Everything good. but if you click on page or protfolio in menu you will get 404. plz fix
Hi razv;
Thank you very much for your interest and feadback :)
I will fixas soon as :)
High quality and very good looking!!
Thank you very much maksfeltrin :)
Very nice, good combination of features all around.

I hope you continue to develop this HTML template much further, by adding more shortcodes, demos and more.

HTML themes like this are needed as they help us HTML devs, keep up with WordPress theme features.

This will be my next purchase at wrapbootstrap.
Hello DeanoX,

Firstly thank you very much for your interest.
I realy liked your commend and feadback, because you explained, what i will do :)

Thank you brother.
OK, I invested in this then based upon your reply.

Thank you.
Hello DeanoX,
Thank you very much :)

Please be free to ask question.
Hi, Does it RTL support?

Hi rmbaba,

For now does not support. most probably RTL will come with next update.
Thank you.
Is there ETA for the next release? I wanna process when RTL Support success.
Hi rmbaba;
I wrote RTL version after your comment, but i have to test and i have to write style-swicher to see the RTL version.
So, most probably this friyday i can upload new version.
Is there any documentation available yet?
Hi DeanoX,
Sorry for the documentation, but i will write as soon as.

Please be free to ask any question.
OK, I wasn't sure if it was missing from the download, or just not done yet because it's so new.

I have two burning questions, first, how do I change the template color from all the green I see, to something else, or I should say, where do I make the changes at?

Second question is where do I make the changes to, change the overall font size, and color? The fonts are just way to small for me.

Hi DeanoX again,

Your questions are feadback for me and i liked your question.

You can change color, just go to css/skins/default.css and replace #96cd56 to what you want.
another option is, Style swicher will come with the next update, so you can chance easly colors, fonts, borders, font sizes etc.

Hi, I've just bought and downloaded the package.
I can't find _pagination.scss there where (in vendor/sccs folder).
This can be found somewhere else or there is somethnig wrong with package?
Hello dear @tomek_duran,
Firstly thank you very much for your interest.

Normaly there is not _pagination.scss in our vendor folder, bootstrap 4 automatically generated that file.
but if you want to change pagination style, you can write into main.css file or custom.css file.
By the way, Express 5 is relased and waiting for approve. See the demo: http://expressbootstrap.com/
Thanks for quick response :)
Nice to hear about 5.0 release. As i just bought 4.2 would 5.0 be free for me or I'll have to pay for it?
Just to be sure, can use on my commercial site any of the included styles, icons, scripts, etc. included in package without worrying about third party licenses? For example i'd like to use only wbe-pricing-tables-grids?
Hi again dear @tomek_duran,

Yes, you can download 5.0 as free, no more money for any version and third party licenses.
For more informtion: http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses
sergio57 PURCHASED
  I ordered the template but did not find the documentation for the plugins
How can I do to have it
Thank you
Hi sergio57,

Firstly thank you very much for your interest.
Sorry for the documentation, which plugins documentation you need ?
sergio57 PURCHASED
Actually I was interested in having all the plugins documentation.
Anyway, immediately I would need:
1) Menuzord responsive megamenu
2) Smart Forms
3) Slider revolution + visual editor
Okey i will send you, please send me a e-mail: expressbootstrap@gmail.com


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