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I just upgraded the theme version to go along with upgrading WP to 4.5.1, but I'm still having issues with the page builder. Though it now renders, none of the previously saved content gets loaded into the UI.

For example, text that used to be in the wysiwyg editor for a Text Block doesn't show when I bring up the editor.
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Looks like the page builder is not compatible with PHP 7. Ran the updates on PHP 5.6 and the issues were resolved.

Of note, wp-cli does not work with the 1.7 version of the theme.
The Social Share Box is no longer working for me. It shows the following error on the blog post...

Could not resolve host: urls.api.twitter.com
Having the same issue. That error appears at the bottom of every post, below where the actual share buttons are displayed.
Poking around online it seems as though it may be related to some sort of Twitter share count, but I can't find anything on how to remove it. I've tried adjusting every Twitter-related setting I can find...

I am using the latest version of Elite theme with WordPress 4.5.2.
When I create a page using the page builder,
"single image" does not show an image in the media file.
Also, when I choose an image using background slider,
the page builder shows this error.
function (n){return o.call(this,n,m)}
Could you solve these problems?

I also am using the latest version of Elite theme with WordPress 4.5.2. When I add image the home page slider I receive the same function error as httokehotcake.

website: http://argumentcenterededucation.com

Can you offer a solution? Thanks

–Karl Bischoff
I'm using v1.7.0.
I have a question on when to use the Special Heading short code.
Nested tag of the generated HTML has become inconsistent.
This is a bug?
wordpress 4.5.2 - ja
Hi, seller
I'm using v 1.7.0 and wp 4.5.2 -ja.
"single image" does not work.
I'm in trouble very.
I bought a theme paying high money.
Therefore, I wish to respond quickly to you.
WP: 4.5.2
Elite: 1.7.0

Receive the following error every time try to load Lightbox Single Image or Lightbox Gallery within the builder: function (n) {return o.call(this n m)}

The error is generated for each image.
there's a problem with latest version of wordpress:
you cannot choose an image (using the + to select from media library) - there's an error in the console:

/wp-admin/post.php?post=5043&action=edit#:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: id is not defined

it fails to return the image selected, there is no workaround and the theme is unuseable.
i have clients breathing down my neck, when will this be solved?

Hi, seller
I'm using v 1.7.1 and wp 4.5.2 -ja.
"single image" does not work.
I'm in trouble very.
I bought a theme paying high money.
Therefore, I wish to respond quickly to you.
This issue is solved in 1.7.1

Can you provide me the URL of your site?

Hi, seller
I After updating again template, the problem was solved.
Best Regard.
how do i install 1.7.1 (have 1.7.0) - there is no documentation - help please.
Install it like any other theme. Just upload the .zip file in the WP admin theme section.
I purchased this theme thinking I'd be able to select the different theme styles that were found in the demo here on Wrapbootstrap. This appears to not be the case? This theme is sorta a pain to work with if that is not the case.
Also the company that puts out this theme, their ticket support doesn't work. I almost wish I never spent $50 for this.
Header style: center does NOT center. Is this a bug?
All is good!

Figured it all out. This theme IS actually super nice! It took me awhile to find where everything is, as the docs weren't super informative.
I'm having issus with MD Page Builder. My version is 1.3. How can I fiz this, please?
Already solved!
how you can fixed the MD Page Builder issue
i have facing issue related MD Page Builder please check my shared video link https://www.screencast.com/t/qfWJ9WYU4

I cant import the dummy data xml flie. When I try to import it, the importer gives me the following error:

File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.

My post_max_size is the same as my upload_max_fliesize, so that is not why the error happens. Please help.
are you sure that you are able to edit the php.ini? some hosts block changes. so you should probably discuss this issue with your host.
Having an issue with MD Page Builder. Using theme version 1.7.1 on WP 4.5.3. When a new button is created its wrapping a P tag around the button text causing the buttons to not render properly.
I am having the same issue as above with the p tags adding themselves before and after the button causing a small extra box to show up below the button itself. I also am having issues with page builder where my settings are not saving. Although they show up correctly when I preview the page, when I go back to edit them they go back to the default setting.
I was able to fix the button issue by modifying the /framework/md-page-builder/lib/js_composer/composer/shortcodes_templates/md_button.php file. The code on line 70 "$output .= wpb_js_remove_wpautop($content);" should be stripping the P tag but its not working properly. I replaced it with "$output .= strip_tags($content);" just strip everything out and only output text.

Hope that helps!
I just installed Elite (pretty nice) on my own WP server (Windows/IIS, etc.). I believe most items are working; however, when I enable any Page Load animation and then click on a BLOG post... the animation never clears... ever. It does clear when loading different pages... but never on BLOG posts. Any clues on how I can fix it (besides don't use animations!)? WP: 4.5.4, PHP: 5.6.25, MySQL: 5.6.33... parent theme version: 1.7.1.

Thanks in advance!

I have installed the theme, and imported demo contents,

but i dont have the theme options data to import, please provide that too.

so the site is not looking like the demo

pls help
Wrapboostrap, please take care of this templates author, they are not giving support and we are having issues!
Don´t buy any of the templates from themesholic!

support page doesn´t works http://themesholic.com/support

And last time they answerd a comment here was 5 months ago! also no activity on their social networks.
Let's not kid ourselves here.
This theme is visually acceptable but the backend functionality is complete garbage.

When I try to use the MD Page Builder, nothing loads. NOTHING.
I just did some digging into the code and found that this page builder is a modified version of WP Bakery's Visual Composer. So basically the author simply took an existing plugin and put his/her stamp on it. That wouldn't explain why it doesn't work properly but it's worth knowing to avoid any future problems with the theme.

My solution:
rename the folder "md-page-builder" to "disabled_md-page-builder"
relocate the folder "js_composer" to the "plugins" folder and it works.
Lesson learned, I need to read comments before committing to a purchase... :/

Implementing your solution, will the MD page builder let me edit content after I've created the section/element without completely clearing the previous settings I initially set each time I open the editor?
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I failed setting up plugins required by this theme. When I've clicked bulk install all plugins including recommended, this error occurred.

Fatal error: Class 'TGM_Bulk_Installer' not found in /var/www/self-produce.me/main/wp-content/themes/elite/framework/lib/helpers/tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1586

Do you have any clue?

My WP version is 4.7.
teruriot PURCHASED
I succeeded in fixing it.

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