Hello, I bought the theme. Just amazing.
How do I run this layout in visual studio 2013.
Can I run this on IIS on windows?
What do I need to run?

Thank you
Hi, the purchase info did't show up, may I ask is it Flatify admin that you purchase? I guess you may comment on the wrong item.

Q: Can I run this on IIS on windows?
A: I don't know IIS much, but I am sure the answer is yes :)

Hope this helps ;)
What would it take to get right-to-left support (Arabic) for this theme...or is it in the works?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

I am sorry to let you know that Flatify admin don't support right-to-left for now

Hope this helps :)
I bought your theme. It's awesome!
One (maybe stupid) question: How do I enable debugging? console.log() prints nothing to the console....
Maybe you could extend your documentation with a list of grunt tasks. For a grunt-newbie it's a bit tricky to get all defined tasks.
Thanks a very lot for help and again for this theme. It saved me a lot of time!
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Q: How do I enable debugging? console.log() prints nothing to the console....

A: I do use Grunt task to remove all the console statements in production, however, you should be able to log things out when developing, that is when you run "grunt server"

Let me know if I am wrong, hope this helps :)

Great work with the Theme! But one thing that is really bad, is the (huge) ammount of libraries. That takes time to compile assets (about 10 seconds on Heroku), and also requires time to load the main .js file.

My question is: What is ESSENTIAL for running this theme? I mean, charts, graphics, pretty stuff... I want to disable them all, and as I need them go installing. Is there an essential list of stuff from the bower.js?

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I understand how you feel, you want a simple, clean admin to speed up your development, instead of an admin with all kind of plugins, dependencies. That's how I feel when I buy templates :)

However, different buyers expect different features. In order to serve them better, I add lots of plugins that other buyers may even hate :( hope you understand.

<!-- build:js scripts/ui.js -->

<!-- endbuild -->

You remove plugins you don't want in UI block, hope this helps :)
Fatal error: Unable to find local grunt
I keep getting this error when I run 'grunt server' in the flatify/flatify folder, am I missing something?
There's clearly a Gruntfile.coffee-file present in the folder....
Never mind, I got it to run by now.

PS: Would there be any way to obtain this project without all the unnecessary plugins and widgets? A clean projects for us to start working with...

Thanks anyway, nice work!
Hi is it possible to have a chart with fullscreen capability in the theme?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

May I ask what do you mean by fullscreen capability?

I use [Flot](https://github.com/flot/flot) and [morris](https://github.com/morrisjs/morris.js) charts in this admin template, maybe you can click the link to know more

Hope this helps :)
Hi, I am very interested this theme. But this theme with https://github.com/iarouse/dist-flatify have any contact and difference?
Hi, thanks for your interest.

There's a lot of difference, the link above is the production version. No source code or documentation etc. is provided.

Hope this helps :)
Thank you for your answer!
Now I purchased this theme. There is a simple question to ask: the current theme used angularJS, how to use the anchor to jump?
Thanks for purchasing.

I think [this link](https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/service/$anchorScroll) will solve your problem.

Hope this helps :)
Hello, after purchase i can use it without Angular?
Hi, thanks for your interest.

The whole theme is built on top of AngularJS. While you can use it without AngularJS, it's really time consuming to achieve that.

Hope this helps :)
where can I find the class spinner-input? I'm not a designer, but I need to change the width attribute of the spinner, but where? Thanks, sorry, my english is poor.
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

You can achieve so by updating "./client/styles/ui/components/_form-spinner.scss" file

Hope this helps :)
I purchased this but didn't have an account with wrapBootstrap.

I noticed you said you can just edit the compiled JS files in the .tmp directory...

Of course, if I run grunt, those changes will be overwritten correct? Grunt is needed for the Styles as well as the HTML..

Also, the files from .tmp are not moving to DIST. Is there something else I should be doing?

I edit the coffee scripts in the clients folder, then run grunt (if NOT already running)
The tmp files get updated and the server launchs. Everything works fine, EXCEPT the dist files do not get updated. (In other words, if I navigate to the DIST directory and run "static", my browser launches the files that came with the template before any alterations have been made..)

(all npm modules and bower dependencies have been installed, and there are no errors when compiling)
Arousing, more one question.

How can I repeat a input spinner using ng-repeat?

My file structure is: http://pastebin.com/FVSZBK2P
And my files:
-> produto.html: http://pastebin.com/UD2XNPiU
-> quantidade.html http://pastebin.com/MgKjL85w
-> PortasAbertasDirective.coffee http://pastebin.com/7332Xkf1
-> churrasco.html http://pastebin.com/70AEykPB

The problem is when I use the directive produto (products, in english) and I use an ng-repeat="produto in produtos", the spinner buttons don't work. If I remove the ng-repeat, it works.

Any advice?

I changed the jquery-spinner to add 4 more buttons to add5, add10, subtract5, subtract10. And everything works when I don't use ng-repeat.

I think it has something to do with the transclude attribute of the directive.

You can get more info [here](https://docs.angularjs.org/guide/directive)

Hope this helps :)
I'm not an expert in AngularJS so I realized that I have difficulty using Flatify with PHP because I can not dynamize the pages. In fact they are all loaded at the beginning and then remain in "cache". Can you tell me if there is a way (maybe even just putting a link to some documentation page) where I can find how to make dynamic pages to load?

Thanks in advance, hope you or someone else will answer me soon!
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Are you familiar with AJAX? Flatify admin is fully admin powered, you'll need to use AJAX to communicate with your back end.

Hope this helps :)
Great theme!

Could you please give an example of how I would replace some of the data that's hardcoded into the app.js file with data from my server's database?

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Your question is more skill related, which is out of my responsibility, I'll give you some quick tips though.

There's lots of AngularJS app repositories on Github.com, I think maybe you can find some examples there.

Hope this helps :)
Hi arousing,

Thanks for your answer.

Understood... However, the whole purpose of purchasing the template is to be able to adjust the data in the graphs. I didn't expect the data to be hardcoded into the template itself. I was wondering if you could guide me as to how YOU would do it.Your comments and explanation could serve to future purchasers as well who could save the question and save your time on answers. :)

Well, I would build a backend API outputs JSON, and in front end, I use service that AngularJS provide, e.g. [https](https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/service/$http) to get the date and update the view

Hope this helps :)
It's data*, not "date", sorry.
Hey there, I am still waiting on a reply to my comment..
Hi, you mailed me?

You can post the question here, if it's an pre-sale question :)
Hi, Will you be adding a calendar module to the theme? It would be good to have one with a drag and drop functionality added to this theme.
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

However, I don't have a plan for this now, hope you understand.
hi i buy this admin template.i download zip.open orj.file.and i am looking white page i couldnt see any thing.what i must do work this script ?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

As I said in documentation, you'll need to upload it to a server or build a server locally to run it.

You can take a look at "How to run it" section in the documentation.

Hope this helps :)
What version of Fullcalendar does it use?

It didn't have fullcalendar support for now, sorry about that.
I purchase your wonderful template
but I have a huge problem with it
my application is in .net MVC, but this template hide all the component of page including nav , header and body
please help

I am sorry that I don't quite get it. Could you give me more details? Thanks
Hi Many thanks for your work, it is really great
i just want to know how i can convert main.scss in css as it give me errors

Hi, glad you like it.

Could you give me more details about the errors you get? Thanks
Hi, is there a way to grun grunt to export only the necessary scripts already minifyed outside the client folder? I mean like run all the necessary tasks and save the compressed minifyed js and css on another folder.

Best regards!
Hi, thanks for your interest.

Yes, you could achieve so by run "grunt sever:dist"

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Need a front-end template?

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation