table-layout: fixed" in the "hero-content" CSS class
You mean like that?

.hero-media-image {
max-width: 33.33%;
float: left;
.hero-media-content {
padding-left: 20px;
float: left;
table-layout: fixed
@media ( max-width: 479px ) {
.hero-media-image {
float: none;
text-align: center;
max-width: none;
.hero-media-content {
float: none;
padding-left: 0;
table-layout: fixed

If so, that did not change anything :(
No, I said "hero-content", means you should go to your style.css and search for "hero-content" and then add the "table-layout: fixed;"
Oh sorry, my bad. Works fine now. Thanks a lot for the help!

just sent you a mail.

Got it thanks
Alright. Just found out that it works fine in Chrome, but not in FireFox

I'm having a js error when clicking the "navbar-logo navbar-brand anchor-link"

The link does not operate and gives an error:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: /
....value:null},gb.error=function(a){throw new Error("Syntax error, unrecognized ex...

You can see this on a site I'm working on here:


Any thoughts on how to fix this?
Hi Patrick,

Why do you add "anchor-link" class to the home menu link? The class only use when you want to navigate to sections within the same page with smooth scrolling animations. If you want to go to other page, you don't use "anchor-link" class.

I just purchased the package, and I'm viewing the page on my Desktop Chrome browser, and for some reason all the .html files are showing a mobile optimized view.

However, the html pages on your website have no problem (web optimized). For example
looks fine on my chrome browser, but then if I copy paste it's source code, and put it in the same directory as my other .html files from the package, it renders a mobile optimized view. :(
Hi tryceattack,

Can you email me you site URL? Thanks :)
I'd like to use the "SUCCESS STORIES FROM OUR BE<3D USERS" caroussel as shown on the live preview. I've updated my files to 1.2 but I can't find it in any of the HTML pages and pasting it in myself isn't working for me either. Any idea what exact file I need to get it to work? (the images aren't included either)

Great work btw, I love the theme :)
Hi tghmember,

Thanks for purchasing Drew, and I am glad you love it :)

That section is not yet included in the package. At the moment, it's only used in the demo portal. I will release an update soon, which includes that section :) Stay tuned
There is some rogue code in this template that prevents any forms from working. I have tried deleting the scripts, but something is still blocking my forms. I can't figure it out.
Hi grantpowell,

What do you mean? What form did you create?
johnmike PURCHASED
Hello! Great template, but I have a problem with sending the email. Can you help me please? I just modified this:

$is_smtp = true;
$smtp_host = 'smtp.gmail.com';
$smtp_host = 'smtp.gmail.com';
$smtp_auth = true;
$smtp_username = '[email protected]';
$smtp_password = 'password';
$smtp_Secure = 'tls';
$smtp_port = 587;
Hi, just replied to your email :)
johnmike PURCHASED
It worked! <3
Thank you very much!
Your welcome :)
nicky112 PURCHASED
Hey @daviedR,

drew is a pretty nice landing page, thank you!

Is there any way of making the background image expanding to the full height even when I remove all content inside <div class="hero-content-inner">...</div>? The content I will put inside will be dynamic so in my case the background shouldn't rely on that. Btw I am using the carousel. ;)

Cheers, nicky112
Hey Nicky,

Can you add the "hero-fullscreen" class on the hero-section? It should solve your problem :)

Regards, David
nicky112 PURCHASED
Hey daviedR,

thank your for the hint that almost solved my problem. In order to make it work I had to remove the class "hero-layout-classic".

Hey Nicky, Oh glad you have solved it :)
Hi! on my project I have been using the page is fullscreen cta + countdown. As I see, the page is not optimised with any mobile phone. Is there any solution about it?
Hi barican, what do you mean? If you go to the layout demo, it's responsive and you can try resizing your browser window to be smaller.
Hi barican, what do you mean? If you go to the layout demo, it's responsive and you can try resizing your browser window to be smaller.
Hi, I have a problem with sending the email. I just changed this part of the code, but when you click on send not send.

// Headers
// you can add more than one email address
$to_email_addresses = array( '[email protected]' => 'Example' );
$cc_email_addresses = array( '[email protected]' => 'Example' );
$bcc_email_addresses = array( '[email protected]' => 'Example' );
$reply_to_email_addresses = array( '[email protected]' => 'Example' );

How can I fix it? Thank you!
Hi, can you inform your site URL? I need a better look on the issue.
Hi, for the moment this is the url http://paica.com.ar/FCM/index.html
There is a javascript error, you should disable / remove the maplace javascript if you are not using Google Maps on your page.
Hello, I disabled <!--script src="js/maplace-0.1.3.min.js"></script--> , but still not working. Also what happen if I want to use google maps latter? Thank you!
Hi, I just tested your page, it works - the success message shows up. If you need the google maps later, you can include the maplace library again. And of course, the google maps section (html).

I have already solved, it was not conflict with js. I uploaded again the send-email.php file and doing well. Thank you!
Hey David,

you are using the library https://remysharp.com/2009/01/26/element-in-view-event-plugin which is fairly old and only supports jQuery 1.x. Can you provide an alternative in your theme library that works with jQuery 2.x as this is a dependency on my project and surely will be on others?

Hi bridog,

Yes the library I am using is outdated. I have a roadmap to release a new update with the latest libraries included. However if you want to make immediate changes, there are 2 forks from Remy Sharp version, which looks like works compatible with jQuery 2.x


Try to replace the inview.min.js on the js folder with that one

Hello David,

Thanks a lot for your work, it looks beautiful. I've been having some problems adding in an image slideshow (change pictures automatically) such as the one shown here: http://responsiveslides.com/

Since your template is using their jQuery plugin I suppose it must be quite easy but I'm quite new at this... Do I need to create a new style in the CSS if I don't want to show the pics as big as the HERO background? Would you have any advice on the code to use or the general strategy?

Thank you very much,
Hi Luc, just read your message on my email, I will write a reply soon :)
Hi there,

how can i center the navbar with a logo (brand) floating left.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,
Hi, you need to remove the "navbar-right" class on the "#navigation" tag. And then give additional style onto it:

display: table !important; margin: 0 auto;

Hope it helps :)

I'm just wondering, why the slider (I'm using layout-fullscreen-slider template) produce a black gap for top and bottom when I'm viewing it on mobile? I'm using the chrome inspector to check how it gonna looks like on mobile. However, when I tried your demo version, it fits perfectly. I didn't make any changes at all. I just downloaded it yesterday. Thanks!
Hi Amrul92, thanks for running Drew. About the issue, it's a known tiny bug on the current version. Please email us via the profile's contact form, we will send you the updated CSS.
So I just need to send the style.css file only? or you need anything else? Thanks for your quick response.
No, just sent us any message, we will send a reply and attach the updated CSS right away :)
Hey - Is there anything different about the download that I got today vs the demo?

When I pull up the demo page, the background images are blocky.




Are the images different or anything extra needed to get the same look as the demo?
oh nevermind it's the images themselves. got it thanks
Hi montebertrand,

The download package doesn't include original demo images due to a policy for not redistributing the images. You need to change the images, and you did it :)


Regarding Subscription Form (via Mailchimp) features, I already changed the 'api key' and 'list id' based on your documentation. However, when I try to subscribe, it doesn't respond where I should get confirmation email right after I subscribe?

Also on Enable / Disable AJAX Submission on Forms section in your documentation, which file can I edit the response message and change the submit button to success?

Sorry for the long question. Thank you!
wait, is it because of cross origin request? because I'm testing it from local host. Anyway, just to double confirm.. it should work right if I just change the "api-key" and "list-id"? Thanks!
Hi Amrul92,

What's your site URL? We will check the issue from there. And yes, you only need to configure the api key and list id in the mailchimp module file.

About the response message and submit button text, you need to it via javascript, you can attach the script when the AJAX request is done. Please go to js/script.js and search for the form's AJAX script.

Hi, i would like to add the field name with input online with email forms ( www.privatamente.com/landingpage/index.php ) how do?
Thank you.
Hi Ivan,

You need to add an input in the form. And then also edit the modules/subscribe-mailchimp.php file. Fetch the new name input from the form and add them into the API request parameter, using the merge_vars attribute as mentioned at: https://apidocs.mailchimp.com/api/2.0/lists/subscribe.php

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