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I finally figured out how to pass a string...

Is there a way to parse the string to not only pass a keyword like above (hip-hop), but also pass the columns to sort? I would want to only display "hip-hop" classes and then sort by Day and then by Time....

Hip-Hop I Monday 5:00 p.m.
Hip-Hop II Monday 6:00 p.m.
Hip-Hop II / III Monday 6:30 p.m.
Hip-Hop I Tuesday 6:00 p.m.
Hip-Hop III Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
Hip-Hop Teen Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, I don't see on Footable documentation this feature.
Maybe you can do a little trick using something like this:


This will simulate the click on the last column (Time).
Dear Customers,

Wrapbootstrap download servers are temporary down.
If you did not receive the download link after successful Paypal transaction, please forward the purchase email to stepofweb[at]gmail.com and we will send the download link for the template.

Please feel free to contact us If you have other questions.

Kindest regards
The issue with order processing has been resolved.
Hello. How can I change the default style to orange or another color without using the styleswitcher.js?

Replace the CSS line with your desired color from assets/css/color_scheme/

<link href="assets/css/color_scheme/red.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" id="color_scheme" />
Thanks ;)
I'm a database app developer and purchased this template. I use the Yii php framework. At the time I purchased you mentioned a php version of epona coming out. What is the status of that and do you have a php version of any of them now?

The PHP version will be very basic (including headers/footers and the center loaded dinamicaly).
I hope on next update the PHP version will be included.

I purchased EPONA 1.1 two month ago and i would like to know when the latest version (1.2) will be approved?

Epona v1.2 has been approved yesterday (sorry for my late answer).

Thank you.
I have a problem with one page parallax. I cannot activate js on it in contact and in newsletter. At the beginning I thought it was my fault, but after checking Eponas index.html page and onepage.html I have discover that js works only on index. could you please help me and solve that problem?

On next update, the ajax contact will be added to the onepage too.
Until then, I will send you by email the files.
Sorry for this delay, I was out of my town.

Thank you for the comment.
same problem here. AJAX contact is not working on onpage Could you please send me the fix/ files?
Thank you .
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In order to add padding / margin between a button and a header, I added the following to my CSS...

@media (max-width: 768px) {
[class*="col-"]:not(:first-child) {
margin-top: 40px;

(Example can be found here...

Between the "Send Message" button and the "Visit Us" header.)

Unfortunately, by doing this it added additional padding / margin in locations throughout the site in which is not needed.

Any CSS recommendation changes or overwrites in which I could use without necessarily placing it specifically on the button?

Your CSS code will rewrite all bootstrap columns for resolution < 768px.
If you want a bottom margin only on contact form, you can use directly:

@media (max-width: 768px) {
#contactForm {
Hi there,

Thanks for the effort in this theme,

How does the automatic font size adjusting inside the revolution slider work in index?

I would like to disable this / reduce this?
Example: http://theme.stepofweb.com/Epona/v1.2/HTML/

On mobile size the text "Check Epona included features and options" almost cant be seen, but is fine in normal desktop / tablet.

Can you please help with a fix to this?

This is a Revolution Slider responsive feature, is not part of Epona option.
For now, I don't think there is a good solution without changing the vendor code - which I really do not recommend.

When I find a solution, I will post it here.
i have a question with the navigation menu.
how do i make the navigation menu and all submenues fold out to the left.

Unfortunately I don't know if I understand exactly what you mean.
Can you please send me the details to stepofweb[at]gmail.com ?

Thank you.


When you open a modal, it shifts the page to left. Please let me know how to fix.

Looks like bootstrap is adding: margin-right:17px;
You can correct this by adding:

body {
padding-right:0 !important;

Or you can edit layout.css and change:


padding:0 !important;

This will be added on the next update.

Thank you for your comment.
Sorry, may bad - is padding, not margin:
Looks like bootstrap is adding: padding-right:17px;

Yes, Bootstrap is adding padding-right:15px;

If you check here http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#modals you see that it adds padding, but the page doesn't shift. When a Modal opens and if it is long, the scrollbar is for scrolling through modal content.


body {
padding-right:0 !important;

is not the correct solution as:

1. Bootstrap is doing that anyway.
2. Scrollbar is still for page when you open a modal.
When you open a modal, if the content is not long enough, there should be no scrollbar to right. You can check here:


Something changed in default bootstrap because of your changes for Epona.

When a modal is open

.modal-open sets overflow of body to hidden. But in layout.css you have set

html {
overflow-x: hidden;
overflow-y: auto;

which won't let scroll bar to hide. Removing it solves the problem. Is overflow on html important for this theme? or should we find alternate solution?

As far I as I know, overlow hidden was needed at some point (on the first release).
I think is ok to remove it. Please let me investigate this to be sure and I release a new update with the right solution.
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Hi there.
I bought the theme, but somehow we had a problem with links on the main menu.
We had upload the files to a server, but the did not work.
Look at the a´s in the links, and they are operative... but when clicking nothing happens. We don´t know if it´s related to the dropdown class attached to them
Looking forward for your answers...

For a regular link (no dropdown)


<li class="dropdown mega-menu">
<a class="dropdown-toggle" href="quines_somos_zolo.html">QUIENES SOMOS</a>


<a href="quines_somos_zolo.html">QUIENES SOMOS</a>
how can i purchase this template other than using paypal. is there other way?

Unfortunately there is no other way than paypal at this time on wrapbootstrap.
I'm an exclusive seller here, and I cannot sell templates separately.
Maybe you have a friend that has a paypal account and can help you.

Thank you,
Happy Holidays.
Hello!! can you help me to create an other CSS file with a new color theme please !!!

To create a new color theme, copy/paste one of the assets/css/color_scheme/ and rename the colors you want to change. Find and Replace should do the job - you can use any text editor you want.

Or you can send me an email at stepofweb[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
Ok nice! but even after reading your document, i dont know how to put dark style

Uncomment the CSS style from your html (head section):

<!--<link href="assets/css/layout-dark.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />-->
Hi There,

I have two questions:
How do I get the contact form to send typed in request to my POP3 email account?
How do I get the newsletter subscribe to work?

Thank you

The contact form is using phpMailer.
By default, SMTP and server mail() is used.
If you want to use POP3, you need to rewrite the php script - example:

For the newsletter, you need to write the ajax function.
Please send me an email.
Hi Again,

I have not hear from you. Would it then be possible to change the contact for to gmail smtp details?

Please reply - I can't get the contact form to work.


Sure, you can use your gmail account to use with your contact form.
Edit php/config.inc.php and add your gmail details.

Please, write me to stepofweb[at]gmail.com , is hard to debug it here.

Thank you.
there is a bug in mobile navigation when menu is longer and site has sticky header, then background is scrolling and not the menu.
Can you solve that?

Thank you for the comment.
On next update, this issue will be fixed.

Thank you.
How do I change to the Dark Theme instead of Light?

Uncomment this line from the <head> section:

<!--<link href="assets/css/layout-dark.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />-->

(Remove "<!--" and "-->")
Hi there,

noob question Im afraid, just had an email saying theres an update. Where do I go to get the update ?



You can download the update from your account or you can use this download resender link:
Hi, can you help me to modify the fullwidthbanner to include a fullscreen youtube video in the background please...

This feature will be added to the next update but until then, please send me an email: stepofweb[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
It's great to see you are actively updating this theme.

On a practical note, if you have built a site on the previous version, what's the best way of update the site? Can you just upload the changed files and css, leaving the html pages as they are, or is it better to start a fresh making changes on the new html templates?

My wish list for future updates would include the code to update the Twitter footer, and some code to bring up the pop up you see with he Cookie policy to satisfy the EU cookie laws.

Thank you for the comment.

You can see all affected files on changelog.txt - contains the files you should replace for each update.

* Update: Bootstrap to Version 3.3.2 (changes: replaced assets/plugins/bootstrap)
In this case, you should replace assets/plugins/bootstrap folder.

Usualy, any update contains only three type of updates:
- replace css files (essentials,css, layout,css, etc)
- replace assets/js/scripts.js
- replace the entire plugin folder

I usualy avoid making changes on HTML structure.

About the twitter footer and cookie plicy - will be added to next update.

Thank you.

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