First... Masterfully Done!... Secondly and I'm sure it is minor.. The footer sticks on the following pages in IE11;
shop-page-sidebar.html, shop-page-sidebar-product.html, shop-page-checkout.html,shop-page-order-history.html, page-account-settings.html, index-home-12.html. There may be a few other pages but I didn't go through every single one.
It seems ok in Safari, Firefox and Chrome (on Windows). How soon could you have fix? If you want screen shots I can provide.
There is a very small bug for IE11 but this week, a new update will be released (tomorrow I will send you the fix on the email).

Thank you very much.
I purchased this theme with a mind of trying out bootstrap, I thought it was a drupal theme. Please clarify my doubt, can I use this theme with drupal? if yes let me know the installation procedure

Unfortunately this is not a drupal theme... Epona is a template.
Of course, you can integrate the template on dropal, wordpress, custom platofrm or anything else you want but you need a third party programmer. For example, you can find one on freelancer.com
Very nice work - even better than Atropos! Love the transparent and translucent header styles.
Thank you very much!
Its an awesome work which forced me to purchased it. Thanks :)
Thank you.
I am unable to download the purchased bundle due to some reason.
Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks and waiting
You might want to check the support page at https://wrapbootstrap.com/support

They can help you directly.

(I'm not associated with Wrapbootstrap or Stepofweb, just happened to be reading these comments.)
I am tried from my system which is running MAC OS X. And it won't works. If author send the package by email then it will save my lot of time.

Please use this link to resend all purchased items:

This shluld work but if not, please contact me via email.
please check your email
I noticed the live version and the downloaded version shows this error on the console:

Error: Permission denied to access property 'toString'

Could you please check?

Can you please tell me what page gives you this error on the console?
I can't find this error.
Hello, your Epona theme looks awesome! Unfortunately I bought another theme/template some months ago from someone else, but I never managed to use it as it came with no installation documentation whatsoever.

In my previous experience, the sample pages worked with the theme I bought when opening the sample html files in the browser, but when I tried to move the theme CSS template into my actual web app (VisualStudio generated Bootstrap 3.2 project for ASP.NET, MVC project type), the CSS file from the theme never made any visual appearance when I installed it into the VisualStudio generated Bootstrap project. Installing another trivial theme (just one CSS file) worked though.

Do this theme/template come with installation instructions, and if so, for VisualStudio 2013 generated Bootstrap 3.2 projects (ASP.NET MVC projects)? I am reluctant to buy one more template without knowing I manage to get it to work...

Also, the live demo is in red colors, is it possible to get everything in blue or other colors too?

Thanks in advance!

I've found installation and changing colors to be very easy. He has separate .css files for each color scheme, you just need to enable the one you want. And if there are any certain parts you want to change the colors that aren't affected by the color scheme you can easily do it, he has the .css in easy to find files.

Also installation is a cinch... just extract the site files to your website's directory.

Frankly I don't know anything about VisualStudio, but it's actually really easy to edit the code.

Good luck and maybe the creator will weigh in.

@Craig_VG, thank you - this is true, the colors are very easy to change.

@magune, unfortunately I don't know much about ASP but this template should work like any other template.
Great job on the theme! I'm really liking it so far.

I think I may have found a little bug with the (beta) dark theme.

When using the mega-menu dropdown thingy on mobile both the text and the background are white (#fff). I remedied this by changing the background-color on this class.

#topNav ul.nav>li.mega-menu div div,
#topNav ul.nav>li {
border-left:rgba(255,255,255,0.1) 1px solid;

Just if anyone else is having the same problem, I'm sure the awesome creator guy will have this fixed by next version. Great job man!

I sent you the solution via email.
Also, this is fixed on new update - is on pending approval.

Thank you.
Seems ok with chrome, but in IE11, the footer sticks to the top area... do you have a fix for IE 11 ?
please email me the fix.

A new update is on pending approval.
Hi there, any idea when the new update will be online for downloading? I need to start working on the template but i would prefer to do that with the newest version.


Unfortunately I don't know when the new version is live.
Please, send be an email at stepofweb[at]gmail.com
Email is sent. Thank you
Where can I see and edit the dimensions of the revolution slider? I have it in full width but I want to edit the height of the slider. What is the default height?

Thank you

Add to .fullwidthbanner div this: data-height="500" (replace 500 with your desired value).
The default height is 500px. You can also change this on assets/js/revolution_slider.js

Thank you.
Thank you.

I too am having IE11 related issues rendering some pages properly where the footer overlaps other page content.

I have also discovered another issue when resizing IE browser window to force the mobile rendering of the menu. That fails. Not always but most of the time. Also the same issue happens on Windows Phone 8.1 IE (not as important :))

Other than that, thank you for this awesome theme.

IE footer issue has been fixed on the last update (is on pending approval).
Please, send me an email to stepofweb[at]gmail.com to send you the files.

Thank you.
I run into an issue. I have used the homepage 2 template but in a small mode the menu is not working correctly for me. When the menu is folded out and a new slide comes in the menu stops reacting and I can no longer scroll down. It all seems to freeze and the content is no longer pushed down. I cant figure out what I did wrong.

Can you please send me an email at stepofweb[at]gmail.com ?
I need a link (or the files) to debug.
Hi great work but the footer sticky in IE. when will be the update?
In a moment I send a mail to stepofweb[at]gmail.com . You can pass me the solution by mail?

The update has been sent to wrapbootstrap.
I sent you the fiels via email.

Thank you.
files work OK! many Tanks!
Hi! I love the template. It looks amazing. I was wondering is it possible to add a button that when clicked would pull up more images on the portfolio or products section for example if you have more than what you have on the example. Eg when click pulls 4 for more images, then when clicked again pull 4 and so forth and so on. Let me know if this is possible. I am very interested in purchasing. Thank you.

Of course. Can be done using an ajax script.
Dropped you a mail Dorin. If you could send me the updated template that would be great. Many thanks.
Already sent! Thank you!
The 1 thing that is keeping me from purchasing this right now is a hover effect where text is displayed on the photo. s that possible with this theme.

Thanks again.

Yes, you can use a text on photo hover.
If you have more questions, please contact me via my profile "contact form" or directly to stepofweb[at]gmail.com

Thank you.

Amazing template!! Thanx for your work! I had an issue with cyrillic fonts, but it's very easy to fix, just replace

<!-- WEB FONTS -->
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,700,800&subset=latin,latin-ext" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,700,800&subset=latin,latin-ext,cyrillic,cyrillic-ext" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Thank you very much.
Cyrillic will be added by default on next update.

Thank you.
arock123 PURCHASED
Hi, I recently purchased this great website but had a few questions.
1. do you have this in a format that will allow me to reference (php include) things like menu bar, footer, etc. therefore changes could be made in a central location?
2. the file search.html is missing from the download package. Can you please send me that?

thanks !!

1. You can use basic PHP include <?php include('header.php'); ?> - where header.php contain the code for the header only. The same for footer, sidebar or any other common elements.
2. search.html is not missing - was just used as example on the code. Search result page will be added on next update.

Thank you.
mlekkerm PURCHASED
First of all thanks for the work on this great template! I had a question: In the boxed version I feel that the row margin (-15px / -15px) disrupts the visual symmetry of the website (To little visual breathing space...). I've googled around and found that most ppl just replace row with clearfix. Is this the way to go? What's your opinion on this matter?

Thx in advance,

Unfortunately, .clearfix class is not helping much in some cases.
You can put your .row inside a .container. This should add 15px margins.

Also, you can use .nomargin - this will rewrite to 0px margin.

<div class="container">
<div class="row nomargin"> ....... </div>

This should fix the bootstrap row issue.

Thank you,

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