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Once again, excellent job on this template!
I have 2 questions.

1. When I view the revolution slider on a tablet (iPad), the slides and captions do not transition. The captions are static and the slide transition creates a fuzzy pixel image. Once all of the slides have been viewed, the transitions work fine and the captions ease into place. Do you know how to fix this?

2. Is the only thing I have to do with the .less file is hit compile and upload to my server? Do I have to edit any of the code?


1. Looks like a Revolution Slider Bug. I will investigate this issue and I will add a fix on next update.

2. Before to compile LESS files, you might want to change:

variables.less - the colors for the theme (by default is red)
production.less - if you need dark layout, just uncomment the last line.

Now complile LESS (production.less) and you will have a final CSS: production.css
Move production.css to assets/css/ and on your <head> page you should have only this file - remove all other css files (bootstrap.css, essentials.css, layout.css etc - all of them).

The advantage of LESS is that you will have only one compressed CSS file instead of multiple CSS files. The page will load faster.
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Thank you for the response. I understand how to use LESS now.
In response to the revolution slider, I noticed your site does not have the same problem. Can I email you a link to my site as an example?
Thank you.
Sure, please send me an email at stepofweb[at]gmail.com
Very good looking template with excellent features.
Unfortunately, the responsive menu does not work when header is set to "sticky" and my mail to support does not get answered since 1 week. Since many other responsive templates I use work perfectly fine with a sticky header, I would appreciate if the developer team could solve this problem. Thanks!

I'm sorry but I do realy reply to all emails on stepofweb[at]gmail.com
I have no email related to this issue.


This is the the link to sticky menu demo.
As you can see on the demo, the menu it's working on small screens (mobile).
Please, send me again an email (stepofweb[at]gmail.com) and I will send you a printscreen.
Also, please send me a link to your website.

Thank you.
Problem solved, absolutely top-notch support! Thank you very much.
Hi Dorin, is there any way to make the Mega Menu close on tablets? Currently tapping the menu opens it, but it cannot be closed again (this is when the menu is not displayed as a responsive menu but in it´s standard size e.g. on an iPad in landscape mode). Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!
I was just wondering if there are any recommendations on how to include a blog on a website that uses this theme? I was thinking about adding a Wordpress blog to our site but want the look and feel to be the same. Is there a recommended way to do this or do I have to use a specific Wordpress theme?

Thank you for the comment.

Sure, you can use Wordpress blog but you need to create a theme using the Epona template.
If you do not know PHP, you need a third-party programmer for this job.
You can hire a freelancer for this job.

Great Template, super easy to use!

I am trying to work with the contact form and I noticed that there is a .txt file saying that the php files are not in use in version 1.0, I have 1.3.

The contact.php file is linked in the form, I am unable to ind where I would put my email for the recipient email.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,

Oh, I think I have forgot to remove the Readme.text file.
The php contact form is working, ignore that file.

Please, edit config.inc.php with your favourite text or php editor (notepad, or any php editor you like)

I purchased the template about a week ago and trying to get hands dirty playing with it. I noticed something strange on the main page "index.html". I am not able to get the "word-rotator" work on the main page index.html. I think, something is missing in the downloaded zip. Can you please help with this?

-Blues Clues

The download zip is identical with the demo - there should be nothing missing from the archive.
Can you please email me a link to investigate your site?

Thank you.
Thanks for your quick response. Not sure what's going on but when I uploaded to our development server (which I just did to show you the issue) it works fine (http: / / epona.pinnaclesoft.com) however, on my localhost, it is not working.

So on your localhost is not working the word rotator - strange.
Do you have any error on your console?
I am getting closer and closer. I think this has to do with the built-in browser (to preview) of the code editor (Pine Grow) that I am using. It works fine without any issue if I copy to root of my localhost and try from there.

Thanks for your guidance !

Great theme by the way

I had a problem with the parallax on checkout pages. The problem was the image was being squashed on iPad etc, I seemed to have fixed it by removing

@media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
.parallax {
background-attachment: scroll !important;
background-position: center !important;
background-size: 1024px 100% !important;

from layout.css
Not a css expert and don't really know what that does, but now my parallax is working on iPad and no squashed image. Not tested on android yet.

Thought you may like to know this as my help others with this problem. Unless od course I did something stupid in which case I would like to know too. :-)
Thank you very much.
I will investigate this issue. This really helps.
Thanks a lot.

I am trying to use this for User Management screen (login, signup etc.,) and noticed the template doesn't have any buttons for connecting using Facebook, Google+ etc., on the login page.
Would be nice if you can deliver those buttons (basically, improved login screens) soon.

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I noticed that on your page (feature-icons-fontawsome.html), the icons and description text align, as in all of the text are left justified. When I copy that code to other pages, the icon and the text are next to each other. The text is not aligned. I can manually align them by using   but I was wondering how you can automatically align the symbols and text similar to a <ul> & <li> list.


The fonts on demo page are aligned using:
width: 20px;
margin-right: 10px;

1. If you want to align all icons, you can use something similar on your custom CSS:
i.fa {

Of course, it's not recommended because maybe you don't need right margin on a specific situation.

2. A better way is to add margins only where you need.

For example, for buttons:
.btn i {

Or, you can use span instead of i :

span.fa {

<span class="fa fa-check"></span>

This sould be a better way, and keep <i class="fa fa-check></i> without margins for other situations.

3. The last example, using a custom classes:
.margin-left-10 {

.margin-right-10 {

Now you can add margins on right and left (depending on your needs)
<i class="margin-right-10 fa fa-check"></i>
arock123 PURCHASED
Awesome! Thank you!!

I want to put all the header code i.e logo & navigation into an include file as it will be easier for me to update, but how can i make the current active page marker work? Do you have a suggestion?



On next update, A PHP version will be added - will do exactly what you are looking for.
Unfortunately I don't have an ETA but I hope this month will be released.

It's a little bit complicated to explain it here but you can do this using PHP.
The entire menu should be an array and according to current URL you can set the current page active.
A rewrite via htaccess can also be used for SEO firendly url.

If you can wait until next update, the PHP version will be included.

Do you have any idea when this new update is going to be released with the php navigation you mentioned?


I am still working on the new update.
I hope this week to be released.

Thank you.
Afternoon to you,

Can you please tell me when this update is going to be available as im trying to stall 2 new websites that will require this navigation fix?

Many thanks.
Will the twitter feed code and the cookie consent code be in the next release? Holding off on any site changes at the moment. Would be great to know if it's going to be present. Thanks for the efforts. Much appreciated.

Yes, both of them will be added on next update.

Thank you.
Great design Dorin!

Is there any chance for the razor version (ASP.NET MVC5) ?
Hi again !!! When I put my website in BOXED style, the sub menu is hidden by the side...

Can you help me to put the sub menu over the boxed side ?

How can i make the Google map colour instead of black & white?

Search for this line:

<div id="gmap" class="grayscale"><!-- map container --></div>

Remove "greyscale" class and the map should be color.

Thank you.
Sorry i found it now :-)
great work much appreciated, but I simply can't figure out how and were to toggle Google maps to b/w or color.

Could you please point me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, I only read the first page of comments ... only to find the answer in the last comment before mine! How stupid of me?

Thanks anyhow.

Don't worry :)
If you have more questions, please let me know.
Hello, how can I upgrade template from 1.1 to 1.3? Just replace files?

Yes, just replace the files.
On changelog.txt you can see the affected files.
Hi stepofweb!!! i need you again!

My problem is about the menu bar with boxed style

Go see: https://www.maplateforme.ca/clients/toletsc/

my menu "INVENTAIRE" is hide by the boxed... can you help my to put it on top ... z-index:9999 ...

thank you :))
Also... is there a way to... like that example:


when we click on the bigger image to get a lightbox shoing the image we have click on with the product-view-image ..

sorry about my english.. tell me if your not understand and i'll try again :)

I apologize for this delay.

I see that you already solved the z-index problem - in my browser looks ok.

About the second comment - unfortunately I do not understand the question.
Maybe google translate can help a little bit :)
No problem about the delay! ... i've found a way to do what i want ! .thank you ... so forget my post !!
arock123 PURCHASED
I have just a quick favor to ask.... what is the name of the font used for the template and how can I change the color to be darker?


The font is Open Sans - please, see this line on each HTML file:
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,700,800&subset=latin,latin-ext,cyrillic,cyrillic-ext" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

If you want to change the blobal color, add this to your custom css (or edit assets/css/layout.css line 42 but is not recommended if you want to update in the future):

body {

Do you have any idea when this new update is going to be released with the php navigation you mentioned as i need to buy 2 more licencees for new projects but holding off for the navigation update?

Hi, Did you ready my message?

Oh, very sorry for this delay - I'm out of my country and it's a little hard to manage all comments and emails from my phone.

I'll do the best I can to release this week the new version.

Thank you.

Any update on when you will have the new version ready as i need to start on 2 new projects and want to continue with using your themes rather than using another theme.

Thank you

Sorry to be a pain but do you have any idea when the update will be ready as i need to purchase 2 more licences but im waiting on the navigation update.

Thank you.

I am very sorry for this delay (again).
I was out of my country the last month.

I promise: this week I will release the update.

Thank you and very sorry for this delay.

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